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Heiry Question: Michael Vick wants to get a dog, what do you think?

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | July 20, 2012 | Answers (93)

It has been three years since Michael Vick went to prison for his role in a dogfighting ring. When asked about dogfighting, he says he has accepted that his dogfighting past holds a permanent place in his legacy.

Michael Vick"I've made peace with it, because I have no control over it. It's not like I could do it all over again," he told USA TODAY Sports. "But at the same time, I think I made a lot of changes for the better and I think in my quest to be an advocate against dogfighting and working with the Humane Society, I've helped more animals than I've hurt, and I continue to do that."

During the past few years, Vick has been banned from owning a dog, but the ban will expire this month. In a recent interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, Morgan asked him if he wants to get a dog. Vick responded "Maybe so". He said he would maybe get a dog for his children (see the video below for the exchange).

What are your thoughts? 

Do you think Vick should be allowed to get a dog?


Do you think Vick should be allowed to get a dog?
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Answers To This Question

How easily we forget what he did to these innocent beings. NO.
I don't think that Vick should be able to own even a stuffed dog. Its an insult to dog lovers like me!!!
NO NO NO! Does anyone else remember about a year or so ago that PetSmart used his pic with a dog to advertise their training? They made it seem like it was his dog, don't know if it was. The ads came down FAST. I haven't shopped there since. And when a reporter, who has a Vicktory Dog, told him he owned one of his dogs, Vicks reply was "No one gives a shit about them dogs" He shows no remorse. He is only upset that he got caught.
NO NO NO, This MONSTER should NEVER EVER EVER own anything that lives and breaths, and it's just too damn bad if his kids are "deprived" of growing up with pets. They can blame their MONSTER FATHER for that!!!!!
This is old news, Mike Vic got a dog shortly after he got out early I might add for his crime of dog fighting. There are videos about it , No most definitely not be aloud to ever have anything to do with any animal. With people's greed and no compassion for any living thing but theirselves and money, these people will always do as they please. I just pray karma rains heavy on their pathetic lives!!!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Absolutely NOT. You are a dog killer and that won't change.
Absoutely NOT. He ALREADY had his chances (multiple chances) to prove he was a dog lover - he threw them to sh*t when he decided to allow and finance a dog-fighting operation to make some quick cash. 1) "secondly, if he should suffer a life sentence for what he did, why should he bother making amends" - How about to PROVE he's not some disgusting, gutter-crawling, evil human? 2) "what's wrong with asking the dogs he's saved since then, considering he has kept up his animal advocacy work long after he could have legally quit? How about because "maybe" he "continued his advocacy" only to promote/improve his image? We don't know, only he knows, but honestly, WHY RISK A DOG'S LIFE so Mr. "I didn't care until I got caught" Vick can polish his image more?
first off, does anybody else even remember that two other men were also charged and convicted along with him? why are they not getting this much air time? secondly, if he should suffer a life sentence for what he did, why should he bother making amends - there's certainly nothing in it for him to follow the straight and narrow if everybody is going to keep forcing him to run the gauntlet. thirdly, "ask the dogs he killed" - what's wrong with asking the dogs he's saved since then, considering he has kept up his animal advocacy work long after he could have legally quit? admit it: the only reason you're all up in arms is bec he was a rich celebrity. none of you are making this much fuss over queenie, the 143 dogs rescued from a hellish "no kill shelter", or the superintendent in new york who was running a fight operation from the apartment building he was supervising.
People always have the ability to learn from their mistakes. His children should not be made to suffer from his past. He deserves a chance, as do his children, and I doubt he will blow this one. Have never been his fan, but believe we need to move on...
he has helped more that he has hurt?!?! really. let's ask the ones he has abused and killed and see if they are better now!
He has NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to paying back to even his surviving dogs rescued by others.. What makes him or anyone that he deserves another dog.. Maybe start paying some of the medical bills for your rescued dogs before you open your mouth!!! Open your wallet.. Not your mouth..
Michael Vick should never have the privilege of "owning" any canine - or any member of our sibling species, for that matter. Michael Vick should never be unsupervised in the same room as a dog, or any other member of our sibling species.
Absolutely not!!!! Michael Vic is very very sick.. this kind cannot change..
