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Man takes his 15-year-old dog on amazing journey (PHOTOS)

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | May 16, 2013 | Comments (38)

When Ellie met Joseph and his elderly dog Zeus outside of her work recently, she was amazed by the journey the two best friends are taking - the pair are traveling through Australia on bicycle.

She writes, "Met the most amazing person today...Story below."

"This is Joseph, and his 15 year old dog Zeus."

Joseph with his dog Zeus

"Joseph and Zeus stopped outside my work today and i had to stop and say hi to his dog, (i had never met these 2 before) as i was patting the dog, Joseph came up to me and explained what exactly he was doing for Zeus..."

"Zeus is deaf and Joseph has raised him since birth."

Joseph with his dog Zeus

"Joseph made a small cart on the back of bike for Zeus...The cage is filled with blankets, the roof folds up if it rains or is too hot & he has extra blankets in the bags on the side of the bike."

Joseph with his dog Zeus

"Joseph is taking Zeus around Australia by bicycle!"

"Joseph said to me "[Quote removed]" so Joseph has decided that with little money, and no set plans, just him, Zeus and his bike will be travelling the country together."

Joseph with his dog Zeus are traveling through Australia on bicycle

"This man absolutely made my day, and Zeus was so gorgeous. (notice the picture on the back of the cart!)"


All photos and text courtesy of Ellie


Update June 10, 2013:

Joseph has posted on his Flickr account and in communications to other websites that he was misquoted by Ellie (Imgur user ellrank) and did not say the things she quoted in her post on Imgur. Joseph's family has requested that modifications be made to this article. Accordingly, on June 10, the quotes written by Ellie have been removed. One photo has also been removed due to copyright claim.

Photos and text from Ellie appearing in this article were reprinted with permission from Ellie and convey Ellie's version of events.

On June 5, this article was edited to correct a remark Ellie made regarding Zeus' vision. He is not "slightly blind" as was written in the original text; Zeus' vision is fine.

Ellie has since removed her post on Imgur.


Copyright 2015 DogHeirs. All Rights Reserved.

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Comments on this Article

For all that's pink and fluffy Jennifer can you please just stop posting, everyone on the planet who's ever made a comment on this story keeps getting emails every time you do. Go outside, smell the spring air, walk away from the keyboard!
Jennifer, if you click on Belinda's name, you can see her profile and you can also see when she joined the site, and she clearly wrote why she joined DogHeirs in her comment.
No Jennifer, I am not DogHeirs.
Sorry, this is off-topic, but it's awesome what you are doing with your artwork, Belinda!
Jennifer, you seem to be confused - Belinda does not work for DogHeirs, she joined this site after you commented on her public blog post. If you dig a little, you can see that Belinda's blog post is here: http://winddrinker.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/dog-heirs/ and your comment on May 30 is listed right below.
Jennifer, your comments were posted on my public web blog which is public. Again, your comments were posted to me publicly. This article is public, and is posted world wide - publicly - I responded with confusion as to why I - after thousands have shared this article - which I found on facebook shared by many animal lovers - was selected out of thousands. Seriously? You are demanding that my one lone "reshare" is going to change the whole kit and kaboodle of what has gone "viral?" Seriously? This is turning into cyber bullying, and I am asking that you stop harassing me, and Dog Heirs.
Agree with you Mike!
Totally agree Mike!
Constantly spamming this article might not be the best way to get your message heard. Dogs are family responded to you to check your inbox on Friday, which means they are responding to you, but keep in mind that it's the weekend and they may not be checking mail or comments until Monday again. Patience and respectful dialogue might be a good approach.
Jennifer - if you would just stop posting everyone would forget about this!! Every time you post everyone gets an email and you are opening up this situation.....
Jennifer, please check your inbox!
Dogs are not happy sitting in a house. Convalescence in the home is for humans. Dogs would much rather be outside than in. I hope someone is as kind to me in my last days as this man is to his faithful family member. If the dog was in discomfort, I'm quite certain he'd turn himself around and take him home. Folks, get over your own mental challenges and stop bashing on him for loving his dog.
This is so touching and wonderful! I have an Australian Cattle Dog also so I totally get the incredible bond. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my girl and it makes me so happy to see this man and his much beloved friend take this journey together. Me and my ACD spend 24/7 together through all life's adventures and it is a joy to see another man enjoying the time he has left with his buddy this way. Great joy and happy travels!!!
i have to laugh at all the negative comments. what better way to honor your furry life mate then to spend its final days just where it has spent its entire life? within arms length of you just doing anything together. i can not think of a better tribute to honor the unconditional love zues has given him. be safe on your journey....
I received a note from Joseph's mom - attacking me - because I reposted what I think is a beautiful story. She is upset that people are criticising her son. I'm not happy that I am being attacked for posting a wonderful story, so how did I get involved?
Note to author - in his post here, he says he wants to clear up some things - http://www.flickr.com/photos/novaktonkin/8726707775/ He says - "I finally have a chance to clear a few things up... ZEUS IS NOT BLIND!!! I hope no-one is disappointed but his vision is fine for his age but I have never told any of the thousand or so people I've met since our journey began in December 2011, otherwise regarding his sight. He is pretty much deaf - the only things he can hear, is a loud clap (if He's facing the right way), a motor vehicle backfire or a door slam loudly. Also, I have never thrown $2 at anyone!! I will explain this misunderstanding and its context another day soon!"
What a lovely beautiful journey this man is taking his best friend on, I bet that Zeus absolutely loves it, I know being a dog owner that they are always so happy getting to go with you wherever you go...bless
I wonder if those being negative looked at the Flikr account? I was too concerned on an older dog being carted around but look at the photos and how happy he is, wandering meadows, swimming in water. My dogs number one priority in life is to be as close to me as possible, I cant even go to the bathroom without all 4 following me. Their Second is to be outside exploring, smelling, chasing....and it seems like this trip incorporates both. I am glad Zeus' owner is taking his time to spend all of his dogs last days together.
Amazing man right there. Doing something for his best friend.
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