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Man who recently lost family dog gives golden advice

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | March 02, 2014 | Comments (6)

Man encourages people to tell their dog they love them more often after losing his dog Goldie

Craig Soter wants to share an important message with dog lovers after losing his dear friend Goldie.

"Take a single sec and tell your dog how much you love them!!!" said Craig. He explained, "I just lost my boxer/lab mix of 8yrs and I feel dead inside, but I can honestly say I did tell her I loved her very often and I'm glad I did!"

Man encourages people to tell their dog they love them more often after losing his dog Goldie

He told DogHeirs that he realized after she was gone that all the time he thought he was spoiling her, she was spoiling him.  "I honestly can't express how much I loved, and still love this dog. I looked at her as one of my own kids," said Craig.

Craig Soter encourages people to tell their dog they love them more often after losing his dog Goldie

"I'm 48, been in the army and many other things in life that was hard to deal with, but I haven't stopped crying since Saturday," explained Craig. "Everyone tells stories about how great their dog was, but I'm telling you we breathed for each other, she will always and 4-ever have my heart!"

Man encourages people to tell their dog they love them more often after losing his dog Goldie

Craig said he told Goldie he loved her ever time he left her. "I've noticed that every time someone leaves the house, we tell them 'I love you and be careful' just for the sole purpose that if something happens to them those would be the last words you said to them. At least they know that you cared and that's all that matters," Craig wrote DogHeirs. "Every time I would leave the house, I would look at Goldie and say 'I love you baby girl, I'll be home soon'. Why don't more people tell their animals they love them before they leave? They deserve to know it too."

Man encourages people to tell their dog they love them more often after losing his dog Goldie

"I'm glad Goldie new I/we loved her so much," said Craig. "That's one of the only things that is helping me through this, is that she knew she was loved and knows that she will be missed dearly."

Man encourages people to tell their dog they love them more often after losing his dog Goldie

So take Craig's advice, give your dogs a hug and tell them you love them. It will mean the world to them and to you too one day!

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Comments on this Article

Every time, right before I left the house, I would ask my girls to sit, then gave them a small treat and said “love you girls, be good, see you later.” Whenever I returned home, before I had even set anything down, I would be saying “hello girls, did you have a nice day?” Then they would sit again for a small treat. When my girls came in search of me because I was in another room, they looked so serious upon finding me, so I made sure to acknowledge their presence and was always rewarded with a grin and a wagging tail. As a stress reliever at work, I bought a digital picture frame and put pictures of them on a number of flash drives. The frame was positioned so I could easily look at it when I needed a ‘Zen’ moment, and so others could see it when they approached my counter. I was able to get to know a number of people much better because of our common ground, ‘dogs’. When I became unemployed and spent hours on the computer looking for work, my taller girl would come up and poke me in the right elbow with her nose, I would snap my fingers on my left hand and she would change sides to be petted. This was always her way of saying; it is time for a break. Now that I no longer have my girls with me, the digital picture frame is near my computer at home and truly is a blessing and a constant reminder of all the good times I had with them. It seemed pricey at the time, but it has turned out to be well worth it!
I was just telling my husband that I don't know what I'm going to do when My Oscar passes. I tell him I love him, spoil him, give hi Kisses and hold him tight. He is my soulmate. The moment I picked him up as a puppy, I knew we were meant for each other. I know like your love for your dog I will not just get over it. He will always be my best friend and my first baby. I have Nathan his brother who I love dearly as well and it was meant to be because he is my husbands best friend and soulmate. But our family is so bonded together it is hard to be apart for one minute!
This is truly excellent advice!! Every morning when I leave for work I say "bye babies, be good today, love you!!". They just kinda look up at me, who knows what they think, but they know I am talking to them, and I know what I said so that is enough for me. My older dog Jed is 12, younger dog Harley is 5, they are VERY bonded. As sad as we will be when Jed leaves us, Harley will be much worse off. Even now when Jed to must spend time away at the vet now and then, Harley will make herself sick, pacing, running from window to window, she will foam at the mouth and have accidents until he is home again. We've come to the conclusion we will need to get a 3rd dog at some point to ease that transition for her. Not sure if it will work, but it is the only thing we can think of. Poor girl... :(
Craig I can relate to you mate. I Lost my boy 8 year old Chihuahua Rocco last August, He was my life, my best friend, my everything, i'm sobbing writing this, i can't come to terms with his death, i cry for him all the time. The House Seems So Empty Without Him. The Only Bit Of Comfort I Get Is Knowing That He Is Back Home In my bedroom Where He Used To Sleep. (his ashes). When Will This Hurt Ever Go??, I Can't Seem To Get Over Him. We Have two 8 Month Old Kittens Brother And Sister That We Love And Adore But They Are Not The Same. I Am Coming Around To Wanting Another Dog But I'm Frightened Coz I Can't Go Through This Again. Craig We Loved Them With All Our Hearts And We Will Never Forget Them. Sleep Tight My Angels...xxx
I`ve been there and will be again, life without dogs is unthinkable. I`ve developed a strategy to offset at least some of the pain. It sounds callous but the rescue centers are packed to the brim with these amazing beings who need good owners. That and my need to have them in my life makes me have as many as i can (three) all different ages so all being well i`ve always got dogs, when one passes on i get another. I must stress that i am not replacing them, i can not ever replace suzy, aldo, bluto, harriet or claude no more than you can replace Goldie. I`m adding to the experience if thats the right word. Right now i`ve got poppy, dexter and jasmine. 6 years old 3 and 1 respectively they are as special as those who have gone before, different but equal. After what you deem a respectful time get another i guarantee you wont regret it.
My dearest Craig. I know your pain, I still feel it everyday. My late husband and I got our Bully, Lord Mueller, and our Doxy, Lizzy, in August 2003. They were 10 weeks old and 9 weeks old when they came to live with us. We lost Daddy in September 2004 and then MooMoo {Mueller} in April 2013. Since their passing, LooLoo {Lizzy} has been stuck to me like glue. We go everywhere possible together, she even sleeps in the bed with me. I can't even go to the bathroom alone. LOL Just know that the pain will ease with time, but the hole in your heart will always be there. It will shrink over time, but you will still miss her. I still cry every once in a while for MooMoo and Daddy, and I hold Lizzy just a little bit closer. <<hhuuggss>>
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