One hopes that this disgusting example of a human does not pass on his sickness to his children..scary that he has bred....he should receive a lifetime ban, yes it effects his children, BUT shouldn't they be aware of the type of person their father is.....
Hell no, he's a murderer/torturer. I don't think he should even be allowed free with people let alone have a dog. He's a disgusting pos
I rank animal abuse with the abuse of children because they are both innocent and cannot fight back. Would you let a child abuser have kids? No. Should he be allowed to own dogs? No, never, in no capacity. If he was cold hearted enough to be able to watch/participate in such disgusting animal abuse before, what is going to stop him from hurting his kids "pet" dog when he gets mad at it for going in the house or something. I wont even eat subway again after they signed him to represent them.
If he didn't have children, then without a doubt, No. But, he says that this is for his kids, and it's unfair to punish them for his mistakes and choices. He should undergo several tests first, and he shouldn't be left alone with it. Precautions must be made, and he can only have one dog, which is often checked upon with animal psychologists or something along those lines.
I wouldn't want Michael Vick to be allowed to have a Goldfish!!
Sure! Let him have a dog. Let him have several. Then put him in a tiny room with them and speak dog language for "attack".
well this moron has a short memory if they allow him to have a dog then the system stinks i no there will be people writing on this saying well his changed and found god what aload of crap he should not even go near any dogs his a low life.
the man has no character nor morals. as far as i am concerned he should not have children either. and he should be banned from the NFL too. he showed his true colours with the dogfighting.
I remember the scandal... The reports but when I read the report.and how this monster lit the female dog on fire after torturing her..... My eyes still water to this day, none of those babies had a chance to.experience love..,like some children who are locked in closets left to die... Vick did this... I know some of those dogs that he misused are in sanctuaries so they can live normal lives, yet there are no updates if they are still living. I dont believe in chances especially when the cruelty of innocent babies who should have been loved, not terrorized or killed. Vick is a monster, incapable of loving anyone but himself. He dsnt deserve a family pet...much less his children yet he has kids. I just pray that he NEVER gets a family pet...that would be injustice and a slap in the face for that poor baby he lit on fire because she lost... ;(.. And once again this issue brings tears to my face.
defines who* you are." Oops.
Personally I don't think he should have a dog unless under supervision. What he has done in the past was and is wrong. People can change, yes, but his past will always be there and one day he might non-intentionally hurt that dog. Also, some of the comments from people on here are wrong as well. I am against animal abuse 100% and think he shouldn't have a dog unless being watched, but in reality what does it calling him a "sick f*ck", "f*cking bastard", etc. That really doesn't make you any better, he is trying to change and you don't know this guy. If he has the will to change and is putting so much into it to change, then good for him. I agree completely with Deborah Walker. Some of you people should be ashamed at some of the things you're saying. If he does get a dog, hopefully it will help him. I'm just as mad you all are that he's done what he's done, and I've seen photos, but at least I can put some positive into this and not revolve it around the negative. *sigh* "Judging a person does not define who they are, if defines you you are." Not that it means much, but this is coming from a very mature 16 year old. God bless.
Michael's quest to get a dog shows that he has no insight or remorse for what he did. Someone who did what he did & then wanting a dog is in my mind similar to a convicted pedophile saying he would like to have a child. Get real, Michael, you blew it; go home & keep quiet.
Absolutely NO ANIMALS for this Heartless Bastard.......The CRUELTIES and TORTURE he imposed on soooo many dogs, or even one is too many.........is HOLOCAUSTIC and a CRIME never to be forgotten.......I hope KARMA catches up with him real soon........May he be struck down with NO MERCY........Pictures are worth a thousand words, and I saw pictures......these are photos imprinted in my mind.....
NO!!! NO!! NO!!! this EVIL bastard does NOT deserve 2 have a dog. 1 day his kids will know what he did............n that, kids, is why u cannot have a dog.....maybe when u're older n out on u'r own~THEN u can have a dog..............JUST DON'T LET u'r FATHER VISIT!!!! HE IS A MURDERER!!!! dru
Absolutely not!!! I am pleased that Michael is repentant and now advocating against dog fighting - but his statement "its not as if I could help it..." says it all, and with regards to his belief that he has helped more dogs than he has hurt - nonsense, his actions are holes in a fence after the nails are removed that will never be filled. Full responsibility for his actions should be taken and this man should not own an animal ever!! Sad that his kids will pay part of the price , but such is life - think before you do!!
