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Heiry Question: Trusted pet sitter takes dog to shelter, dog gets euthanized

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | July 07, 2012 | Answers (81)

Imagine having to leave your dog in the care of someone you trust while you are away for an extended period of time. Then returning home to discover that your dog is dead because the caregiver took your dog to a shelter, where eventually euthanized your dog.

What would you do if your dog was euthanized while under the care of someone you trusted?

That's what U.S. Navy petty officer Emily Valenzuela said happened when she left her beloved dog, Bert, in the care of your cousin and roommate.

Bert was euthanized without his owner knowingWhen life became stressful during her deployment, Emily said she would look at photos of her dog, Bert, to help get her through the day.

Emily told U-T San Diego she loved her puggle so much that she ranked him nearly as high as seeing her East Coast-based husband as the thing she looked forward to most upon returning to San Diego.

The 29-year-old Orlando, Fla., native said she even made an arrangement with her cousin Christa Valenzuela -  trading free rent for dogsitting services - to ensure Bert would be happy, healthy and taken care of during her seven months at sea.

But when Emily arrived home, she discovered her cousin was unable and unwilling to keep her end of the deal.

Christa, 32, said the dog was unruly and untrained and she had no way to contact Emily when she struggled to take care of Bert. Christa said during the few weeks the dog was in her care, Bert defecated and urinated throughout the apartment, bit her twice and ran away twice. So she admitted taking the dog to the county's Department of Animal Services while Emily was deployed.

When she returned home in June 2012, Emily discovered Bert had been euthanized in December 2011.

"It was definitely not the homecoming I was expecting to have," she said.

Emily got Bert in April 2011 and brokered an arrangement to share an apartment with her cousin, so she could have much needed help. Emily allowed Christa to pay $200-$250 a month rent at first, they both said. That rate was reduced to zero when Emily deployed in November.

A few weeks later, Bert was brought to the county’s Department of Animal Services.

"It was turned into us as a stray, with the person saying it had just wandered into their apartment," spokesman Dan DeSousa said. County employees euthanized Bert after one week because they couldn't handle him. When they tried to vaccinate the dog, he would bite, and attempts to adopt Bert out to other rescue groups were unsuccessful, said DeSousa.

"The dog was probably fearful. We understand that, but we just could not touch this dog at all," said DeSousa.

Emily returned nearly seven months later, without a clue that her dog was dead. She said Christa only told her during a phone conversation, while she was being driven home, that Bert had been put in a shelter to be adopted.

"I thought she was joking," Emily said. "I seriously was in complete shock."

Emily posted a note on Craigslist seeking help to find her dog, but not long afterward she heard the news of Bert's fate.

Now, Emily said she is considering pressing charges against Christa, but San Diego Police Department said the police won’t intervene as it is a civil matter.

During an interview with U-T San Diego, Christa said there was no written agreement for her to take care of Bert in exchange for free rent, although it "could have been mentioned once." She said she assumed she would be paying her cousin back, but she doesn’t currently have the money.

"She knew the dog and I didn’t get along," Christa Valenzuela said. "I told her the problems I had with the dog, and she never trained him. If she had trained the dog and kept in communication with me, the dog would still be here."

Christa also said that Emily never contacted her to check on the dog's welfare, although she said she lost Emily's email address, so she couldn't tell her what was happening.

Christa also said she has never owned a dog, and thus wasn't prepared for Bert, although she admitted having fostered three dogs earlier. Christa added she feels "a little bit" guilty about what happened.

"I'm willing to help her find another dog if she wants another dog," she said. "I thought she didn't care about him."

