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Heartwarming photos of abandoned newborn puppy rescued from mushroom patch by traveler

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | August 08, 2013 | Comments (33)

Discovered in a mushroom patch, a newborn puppy was rescued by Ali Larsen, who was traveling in India at the time. She nursed the puppy and took him with her as she trekked through the country. Here is her story of their adventures together:

Kaalan found

"I recently spent five months in India. While I was there I came across this remarkable little creature…

Kaalan found

With his Umbilical cord still attached and his eyes and ears both shut, he was whimpering behind a mushroom patch.

Kaalan found

I got a syringe from the medical clinic and some goats milk from the goat farm and tried to feed him.

Kaalan being fed

It seemed to work.

Kaalan being fed

He ate and he slept, and ate and slept, and ate and slept…

Kaalan being fed

I named him Kaalan (the Tamil word for mushroom)

Kaalan sleeping

Kaalan goes to vet

He ate so much he almost weighed a pound!

Kaalan weighed

After three weeks, he opened his eyes!

Kaalan opens eyes

He went to the vet with roosters and goats

Kaalan goes to vet

And then came the fun…

travelling kaalan

He came on road trips

kaalan on the train

Niligiri mountains

The Nilgiri Mountains

tea plantations

Tea Plantations

Valkala beach

Varkala Beach

Valkala beach

…he was pretty popular

watching movie

He saw The Avengers in 3D

at the bar

And went to his first bar

swam arabian sea

He swam in the Arabian Sea

kaalan meets elephants

Met elephants

Kaalan lounges by pool

And lounged by the pool. And then came his biggest trip of all…first we flew from Coimbatore to Delhi where Kaalan had to be cleared by a quarantine officer.

Kaalan at hotel

My dad put us up in the Hyatt in Delhi

traveling home

And then came the tough one…40 hours in cargo and 40 hours apart from him :( Delhi to Toronto

kaalan arrives in canada

But he made it…reunited in Toronto!

Kaalan in canada

He is a wonderful addition to my life in Canada!"


Photos and text reprinted with permission from Ali Larsen

Copyright 2015 DogHeirs. All Rights Reserved.

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Comments on this Article

a wonderful story <3
Thanks for taking the time and caring enough to rescue this little fellow. Without either, he most certainly would have died. I'm sure you are already being rewarded for your efforts with tons of love and devotion, but no doubt there will be plenty more to come. From the birthplace of Karma, you could expect little else. Both of you deserve the happiness each of you have to share with the other. Good luck.
awww!! u just made my day...its 1 in the morning here..so ya literally..and i m from India so i could relate a little...Kudos to you..
Wonderful story! God bless! :) :)
That is awesome!
OMG!!!! What a beautiful story!! Good luck to you both.. I wish more people where like this lady
What a beautiful story and the adventures you two had - getting to see how he grew with your love and support! Special dog for a special person!
So sweet! Thanks so much for sharing! :)
What a WONDERFUL adventure you both had!! Thank you, Ali Larsen, may you be Blessed a thousand fold for caring! ((Hugs)) Kaalan! :)
This is truly such a great story. God bless!!!
Well done!! Seriously need more people like you Ali Larson he's a credit to you :) you've done a great job with him xxxx
It was so good of you to adopt puppy Kaalan...God bless both of you and pray you have many wonderful years ahead...
I don't usually leave comments but what a wonderful pure person you are putting this baby's needs first/ raising him most of all saving him. He will save you many times because you never know pure love until your dog licks you and smiles when you had a hard day and no matter what they are devoted to you and the stress melts away.
Well done, you took him on board and he gave you back so much more. That's what life should be.
Tears, tears and more tears!! You were meant to be together! Ali - you are something else. Have a wonderful life together.
Bless you Ali, the only Mom he has ever known. I wish you many happy playful years together. He's gorgeous and so are your other babies. xx
Wonderful story about an amazing & compassionate woman. Kaalan is indeed a lucky puppy to have her in his corner as she is lucky to have him. Brought tears to my eyes. God bless.
what a lucky dog.. Bless you Ali Larsen and Kaalan..may both of you have more fruitful journeys ahead and good health...
Lovely story! I'm currently caring for five puppies whose mom died from kennel cough and pneumonia (which they had as well). It's been an uphill battle for them but they're coming around and are almost four months old now.
Can we have a birthday party, or first year immigration party, for him for us Dog Heirs fans here in Ontario? I would love to meet him! What an adorable photo album of his puppy-hood and immigration! Welcome to Canada!!!!!!!! xoxoxo
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