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Woman helps shut down puppy mill after saving puppy about to be killed (PHOTO)

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | August 08, 2013 | Comments (8)


"This was an unwanted product of backyard puppy-mill breeders. They were going to kill him because he just didn't look right. This photo taken 2 days after we nursed him back to health," Jean Clark wrote on DogHeirs. "To rescue this one, we had to travel 300 miles, very fast & after begging to save him, giving them bribery money & threatening them, they took the money & waved a knife at us. He was 5 weeks old. What had he done wrong was to be born into this situation. Happy to report, although the authorities were not able to charge the folks who were killing his siblings (& he was next), they were able to trace him back to wherever he was born & shut down that puppy-mill. PS he's now a happy oversized miniature poodle or spoodle & he's loving the life he now has with his smaller older brother."

Jean and her husband began rescuing dogs in 1985. They have rescued 19 dogs, 17 of them completely on their own off the streets and from "horrid circumstances and much abuse." Jean rescues strays from deplorable locations in, and around, Ontario, Canada. Now semi-retired, Jean can only offer to help one traumatized dog at a time. She also trains dogs in obedience (as well as their owners, she adds). She would like to start her own non-profit, but for now she does what she can on her own and volunteers for Standard Poodle Rescue in Ontario (an organization she says that saves all breeds of dogs).

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Comments on this Article

You are truly an angel. May God continue to bless you so that you can continue to rescue His animals. My son rescued the animals we have now and we love them dearly. They are family!
Can you send me the address of the puppy mill? I would like to implement some justice of my own. This is just sick. Jean...thank you.
Thank You Folks I really wish there was more we could do. Justice is unfair & nothing justifies puppy-mils. Charlie has an older brother Rodney. He;s a puppy-mill rescue too. We found him tied to a fence on a deserted property, close to death & this little gray thing, was terrified, matted & unwell. We only found out the next day,a near by farm puppy-mill was raided by the o.s.p.c.a. & that PM was dropping dog's off in the surrounding area. They must have got a clue. Glade ot say, that pup was about 5 months old at the ime . Is a quiet, happy 5 yr.old, who soon will be a theapry dog. Givin back to make folks happy.Thanks again folks, we know there are good folks out there , wh truly would do the same thing if they could.
Perhaps one day we will be able to put an end to these puppy mills for all the pain suffering and death they creat for the almighty dollar. Jean my hats off to you, and thank you for rescuing so many dogs. Well done.
God bless you Jean for rescuing this beautiful puppy and other poor dogs too. X
You wonder why God put people like this on earth. Jean thank you for saving this puppy and for all the work you do.
Why weren't these people arrested for animal abuse/murder? These kind of people make me so sick.
YAY Jean for going above and beyond the call of duty. So sad they would just kill these pups because "they didn't look right". WOW! How many of us humans would have been put to death just for that? One pup at a time is all any one would have to do to end these horrible practices. We can't save the whole world but most of us can save ONE! God bless you Jean for your diligence and your giving heart. :0)
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