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Abused Pit Bull thrown from moving car rescued just in time

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | October 02, 2013 | Comments (36)

Penny the pit bull was rescued but no one knew she was pregnant at the time

When Penny the Pit Bull was saved just a few weeks ago, her rescuers had no idea that they were actually saving two lives.

Penny was thrown from a moving car and rescued by staff at the Berclair Animal Hospital nearby. Penny was emaciated, injured and suffering from congestive heart failure as result of heartworms. Penny had infected cuts and wounds all over her face and her rescuers say that they believe she was most likely used in dog fighting.

Penny the pit bull when she was rescued and brought into the vets

The vets called Donna Velez, founder of Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue in Memphis, Tennessee, to see if her rescue could help. Although her rescue was full and she was recuperating from her own health issues, Donna asked them to send her some photos. As soon as she saw Penny's pictures, she instructed the vets to get the dog out of pain and treat her. Donna told DogHeirs that even if she couldn't take Penny herself, she was determined to figure something out to help Penny.

Soon after, Donna drove to the clinic to see Penny herself. Taking one look at the skinny, hurt dog, Donna knew she would take her. She thought "I can't not take her". "She looked so pitiful," Donna told DogHeirs, admitting, "Once I see them, I'm a goner." 

Donna began networking for Penny and as luck would have it, a family in St. Louis saw Penny's photo and wanted to adopt her right away. The family already has two Pit Bulls and a wealth of dog knowledge.

Penny gave birth to a puppy a few weeks after her rescue

"She's only been with us 10 days and she has a long way to go, but she is a good dog despite all of her antics, she just isn't used to this lifestyle because she was mistreated for so long," wrote Jennifer on her Facebook page. "She has already come a long way since we got her." 

Penny's health has made a remarkable turn around in just a few weeks. Her treatment for her advanced heartworm is working successfully and she's learning many new things at her new home.

"Penny is really loving life now! Her appetite is HUGE which is good because she didn't want to eat the first day home so hopefully she will start packing on some pounds. She's still afraid of our two boys but I'm working on socializing them safely. She loves going on walks and wants to run back to the house when we return, but I have to keep her from doing that due to her health. Overall this is a big adjustment for everyone but I look at it like having a new baby, lots of changes that eventually fall into place."

Penny gave birth to a puppy a few weeks after her rescue

The biggest surprise in Penny's recovery, however, came this week when she unexpectedly gave birth to a puppy. The baby girl has been named Nickel. Amazingly, despite the traumas and medications Penny has undergone, Nickel is perfectly healthy! 

Penny is nursing Nickel and when the puppy is ready to be weaned she will go to a foster family with Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue. Donna told DogHeirs that baby Nickel may already have someone interested in adopting her. 

Penny gave birth to a puppy a few weeks after her rescue

Penny's new family sums up Penny's change of situation and rescue well: "Just imagine the life this pup would have had if the owners didn't dump Penny. 2 lives saved!"

To find out more about the dogs available for adoption at Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue visit their website.


Update: December 9, 2013

Penny and Nickel
Penny with Nickel

Penny and Nickel's mom Jennifer shared sad news. Penny has passed away from congestive heart failure. Jennifer commented, "I had to let her go last night, her heartworms were so bad that she had advanced congestive heart failure and her heart was more than 3x the size of a normal heart. She went peacefully in my arms. Nickel will stay with us of course."

Jennifer wrote on Penny's Facebook page, "I miss Penny so much....she peed on my rug, ate my favorite hello kitty slippers, chewed up the door frames and destroyed her kennel. But I never punished her. I did what I said I was going to do the day I saw her story on my facebook newsfeed. I said, I want that dog so she can feel the love I give to our boys and have a spoiled life as she deserves, and that I did. I just wanted to spoil her for years, not months. I cant quit the tears...she was a good dog. So calm and eager to cuddle and a great mommy to nickel. I loved her so much and I am glad I have Nickel to carry her on...RIP my sweet Penny"

Nickel is now 10-weeks old and is getting a lot of love at home.

