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Big cuddly dogs love to be carried around (PHOTOS)

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | February 04, 2013 | Comments (13)

It doesn't matter what size the dog is, sometimes they just want to be picked up and cuddled. With these large dogs, their humans are happily up to the challenge!

Do you have a big cuddly dog that likes to be carried around? Submit your photos to DogHeirs Facebook page.

You can also email your photos and stories directly to us under the Subject "Big dogs are family" to team@dogheirs.com.

big dogs are family
"He is still a puppy" Photo: Imgur

A big dog gets a giant cuddle
"My boss' wolf dog" Photo: Imgur

A big dog gets a giant cuddle
"I see your boss' "Wolf Dog" and raise you my Great Pyrenees who got jumped on the counter and had to be removed." Photo: Imgur

A big dog gets a giant cuddle
Photo: Mike B

A big dog gets a giant cuddle

A big dog gets a giant cuddle

Big cuddly dogs love to be carried around
Photo: Sam Chow

big cuddly dogs are family






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Comments on this Article

They are all so cool.... love them like I love my teddybear.. cuddly soft and beautiful
the bottom one is likely a Caucasian Mountain Dog, of which there are several bloodlines
I love them all love love love
I love that first dog..what breed is it?
Bottom dog I believe is a wooly malamute. I've seen one in person that looked very very similar. My Mal is a larger female and she weighs about 115, this mal would probably be considered a "giant" wooly malamute. Beautiful! The ears the mask around the eyes are common of mals
It would be nice if the dogs' breeds were mentioned.
oh i should post one of me and my mom's dog. lol. she's a doberman/sharpei mix and she still sits on my lap.
these guys put the teddy bears to shame lol.they are a beautiful dog. i would hate to have the foof bill
OMG! Just THINKING about bathing one of these big guys wears me out...I need a nap!!! They are GORGEOUS tho!! :O)
What breed is the dog on bottom of the picture? Tibetan Mastiff?? He is huge and fluffy, I wanna one XD
What kind of dog is in the bottom pic by the brick wall?
Love these Gentle Giants!!! Keep the pics coming!
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