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Heiry Question: Revenge on people who don't clean up after their dogs

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | July 13, 2012 | Answers (7)

Please pick up dog poopno dog pooping

Two videos going viral on the internet right now show vigilantism as the solution for dog guardians who don't clean up their dog's waste. Each video shows concerned citizens take their annoyance to the next level and throw dog waste at the offending dog owners. 

What would you do if you saw a person fail to clean up their dog's waste?

In the video, "Marriage Proposal Interrupted" a couple are filming their engagement in a park and accidentally witness one man yelling at another man walking his dog to clean up his dog's waste. The runner ends up hurling the mess at the dog walker.

In the other video, Russian model Maria Ivakova confronts a dog owner when she notices the woman does not clean up after her dog. She filmed her confrontation with the woman in her convertible car. After an increasingly bitter exchange filled with foul language, the model picks up the excrement and throws it at the aghast owner. The video is explained to be part of Maria's campaign on an Russian internet social site called 'Clean the poo made by your friend'.

Some viewers have voiced their support for Maria Ivakova's actions, but others have said she is not delivering her message in the right way.

Warning: Strong language (Russian spoken) in video


Do you think vigilantism as demonstrated in these videos is justified?
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Answers To This Question

I hate people who do not pick up after their dogs. The world is not your toilet, eh? The husband will pick up after a couple F-ing neighbtards who just let their dogs out the door every morning, but not me. If I still lived there I would kick some neighbor a-- and throw it at their doors. There is only one place that I don't pick up after my dog, when we are hiking in the middle of nowhere in the hills or mountains, but you see, Turbo will ALWAYS walk off the trail and leave it in the bushes or grass so that no one can step in it. Not sure how he learned it, but he is very considerate of where he drops his crap. If I walk him on the sidewalk or at a park, I pick it up with the little plastic doggie bags and dispose of it as soon as I see a trashcan. By the way, how screwed up does a dog have to be to drop a crap right in the middle of the sidewalk? That's just weird to me. Turbo always drops it to the side in the grass where I grab it.
Sue I did the same, my neighboors dog is much larger then my 3 so I knew the massive piles were from her dog so after awhile I got fed up, bagged it all and left the bag on her porch. At the same time I make sure I am quick to clean up after mine no matter where they go.
It's the law to clean up after your dog, okay? I don't think I'd have the guts to throw it at the offender though I have thought about it! I am constantly picking up after others, particularly when the crap is left where people can walk. Hey, my dogs don't want to step in it either and I care more about them than I do about most people!!!
I liked the 70's where your dog could go where he pleases & you could just keep on going. I only pick up if I think it would be stepped on by somebody or if it's done on someone elses property, otherwise I just keep on going.
I would not throw the poop at the offender but I would let them know I did not approve. I had a neigher one time that let their dog poop in my yard all the time so I scooped it and put it back in their yard. I knew it was not my dog doing this because she had places that she was confined to where she did her business. They eventually had a big pile of poop.
Sat July 14 '12 The guy in the white shirt was a total "P O S" (pun not intended at 1st, kinda funny though!!) if he had just cleaned up after his dog in the 1st place..... for other places I am posting this, I WATCHED, you need to watch the "MARRIAGE PROPOSAL" VIDEO, on Dog Heirs" VANCOUVER BC CANADA
I would not go so far as to throw the poop on the offender, but I once had a neighbor who refused to pick up after her dog, so I picked it up (repeatedly) and deposited it on her car's hood. (Feces will ruin your paint job, by the way.)
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