Hell no that jerk MURDERED dogs, or does his dumbass forget? All this crap about his poor children wanting a dog is a load of crap. He should've thought of that when he was fighting dogs, killing dogs, abusing dogs, and I could go on forever.
HELL NO. And for those who say he deserves another chance need to read "The Lost Dogs." & if you STILL think he deserves after hearing what he done to innocent dogs that would not participate in his fighting, then you are crazy and need to send him your dog!
NO! No dog for vick. He is playing football again and hauling in millions of dollars in product endorsement; plus publicity and hero worship (disgusting) which is WAY MORE than he deserves. So No, no dog I don't even know (or understand) why there was only a 3 year ban on dog ownership??? Please is there no justice at all? No, no, no dog for him and I could care less if his children have lost the privilege of growing up with a dog - life is unfair when your father is a dog murdering piece of *$%#!!!!!
The judge is a true 100% idiot, period. Read my lips.... oh wait...I'm deaf, and I sign. Okay, read my signing hand, "NOOOOO!"
Would you allow your child to spend the night with a pedophile???? Need I say more?
Anyone who thinks he should own a dog now or in the next 100 yrs is as much as idiot as the courts who only said 3 yrs to not owning a dog. The man is a creep...he is the lowest of the low...he does not have any appreciation of life itself...because he took the lives of those dogs without blinking an eye. He threw them away like garbage...he cared nothing about starving them & beating them & hanging them & throwing them into a ring with another dog just as horribly abused but both had to fight for their lives to survive. The man DOES NOT CARE ABOUT DOGS! He is the one who must suffer the consequences of his actions...some say he did...I say he got off easy. He should be kissing ass that he is able to play football again & earn millions of dollars...which he does not deserve. He is not remorseful...he is not apathetic. He only knows he always gets what he wants. I feel sorry for his children but uh...I feel sorrier for the dogs he abused & murdered. Would you give a gun to someone who is arrested for shooting someone? Would you let a pedaphile babysit children or work at a day care to earn a living? The man is a waste of space.
He should never be allowed a dog......he abused, tortured, and killed animals. He never cared about the dogs who had no voice against his abuse and he benefitted from that abuse, even took thrill in the killing of the poor dogs. And who is going to show the kids of his how to properly raise and treat a dog.....all they have is a abusing, murdering, and unworthy subhuman.
well, lets see. 1) he should be in a prison for at least 25 years...so NOOOO 2) should a child molester be allowed to teach at a school?....NOOOOO I can't believe the arrogance of this sick f*ck! and the ignorance. I think he has been hit in the head one to many times. REALLLY???? YOU CANT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE DONT LIKE YOU....HEEELLLOOOOO ARE YOU F*UCKING KIDDING ME. YOUR SO STUPID YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE EVEN BEEN ALLOWED TO PROCREATE ! If he wasn't a full blown sociopath/narcissist he would have answered that he was so thankful and lucky his punishment wasn't way worse and NO i will never have a dog because I don't feel it's right or that I deserve one after what I did. Yea his children will suffer for his acts as every other child suffers when their parent does something awful and/or illegal. they can have a dog when they are 18 and move out. NOOO NOOO NOOO and he had the nerve the damn nerve to add , it sure won't be a pit bull. AS IF IT IS THE DOGS FAULT HE TORTURED AND MADE THEM FIGHT. HE IS SO GROSS I CANT EVEN STOMACH THE SITE OF HIM.
NO. Nope. Never. I don't even think this monster should be on the streets. The punishment for TORTURING (he didn't just make dogs fight, he also killed them in terrible ways) dogs should be at LEAST 25 years in prison. They are living, breathing creatures who can feel pain, they can feel sadness, and they don't forget being abused.
F***!!, NO!!!!!!!! Absolutely not ever!!!
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how do you unfollow something here? the question has been answered and i'm done with it.
I think he should be put in a pen, naked, no weapons, with a very hungry wild predator such as a lion or tiger (or a dog like one of the many unfortunates he used to train and fight - 5 or 6 of them - and they would not be the "bad guys" in this). Then he might see what it felt like to be mauled by an animal who was just following their instincts, or in the case of his dogs, following the inhuman treatment and training he provided. He is more of an animal than any "real" animal, because he has a choice in what he does, and he chose to mis-treat those dogs. I would say "what a pig", but pigs are decent animals and it would be an insult to pigs to put him in the same sentence. He should never be allowed to own ANY kind of animal for the rest of his life, not even a gecko. IMHO, he is a sociopath where animals are concerned.