RIP Penny


Update: March 26, 2014

Jennifer sent DogHeirs a picture of Nickel all grown up! “She is quite the character!” says Jen. Isn't she adorable?

Nickel all grown up


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Comments on this Article

As heartbreaking as it is that Penny only had 2 months in her "forever" home, at least it was 2 months full of love and kindness and gentleness. She passed knowing that she was loved and that her life mattered. And thanks to everyone involved in the rescue, Nickel will have a long happy life with Jennifer and her family, and will never have to live the kind of life that her mother had.
♪♫ HaPpY ♪ BiRtHdAy ♪ Nickel ♫♪ (30-Sep-2013) Two years old today. I love watching Nickel’s antics on Facebook at “Penny the Pittie.”
The police should find the guy that did this to Penny. I hope he gets jail time and is placed with guys that do not like him.
I thought I recognized a picture of Nickel from FaceBook ‘Penny the Pittie’. She is a character. I love all the pictures they post :0)
I've been waiting for this update! ♥♥ I was very saddened when Penny passed, but so proud of her for being the great mother her pup needed her to be. I am always astonished by the strength, will and determination of these animals. Amazing! I hope that Nickel has a very spoiled wonderful life, she is so beautiful!
I will shoot the person that threw her from the car.....
She stayed just as long as she needed to. ♥ long enough to save her pup and be with him for the hardest weeks. Very happy to know Penny had known love, warmth and a real home. Thank you everyone who helped Penny and her pup. And to everyone else who does rescue, it's hard work. Thank you.
thank you for your compassion and not punishing her while she was under so much stress. dying from heart worms and ready to give birth and in a new home. she must have been so scared and you made her last days a heaven on earth. god bless you and little "Nickel".
You are a saint, you gave the Love Penny never thought she would get & just in time for her only puppy to have a chance at Life. what you did was twice the blessing for both Penny & her puppy. but most of all Penny Died Happy, Loved and knowing her "ONLY PUPPY" Nickel will "NEVER EVER NEVER" have to live the torcher & Brutally Cruel Life that she was forced to Live. and Penny took that knowing her puppy is in the best hands to her Grave. Thank You for everything you did to give Penny what she deserved and "MOST GRATEFUL" ( speaking for Penny) for giving Nickel a chance and a Happy Life. ( it is all that Penny would ever ask for from you). Penny will Live on in Nickel and I hope you can pass Penny on to the next Generation after Nickel.
A mixed of sadness and happiness. At least Penny felt how to be loved even for a short period of time. For the person who threw you out of a moving car, may they hit by a car and may they run over your head and roll down a hill. I have no pity on you, SOB. You're a monster, killer.
Bless you for giving her love and compassion before she died.
I made a long post about Penny but I don't see it. I had to let her go last night, her heartworms were so bad that she had advanced congestive heart failure and her heart was more than 3x the size of a normal heart. She went peacefully in my arms. Nickel will stay with us of course.
Penny passed away last night in the loving arms of her now forever family. She knew love and light in her last days. Her heart was so enlarged, 3-4x the size it should have been, it could no longer pump her blood. They are now stepping up and will be adopting Nickle, the puppy. They could not before, as the number of dogs they owned would have exceeded laws. https://www.facebook.com/pennythepittie
According to her Facebook, Penny just passed away, but there's no information there on why. Anyone know what happened? Was it heartworms?
.. They are doing wonderful, I follow them on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/pennythepittie
I feel the same way Laura Wojtowicz! After everything she has been through it would be so nice if she could keep her pup. You can see how much she loves the little guy/girl.
You can see she absolutely loves her baby and it may be traumatic for her(after all she's been through) if they're separated too soon. Thank you for rescuing Penny! <3
my six year old, saari, says: that was cute. and it is cuter than a button. and she was vary adorabl becuse happy baby.
the pic of her with the puppy in her mouth just makes me giggle which is odd for a 27 year old male. i love how everyone wants the two to stay together which i think is the right thing to do.
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