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Answers To This Question

The last time I would ever talk to that piece of sh..!
And then people want to know how can one appreciate an Dog's love more than a human. Hence; "Dogs are family for sure" Get another little pet companion that's similar and above all "Forgive." Why give the benefit of hurt and negative thought to someone that may never even know; "the feeling of love" xx Take care - You are special
That would have been her first and last pet of mine she would have had killed. You hurt or kill my baby, I swear on the Bible right now, I will kill their nasty A$$. Oh God I couldn't have delt with that with any kind of logical thinking. Two went fishing and only one come back.
She should have never taken your dog to that shelter. You need a better informed dog sitter in the future. Sorry that this happened to you and your dog. I would have never thought to take a persons dog to a shelter, especially without their permission.
yep, i would definately go to jail for that dumb broad. Hope you rot in hell you skeeze bag. if anyone ever even looked at my dog the wrong way... there would be hell to pay. dogs are family, and they should forever be treated that way.. lets throw her in the trash.
I would have taken the cousin out to international waters and thrown her overboard with a pair of concrete loafers and waved good bye as she sunk beneath the surface
Karma for Christi!! That was so wrong!
I'm working on an international business degree and will be going overseas in a few years for short study and intern periods. My father will be watching my two dogs during that time. But if I didn't have someone who cared about my dogs like he does, I'd have to leave them with a friend or other family member. And I can guarantee if they hurt or killed my babies, I would throw away all those college degrees and put the son of a bitch in the ground.
This story made me feel physically sick. I'd go to Jail for that monster!
If anyone did this to my dog. Not only would I sue but I would make it a public issue. Privately they might get 'lost' somewhere.
I would be devastated. she should be ashamed!!
If it happened to any of my babies, retaliation would be swift and final.
Wow Christa Valenzuela, you are a worthless human being for so many reasons. FIRST and foremost, you KILLED another living thing. TWO, you can't even own up to it and accept responsibility for what you did. The fact that you tried to make excuses is disgusting... there IS NO excuse. THREE, you were actually trashy, low class and pathetic enough to continue living there rent free as though you ACTUALLY kept your end of the bargain. You could have AT LEAST had your rent money waiting for your cousin when she got home since KILLING her dog means you voided your end of the VERBAL CONTRACT. Or better yet, move your broke-ass out... however it sounds like if not for living with your cousin, you'd be the one having to go to a homeless shelter... how ironic. You're lazy, broke, pathetic, heartless, selfish, disgusting and a LIAR... you disgust me. I hate you. You're lucky I'm not your cousin. You don't even seem sorry. I hope you feel guilty about this for the rest of your life. You deserve to. You're a murderer. You even went so far as to lie to the shelter and say that Bert was a stray who "wandered into your apartment". Believe me, if this wasn't a public internet forum I'd have a lot worse to say to you.
Some relative... I would have at least took the dog to training classes and informed the base personnel of the problem. Some one on base would have helped her out. Sad when you can't trust family with family. I hope she can find another pet.
Late in answering but technically this was not a "petsitter" so the title is misleading. as a professional pet nanny I take offense to this title. This was a relative who was living in home helping out and exchange of caring for dog in exchange for rent. what cousin did was horrible but a cousin living in your home does not a petsitter make.
Kill them slowly and make painful
What a terrible story. Why couldn't the cousin find another way around this problem? How callous and foolish to place a dog in a shelter after being entrusted with it. Part of the blame though must go to owner that should have known cousin did not get along with the dog. Perhaps she would have been better placing dog in kennels over this period. Expensive yes but the dog may still be alive.
I'd whoop her ass until judgment day
That is so sad and extremely heartless, how could she?! I would never talk or look at her ever again.
Emily's cousin should be euthanized! Here she is serving our country and she asked her cousin for a simple favor in exchange for no rent to boot!!!
This post is unbelievable! I take care of dogs for a couple of different people when they leave town and the thought of this disgusting! I love animals and that's why I like doing it. Obviously, the cousin does not! I feel for Emily very much!
