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Loving dog and cat mourn their recently deceased friend (PHOTOS)

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | June 21, 2013 | Comments (4)

Kooky and Gracie grieve for their lost friend Mauja

"I had to put my dog Mauja down last Saturday. I didn't think my other animals were missing her, and then this happened. Kooky and Gracie have never slept together before, but there they were last night, sleeping in Mauja's crate," wrote Kanadka on Reddit. She took the photograph (pictured above) of Kooky and Gracie lying in Mauja's crate, the two friends missing their best friend.

Mauja was an 80-pound German Shepherd and one of a pack of animals in her home.

"She was a sweet and loving dog who 'allowed' Gracie, our 23 lbs, rat terrier to think she was the alpha dog of our pack," Kanadka told DogHeirs.

Gracie with her friend Mauja
Gracie and Mauja

Mauja also had Kooky's love and attention. Kanadka said, "Kooky was a little obsessed with Mauja and would follow her around the house, which Mauja didn't care for much."

Kooky loved Mauja the dog

"Mauja, lived in a house with three other dogs (Gracie, MoMo, and Nukka), two cats (Kooky and Booty), and a fish (The Gooch)," Kanadka said. "She was diagnosed with anal sac adenocarcinoma two and a half years ago."

Mauja with her family pack
Mauja with her family pack (MoMo, Nukka, Mauja, and Gracie)

Kanadka credits her veterinarians with detecting Mauja's cancer early. "Special thanks to the staff at Kansas City Veterinary Care for finding the cancer early and giving her two extra years!"

Kanadka wrote, "Mauja did remarkably well during the first two years after surgery. Unfortunately, in the past few months, the cancer seems to be winning the fight." This past week, she made the difficult decision to put Mauja down and say goodbye.

Mauja was a sweet and loving dog

"I love you, Mauja. Thank for for eleven wonderful years. You will always be in my heart. Now go play with Monkey. I'm sure he will be happy to see you!"


Photos courtesy of Kanadka




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Comments on this Article

Wow, what a great family! Lots of love there, so sorry to hear of your loss. The main thing is to remember you gave Mauja 11 years of loving. God Bless!! :0)
So sorry for your loss. Yes they do morn. I had my 15 year old Chihuahua Princess put down and she was a wonderful nursemaid. She helped raise 4 litters of kittens, Bambi being one of them. Bambi (4 years old cat) would bull doze Princess, knock her to the ground and nurse off her. They were very close. After having to put Princess down Bambi wouldn't eat just stayed in their bed. Then one day Bambi disappeared. I never did find her. I posted flyers, always checked the shelters.I could only assume she went out looking for her mama.
I'm very sorry for your loss Kanadka. It's always hard when you lose them. I'm sure with a lot of love those two in the first picture will get over it in time. Thank you for letting us have a little look at your beautiful fur family.
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