NO! A dragon, maybe... but only one who would eat him after bbq'ing him. Oops, did I write that outloud? He's a sociopath! He shouldn't have access to his children, much less a dog, cat, or anything else. Thinking about it, he probably shouldn't have a dragon either, he'd probably find a way to abuse it too. Think about boycotting Nike for resigning him and Amazon, for selling dog fighting materials.
Sorry, Andrew or anyone thinking for one moment that he could care for a dog in any way shape or form is only fooling themselves.....he is not worthy of ever owning another animal in my book and may he one day have to explain to his kids the footage and the police report of the horrific deeds done to dogs on his behalf (your kids will one day know the truth and it will disturb them greatly on how their own dad would do this to a loving, caring, feeling animal). He should not even have children and the women who had his kids better be wary of who he is and what he is capable of and god keep his children safe from his abuse. As for the football career he has....those that gave him back his career need their heads examined and he should have to give 3/4 of his pay check to the prevention of animal abuse and to many animal shelters across America to save the victims of this cruel world we live in!
Not just no, but H*&^ NO!!!!! An animal abuser never changes. In fact, most people who begin by abusing animals later abuse humans. Wonder what this joker has done that we haven't even heard about yet! Now, if he wants to BE a dog, and get treated like he treated the ones he had, . . . . yeah, good idea.
I must admit I concur with Chris Coffey, if Michael Vick is ALLOWED to own a dog after all that he abused, tortured and murdered it would be a travesty. We need an animal abuse registry in place to protect all animals. We've all seen the horrible things he did to those animals. Please visit you tube and type in "Forever Ellen". To survive all that she did and turn out the way she did is proof that these gentle souls NEED our voice.
Michael Vick should still be in prison and should never be allowed to have a dog, ever.
WTF???? Are you kidding me?! This is the time where I wish I was a dog. I'd treat him REALLY well! lol!
I agree with Melinda, whoever would enjoy, encourage, and profit from the killing of animals by fighting them should never, ever have another pet. The people that think his kids should be able to have a pet, need to see the video that Melinda spoke of and also to see the dog Harrisburg, Pa. has that was used as a bait dog. Then tell me you would trust this man with your dog! I have seen some of these horrible things and I am sorry to believe he's changed would be like saying a child molester has changed or Charles Manson has changed. Seriously!
I think that every person that is convicted of a crime of animal abuse, dog fighting, anything that is involved with hurting or harming a dog, cat or any other pet, should be banned for life from owning another pet. I think this should be made a law. Animals can only talk for them selves in one of 2 ways. Becoming more and more aggresive or withdrawing and becoming afraid of all people. A child at LEAST has a voice that can speak out and say Mommy, Daddy or whoever is hurting me. Animals dont have that and are labeled as bad animals just because of a human doing something wrong to that animal and if he would do it once, he would do it again.
This clown talks about "FAIR" ! Was this clown "FAIR" to the poor dog that trusted him before it was savaged? This clown should appreciate because of his selfish actions while he is alive HIS children will never feel the love a family pet can offer. This clown WILL NEVER CHANGE! He will always remain a clown because of his selfish actions, and his children should know this.
I remember when this happened. I lost my husband that year to a fatal heart attack. I do not believe that he should ever get a dog, or own a dog, or purchase a dog, and this list of no's continues......
With the track record he has for abuse and MURDER of innocent dogs, this jerk should NEVER AGAIN be allowed a dog, matter of fact, for the safety of ALL dogs there should be a RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST him barring him from ANY contact with ANY dogs EVER AGAIN!!!! This killer will NEVER be anything BUT a killer!!!!! If his kids had been FIRST in his life, none of those dogs would have been fought against each other and NONE would have had to die at HIS DISCRETION!!! His kids were not then even considered when he did what he did, unless he was having them watch so they could "learn his trade"!!! He had a chance to have a dog for his kids and deliberately blew it. To bad they must also suffer the consequences, but the will learn that what you do to others WILL come back to haunt you...even that done to "just a dog".....
