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Formerly abused dog finds her way back to her rescuer after running away from new family to find him

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | July 30, 2013 | Comments (28)

Pepper before and after
Pepper before and after

Pepper had a very rough life until Josh Woodyard rescued her in Houston, Texas. Josh had been alerted about a hoarder and went to investigate. Pepper was in terrible shape when he found her, so he took her in.

Josh fostered Pepper, nursed her back to health and paid for her rehabilitation. But Pepper's story took several other twists and turns before the Labrador Retriever / Pointer / Jack Russell Terrier mix ended up becoming a permanent member of Josh's family.

Here's Pepper's story as written by Josh in her POV.

"My name is Pepper and I was a dumpster dog who was brought to the SPCA as a puppy. Ironically, an animal hoarder took me in, abused me, neglected me and kept me locked in a storage shed in Houston Texas's 110 degree summer heat. I had a rusted cook pot as my bowl but ate twice a week. I slept with a choke collar attached to an exercise bike, was beaten and learned how to sleep standing up. When Josh, my saviour, found me I was surrounded by the smaller dead animals that the hoarder neglected to feed. The vet told me I had mange, 27 lacerations, (2) sets of worms, fleas, ticks, fractured leg, malnourished and not to mention being petted scared me to death."

"My new owner fixed me up and gave me away to a loving family. They lost me in a month as I got out and ran away. A week later a teacher found me at a school miles away and dropped me off at a vet clinic where I stayed for 4 days. Josh had kept in contact with the family he gave me to and did his homework since I was microchipped, but with the info still being the SPCA they were able to locate me when he called."

"The new family said it was an accident so he gave me back to them. A month later they lost me again. I ran 14 miles to the exact same vet clinic where the school teacher took me the first time. They knew who I was, called Josh and as I was hoping for, HE KEPT ME!!! Dreams do come true!! I am now a healthy happy dog who lives with a great family and have my Siberian Husky step sister who I love, a wonderful human who spoils me rotten, feeds me the best food on the market and I live next to a 20 acre dog park."

Pepper and her step sister
Pepper with her step sister

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Comments on this Article

The dog finally gets to live forever with Josh, the person who saved him, and also the person whom he likes.
what a lucky baby you are, not for your previous life but for your loving rescuer and now daddy!!!!!! God bless you all for helping this baby!!!!!
What a heartbreaking but lovely story.
WHY do I read these at work??? I'm so happy for Pepper. I won't even comment on the rest...
what a beautiful story - thanks for sharing.
Love that this puppy has a happy ending. There's no greater love than the one you get from you fur kid. :)
Josh is surely your angel, Pepper! You have a happy wonderfully warm fuzzy life! God Bless! AND thank God for whoever invented the chip! Chipped all my dogs since it came out!
Pepper knew a loving owner when she saw Josh; not the family to whom Josh gave Pepper away. They "lost" her twice in a couple of months. I'd be suspicious of them as well.
Thank you Josh for rescuing Pepper. In my next life, I'd like to come back as a independently wealthy assassin and my only targets will be scum like these people who can do this to animals. Is that wrong of me?
Dogs KNOW where they naturally belong. They ( and cats) do know when and where the real love is. If a dog refuses to stay with a family, and keeps running to your home as sanctuary...that tells you something. Had a " feral wild dog" , according to the local dog warden, who preferred to live by his wits in the woods rather than be abused by his official owners.. Kept coming to my door and one day, at age 10, just moved in with our dog and cat household. Told his owners where to find him, he settled into a warm corner and lived out his last years happy and surrounded by love. Was really a sweet dog just looking for his forever home....and refused to settle for anything less.
Thank God for Josh and thank God Pepper was so smart to return to the same Vet again to be returned to Josh. That poor dog had such a rough life no dog should have to live like that, I hope that person was charged the full max the law will allow and then some!
Pepper looks great and very happy! Thanks for saving. God Bless you and your family.
A true love story. She was meant to be in Josh's life. <3
Pepper looks amazing now. Dogs really do know people don't they, it is great that Pepper has a loving home and a playmate :) Josh - you're a star :D
Well Pepper, you know how to pick'em!! Josh didn't know it but you had it all figured out, just run away a few times to the spot where you were saved from brutality and you just knew your savior would show up again and again and finally take you home permanently. I know he is VERY happy he did as he KNOWS you were meant for each other ... :0) You and your stepsister are very, very beautiful babies and look really happy. That makes all us dog lovers happy too. :0) I hope the person who put you thru all that pain and suffering is now getting his just dues but it's highly unlikely. With all the attention on Facebook of animal abuse, I pray they get much tougher laws to make the punishment fit the crime.
Thank you, Josh, for keeping Pepper! And Pepper, you are a wise dog, finding your way to a place where Josh could find you! Praise God for your homing instincts! May you live a happy life with your sister!<3
Pepper doesn't look like the same dog in those pictures. It shows what love will do for a dog who's been terribly abused. I don't know what happened to the hoarder who abused Pepper, but I know what I'd LIKE to see happen----- there is no reason on this earth for garbage like that to exist.
Pepper - you are gonna be just fine! If Josh gives you a steak! (1 for your step sister too of course!) Josh ty for being so good to pepper...why are these crumbs like the 1 that abused Pepper on this earth??
What a wonderful transformation from that first picture to the last. It sickens me to imagine what this beautiful dog must have endured, 27 lacerations and being slowly starved to death. Thank you so much for giving her a good life and home, and putting an end to her nightmare.
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