And she has to call that girl family. That's messed up. I cannot imagine how that must have felt for Emily --- or Bert for that matter. He was surely already sad and stressed because he doesn't know where his mommy is, then there's no telling what that smarmy little heifer did to him BEFORE she took him to the shelter. Understanding, love and compassion would have worked wonders. I have had MANY animals of all types over the years and I have found that approach to consistently work. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but it has NEVER failed me. I would like to say I would beat the living daylights out of her, but then I would lose my gun permit. I would definitely find something of hers (car, tires, etc.) to destroy. But I'd wait a while. Revenge is a dish best served cold....
Oh my god! Somebody should euthanize her! She should definitely press charges!
That is horrible, worse that she lied to the shelter. My sister had something similar happen to her, she had this gorgeous puppy Molly, but when it was almost a year old she found that she was working long hours, and although a friend was helping out walking Molly, who turned out to be part Whippet, and very excitable, she decided that the best thing for Molly was to get her a home with a family, her best mates stepsister offered to take on Molly, my sister told her any problems bring her back...... however 2 days after taking Molly, my sister was informed that Molly had been put down at the vets.... the bestmates stepsister had taken her to the vets claiming that Molly had snapped at her son, (the child having done nothing to provoke it- yeah right!) making out that she had had the dog for several months, the vet was heartbroken when my sister phoned and had a go at him and told him the truth of the situation, he said that if he had known the truth about how long they had had the dog, he would have told them to give her time to settle. Why they didn't just take her back to my sister I don't know..... I won't speak to the step sister if I can help it
What a lazy asshole can't even look after a dog. The dog wouldn't go to the bathroom on the floor if you took it outside to the bathroom . Just pawn somebody's dog off at a shelter what kind of a person does something like that, a asshole does something like that !!!!
I feel so bad for Emily. Christa is just a lazy freeloading b*****, she never intended to care for Bert. Was it really too much to ask to take him out to potty and give him food and water and maybe a pat on the head? What a disgusting excuse for a human. This is why I love my dogs more than most people I meet, I know my dogs would never do anything so despicable, deplorable, inhuman, etc, etc. I truly hope karma catches up with Christa. My heart goes out to Emily. I hope she can find some peace and comfort. And Thank you Emily for your sacrifice.
Christa is lying through her teeth...she ought to show some remorse... instead she is justifying her actions! shame on her!
Just awful and unforgivable. Dogs are members of our family and are so loved. What a monster to do this.
This is so tragic, feel sorry for the owner. So sad that own family member let her down also. When entrusting your pet to other people, family are not automatically qualified to look after pets! even if they find them cute. One thing is to spend 5 mins playing with them, another is to caring 24/7. So often I come across people relying on friends and family to look after their pets. Most of the time, it is fine and the arrangement works well. But sometimes, people feel obliged to do it or even resentful if they feel the arrangement is one sided or unfullfilling. My advice is unless you trust the person with your own life, not worth the risk! I am surprised that the cousin claimed that she could not handle dog Bert since she had been sharing the house with him for a while! It is worth paying the extra money to use a professional company to provide pet care services. This way the pet is looked after by experienced people who love animals. Even then, it is essential to obtain references and make sure the company is awarded or certified for their services. As the owner of a pet care company, I assume responsibility for the pets in my care as if they were my own. It is my choice because I love the work that I do and it is my reputation on the line if the customer is not happy.
what that person would get is called hillbilly justice in our parts
oh i forgot to add in last statement i made on here about this in our area what we would do to that person is called hillbilly justice
am afraid to say that care giver would not be in good health if that happen to one of my babies suing is not good enough,jail would not get put into affect fast enough for that person all i gonna say.
oh i sue the ass off her what a scumbag ,low life if that was me she not get away with anything
Inasmuch as I agree the cousin acted in an inhumane, dioblical manner and deserves harsh punishment, these humane societies can attempt to find homes for dogs or investigate the stories told to them more carefully instead of going by the word of mouth. Humane societies go by the word of mouth by someonef, more than likely, a lying sac of s**t, then that is when the human societies are so anxious to put an animal down.
What a horrible nightmare. Guess what, the cousin did not want any responsibilty for the dog and that was it. I do not believe that the dog was uncontrollable..not for one second. Why can't Judge Judy reside over these cases.