He said he would put it in Gods hands what to do about getting another dog, did he put his hunger for such a brutal, illegal event he CHOOSE to encourage and participate in for soooo long in God's hands? I find it hard to see that he is really broken up about his kids "suffering" from his mistakes because they can't have a dog! Where was that concern, morals, and second though for his "pets" when he was killing/punishing then for his choices??? Give me a break and give him some more time not to be able to own a dog, like the rest of his misserable life! 3 years was a joke!!
This person has children? What kind of person would even get close enough to him to even kiss him let alone have his children? It is a proven FACT that animal cruelty is the begining of other crimes! If he could do what he did to ALL those animals without so much as a bat of an eye he could do it to you too! He is only sorry he got caught! He should NOT even be allowed to play ball again, if he wanted a job let him go work at McDonalds, if they would even have him!!
Andrew! OMG! have you read any of the acts this 'sub human' took satisfaction in committing? have you seen any of the pictures of dogs this creature was responsible for ruining? Michael Vick should still be in prison for his abuse and murder of dogs. Instead he is allowed to play professional football while earning millions of dollars. There should be a national animal abusers list so cretins like Vick are NEVER allowed to even be around dogs much less own one. Hey, too bad, so sad his kids don't have a dog...who's to blame for that one??? He shouldn't be allowed to have kids either...I'm just saying...quoted from another post! but so true.
vick is a disgusting person,doing what he did to all those dogs!!he should NEVER be allowed to have a dog!If he was so worried about depriving his kids of a dog,he shouldn't have committed the crime of dog fighting!!Did he care when he had dogs for fighting what his children would think of that?
Deborah Walker you're much too kind. Giving Michael Vick a dog is like hiring a pedophile to babysit your kids. Jail sentences may punish abusive behavior but they don't cure it. As far as his kids are concerned, he should have thought of that before he engaged in his abuse.
Absolutely not - IMO - a leopard doesn't change his spots.
NOT NOW......NOT EVER! Post some of the photos of the tortured angels! That should be enough for anyone to decide the same as me...NOT NOW and NOT EVER!
SERIOUSLY?!! OF COURSE NOT!!! I still cannot believe they allowed the man to procreate and care for children!!! Someone needs to give him a vasectomy and be certain that he NEVER produces genetic material again!!! What kind of woman would have sex with him, carry his children, and then allow him anywhere near them? She needs her head examined!!!
i cannot even believe he'd be allowed to ever own a dog again. EVER. that should have been part of his punishment. seriously!
Absolutely no! This man does not need a dog! I feel he could never be trusted. I hope and pray he is watched closely all the time!
i have changed my mind after looking closer ,he shouldn't get a dog ,although what is gonna stop him from it i think they law should keep a close eye on him
NO! Michael should not be trusted with any other dogs. He needs to understand that there is no going back from what he did and the horrible pain and torture he caused to so many beautiful animals. Michael: if you want to work with the Humane Society then put your money where your mouth is and do it but don't for one minute ever believe you are entitled to have a dog in your care. Tell your kids the truth Michael, as to why they can't have a dog: because of your despicable acts. Just saying mea culpa is NOT enough......
He should have another dog like a pedophile should adopt a child! Outrageous! The plea deal & the agreement from the court that that monster could have a dog after his probation is up is a JOKE! NEVER EVER EVER!!! I pray no one will ever give him or his kids one. He needs to start by explaining to his children what happened to their 1st dog! If he can do that to his own children's dog, he is capable of anything! DESPICABLE!!!
This so called human being is the worst form of life that is on this planet. He destroyed innocent animals for financial gain. The fact that he can so easily destroy an innocent life says much about his character as a human. Why there are people in this world that revere this pice of Whale dropping is a wonder to me. I guess as some have said, money runs America and Sports is big money, almost as lucrative as being a Congressperson or Senator. Crooked and Evil the lot of them.
Michael Vick should still be in prison for his abuse and murder of dogs. Instead he is allowed to play professional football while earning millions of dollars. There should be a national animal abusers list so cretins like Vick are NEVER allowed to even be around dogs much less own one. Hey, too bad, so sad his kids don't have a dog...who's to blame for that one??? He shouldn't be allowed to have kids either...I'm just saying...
