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Special needs dog welcomes home her Airman dad (VIDEO)

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | April 01, 2013 | Comments (33)

Emma, a special needs dog, welcomes home her serviceman dad

When Emma's daddy came home after 6 months deployment, the special needs dog joined her brothers Mikey and Jesse in welcoming him at the door.

Emma, a special needs dog, welcomes home her serviceman dadEmma's mom, Melissa Proctor Swanson says, "My husband has been gone for 6 months. Before he left, we adopted (are long term foster parents for SNARR-a special needs animal rescue) a special needs puppy with a severe birth defect. Emma and her daddy were very close! It broke her heart when he left. When I come in the door, she normally sits at the end of the hallway and waits for me to pick her up. This time, when her daddy came in, she went to him!"

Emma is a 1-year-old American Bulldog/Pitbull mix with a birth defect called Hemivertebrae. Melissa says on Emma's Facebook page, "Within days of her coming to me, we decided that we would not be letting her leave. She is part of our family and has made us much closer. She has a spirit unmatched by any dog. Her determination to do things is inspirational."




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Comments on this Article

You are an amazing family. Having the love and patience for Emma. This has brought me tears just seeing how wonderful & loving home Emma has. She has such wonderful angels. God Bless.
Emma's face is like my Sadie Mae (American Bulldog). This family is very special. Opening their home and their hearts to Emma is a wondeful thing. Thank you for loving this special dog. She is beautiful-inside and out.
OMG that is just so sweet.. May God bless you!!! First of all for adopting Emma and for looking after her.. This world needs more people like you.
Ahh...very moving seeing all that love and the little one doing her best to get to her dad. Would it be possible to get Emma a doggie wheelchair? God bless you for loving Emma!
For those asking about wheelchairs...they have been tried. Follow her Facebook page Everything Emma, it's discussed quite extensively.
How sweet. I too wonder if she could be fitted with a wheelchair. You could contact the mia foundation, they help people with animals with disabilities. You can find them on facebook.
She is so precious! God bless you both:)
beautiful thank u!... my dog lost the use of her back legs.. we purchased her a wheel chair.. i wonder if it would work with Emma? You guys are angels!
I just love this video. I've seen it so many times and I never get tired of seeing the happy reunion. Thank you to the family for taking in a special needs dog, Emma <3 So wonderful!
I have watch this video of Emma several times. It touches me so much. What wonderful ppl to adopt this precious angel..
So sweet! How could you not fall in love with Emma? I was watching a video shared on internet and the closing comment was,"God never makes mistakes." In this story it shows all living things that he made belong to someone. God bless you for loving that special pup.
I can't add another comment, because I think the other comments have said it all. God Bless you.
Gotta love people who love their dogs
God bless this beautiful family. Thank you for your service and for the service you both provide to animals. What a beautiful story. Is there any chance of treatment or recovery for Emma?
What a beautiful family!
Now that's true love, God Bless You All!
At the beginning I thought he had died or left his wife! Lively foursome on the screen XOXO
Will her condition improve? I know she is loved to bits. How could you not love that face!! But her quality of Life...will she have to drag herself around on her side like that forever? Poor sweet baby. You are very special people to to give her a chance.
Wow, hard to stop the tears right now. Beautiful dog. Thank you two opening your hearts and homes to her.
This video really touched me. Emma has a beautiful spirit and so do both of you for adopting her. Thank you for being such beautiful human beings.
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