I think Michael Vick should still be in prison for what he did to those poor defenseless dogs he brutalized! He should NEVER have been allowed to play football again, and he should NEVER, EVER be allowed to own a dog, or any other kind or pet ever ever ever!!! I LOVE my dog!!! She is my world! She thinks she is a person, and I will not be the person to tell her otherwise!! (lol) Michael Vick has psychopathic tendencies and feels no regret for torturing, fighting, beating, chaining, murdering, burning and using rape stands and illegal medications on those poor poor innocent dogs he fought. Just the thought of what he did makes me want to vomit, and the fact that those poor animals had to be put down because they could never be dog or family friendly again because of HIM, not the breed...I'm just soooo incredibly angry that he could ever be allowed to own an animal ever. If his children want pets, who is going to teach them the correct way to love, train, teach, and make that pet a life-long part of the family??? He certainly won't! He doesn't have the ability because to him dogs are disposable! First potty training accident in his fancy house on a $20,000 rug and he will kill it and burn they poor thing to death in the backyard and bury it in a mass grave with all the other puppies that couldn't learn to potty train the first time, or chewed up a $5000 shoe, or ate the corner of a $50,000 sofa!!! NO ANIMALS FOR VICK!! EVER!!!!
I don’t believe anyone who has ever participated in acts such as Vick has participated, should ever be allowed the privilege of the companionship of a dog. He repeatedly demonstrated his lack of character by personally running numerous fighting rings, picking up dogs and physically throwing dogs into the rings to be mauled by other dogs, knowing beforehand they were not equally matched and that the lesser dog would be horribly destroyed by the stronger dog. He used his own dogs as bait dogs to train these other fighting dogs, dogs, given other circumstances one would expect to be loved and would return unconditional love to its human. Under no uncertain terms, do I think Michael Vick should now, or ever, be allowed to have a dog within 100 yards of his person. I’m sorry his children will have to go without knowing the joy of pets, but perhaps they can get an aquarium.
No, he cannot, cause loving a dog is something u feel u dont learn that in jail or paying a huge fine, u got inside u the love and he doesnt know what that is
There is seriously something wrong with Vick. I think a person who can kill dogs like he did should not be walking a free man. He is a threat to everyone. Isn't Vick the kind of person others talk about when they talk about serial killers killing and torturing animals? How is he any different? Huge fail for the justice department.
Having a dog is not a RIGHT....it is a PRIVILEGE, which he should have permanently lost after what he did to his pets (he used them for bait dogs!) and to the dogs he was responsible for fighting. We are not taking away his rights. HE has behaved so badly that his PRIVILEGES need to be revoked.
No...he should never be allowed ANY animal. He needs to talk to his kids and let them know very clearly it was his STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE, and GREED that is the reason they cannot have pets. The kids already have a parrot that he bought in NJ.....have no idea if that poor bird is even still alive. How much has he done since he was released? The HSUS program in Phila against dogfighting is failing. Furthermore, VICK really never served a day for the murder and abuse of the animals - just for transporting them across state lines. His statement to the press was that he DOES NOT REGRET anything he has done in the past. HOW can he be rehabilitated when he shows NO REMORSE for what he did?? The ONLY reason he would not get involved with that again is that he is being watched. And I really can't understand that everyone believes he is not involved somehow in the "background" of dog fighting somewhere that no one has found out about yet. What else does he have going for him? He sucks at football and is coming to the end of his career there. Once he is not making $ in sports, what company will want to back him? Just a matter of time before he sinks back into his hole - and whatever "pet" he has then will be doomed.
Vick is the lowest form of human being, because he took advantage of the very animals that depended on him for their survival. What a dirty rotten %$&^(*^*)&)^*( to have done what he did. HELL no he should never, ever, and I don't care what he does for the humane society now and the dog would be for his kids, EVER have any kind of animal ever again.
I read my answer again too. It's not clear. (next time, I'll reread before I post). Vick is a monster who should never be allowed to have dogs, children, or lead the life he's living. I guess my point was, when you consider the actual acts, there's no way that someone who repeated it hundreds of times can become a decent human being in my book. Sometimes I hear how Vick's done his time, we are all capable of change, etc. but I believe that someone who grasped the horror of what he'd done would be bending over backwards, riddled with shame and guilt, to prove remorse. This guy isn't doing that.
There is no way that anyone who has participated in dog fighting should ever be allowed to have another dog. Any dog. I don't care how much a person says they have changed. When it comes to a person who has committed abuse of any kind, they should not be given an opportunity to repeat it. As far as his kids being deprived of having a dog, there are many places they can go volunteer where they could have that animal interaction without putting another poor dog in the Vick household. NO DOG DESERVES THAT!
It is too bad is kids have to pay for his evil acts! Hopefully he will not teach his kids to be the same way. he should absolutely NOT NOT NOT get a dog. I get chills thinking he just might! What happens if he gets a dog and that dog poops on his carpet? i don't want to imagine!! Not even under supervision! NO NO NO!!!! Abusers, like pedophiles do not change their ways. He will do it again given the chance!!
I'm reading Kim's answer as a 'No' - as in it takes a lot to kill a dog and that it isn't something everyone can just 'do'. Also, if you voted, you'll see that nobody has voted 'Yes' (yet). So Helen and Jackie, I think it's possible Kim's answer was misinterpreted... but, that's just my take on it. Am I right Kim?
Kim, you can't be serious. Vick is not rehabilitated. Psychopaths never can be cured. Watch animal cops, Philidelphia. Pit Bull fighting is worse there then ever and growing. Could that be because of Vick? Dah!
Michael Vick is nothing but trash and a monster who should have faced the same fate as his fighting dogs. His punishment was a slap on the wrist. It's scary that he even has children because of the way he treated dogs. They'll probably take after him. He's a psychopath and the fact that the NFL allowed him to play again, making millions of dollars is unconscionable. His money earned should go to supporting animal welfare. The Philidelphia Eagles should be boycotted. May he rot and burn in hell along with every other animal abuser. He's just sorry he got caught.
Kim--I've read your comment 5 times and still am confused! Are you saying it's ok to beat and torture dogs if you make alot of money?
Anyone who took the time to read the 13 page police report, if you could make it all the way through, would not say "maybe" about this question. Killing a living being is not an easy task. The physical effort exerted to torture these dogs is something that I wish people would consider. Put themselves in Michael Vick's place and imagine beating a dog to its death. I'm guessing that the people offering him commercial deals, letting him play in the NFL and allowing him to have a life that's far better, financially, that almost any other American could NOT do what he's done.
HE'S an evil piece of crap who just knows how to throw a football, not man enough to be trusted with loving a dog! He wouldn't even take responsibility for forcing dogs to fight and die--No sub-human you do not deserve a loving and trusting dog!
Allowing michael vick to own a dog is equivalant to allowing a pedophile to run a daycare. The fact that this might even be an option for him shows that animal cruelty laws in this country are FAR TO LIENIENT. Michael Vick is a disgusting human being and should have suffered much tougher consiquences.
A resounding no, people who have that type of terrible anger inside and lack of respect for an animals pain and terror DO NOT change
No. NEVER. He didn't serve time for animal cruelty. He served time for funding an illegal activity. When asked what he would change about his past, he said he would shorten his prison sentence, nothing else. People who can do the things he did (electrocute dogs, slam them repeatedly onto the concrete to kill them once they were of no use to them, use rape stands, made "weak dogs" his bait dogs, tortured and mutilated dogs...) He has no business owning a dog, and quite frankly he has no place in society. He is the lowest of the low and deserves nothing more than to be tortured, electrocuted, raped, and mauled as he did to those dogs. IF he had shown any remorse, then maybe I would see it differently, but he hasn't shown remorse. In fact, when he was questioned about how he feels about the dogs that survived and were adopted out, the reply was "We don't give a f*** about those damn dogs!" (the video is on YouTube.) He disgusts me, as does the NFL for taking him back, and every company that endorses him.
He says he's changed but you have to be a cruel and heartless person in the first place to ever do something so vile. He doesn't deserve a dog. Just like child molesters are never allowed around children, I do not believe a dog murderer should be around dogs. JMO
Only under supervised visitation. One of my dogs was abused in her previous home. What kind of owner will he be? Yes, we all need to have another chance once me make a mistake, but an animal is a precious being that feels real pain as much as a human does. I don't personally know Michael Vick, so I can't really stand in judgement on the personal changes that he has made. Good luck, Michael. Please prove anyone concerned with your future pet ownership wrong.
I don't believe he should be able to have a dog, but I also think it would be wrong to deprive his kids of the precious memories they might have of growing up with a canine family member.
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