If anyone did that to my dog they had best find a very good place to hide because what I would do to them if I ever saw them again would land me in jail... and it would be worth it.
She can file a civil suit against her but that's about it. You should always get things put down in writing! The cousin is disgusting.
Given that Christa lied, this should be a criminal matter and she should be found guilty of fraud. Her punishment should be at least a year of serious jail time and 5 years of probation during which Christa would have to volunteer at a shelter cleaning cages and with supervision, bathe and care for shelter pets. She should also be the person who has to administer euthanasia when need be. Finally, Emily should take her to civil court and garnish 50% of her wages for the rest of her life. If this were a just and fair world all of the above would happen. Emily, my heart goes out to you.
The cousin is a free-loading b**ch who needs to be removed from the face of the earth. If she could do this to her own cousin, there is no doubt she would do this again to another unsuspecting pet owner without batting an eyelash. What a thick-skinned wh*re. I hope karma gives her what's coming to her supersized.
If it happened to my beloved dog I would get a bat and kneecap the moron. I wouldn't care if I ended up behind bars.
I agree with Julie so strongly that I copied & pasted her reply here as " my comment" also. Her words speak of the MOST anger toward the cousin....and that is how I feel exactly. I never thought I had an anger problem,..but this sure brought it out in me. I agree with all the comments written above as to the other possible solutions and ways to seek help. But what she did, as her only choice? As Julie said, " She Wouldn't Of Had A Face Left When I Had Finished With Her!!!, That Has To Be One Of The Most Despicable Acts I Have Heard Of, It Really Upset Me, How Dare She??, She Must Of Hated That Dog, Poor Poor Bert Bless Him!, The Owner Must Be Heart Broken Bless Her, Sue The F**king B**ch!!!. , What Goes Around Comes Around And I'm A Firm Believer In Karma, She Will Get Her's!!!..... My addition to Julies comment is I would hand her her Karma on a plate= 1 ticket to hell..and escort her, hand cuffed, to the front gate. Bless Little Bert. I'm sooooo sorry for your loss Emily.
Well.....let's put it this way, Crista would be in the hospital and I'd be in jail. I'd never speak to her again. If she couldn't handle the dog, then grow a brain and seek someone out who can. She should have went online and made an attempt to see where she was going wrong with the dog. There are lots of good tips and lessons online if you just put in the effort. Bert obviously hated Crista and didn't trust her at all. Bert was a very good judge of character. RIP little Bert.
i hate that Christa!!! shame on you bad woman!!!
I think a lawyer could sort this out. There has to be a civil suit here. She lied when she brought the dog to the shelter. She lied all along, was only using her cousin for free rent. There has to be a penalty for taking it to the shelter without the owner's permission! Something could be done here. I will not say what I would do, but a new set of front teeth might be something she might want for Christmas, plus maybe put out on the street to beg. Put this story on the internet she will never get a job.
OMG this is horrific - I'd be in prison by now if anyone did this to me - let alone my own cousin! Why did she agree to take the job of dogsitting on and of course living rent free if she didn't get on with the dog!! It's beyond me, I really am truly lost for words - if I were Emily and didn't want to go to prison (but I personally would end up in prison) I'd sue her backside for everything she has now and everything she's likely to have in the future and then i'd make her life a living hell - so badly she'd want to go to animal services to be put to sleep herself!
Well euthanising the cousin will never happen we all know that but I would give the cousin a beating she would never forget and report her for fraudently using the apartment without fulfilling her part of the deal ..sometimes it better to trust a strange before family and this prove is ..
Dogs on Deployment has a facebook page. They will help any service member with orders find a temp foster for their pets if needed. As for this situation, if it happened to me, I would no longer have a cousin, and I would be getting her back in any way I could for what she had done.
Karma will win out! Has Dog Heirs posted or started up a help center for deploying service members? I live in Hampton Roads, VA, home to a huge military population. Don't know of any organized groups taking care of this situation. I'm disabled, and when I've had to be hospitalized for long times, my top issue was who will care for my service/therapy dog? This is a serious problem that has not been addressed....and while I'm on my soap-box, what about the Veteran's Admin not paying for vet care or other needs for wounded warriors with service dogs!
I have had this happen to me before, I hired a petsitter that a friend recommended to me for my Exotic Shorthair cat, and I left him with this woman for the weekend, and when I returned home, I found out that the "pet sitter" had dumped my cat at an animal shelter as a stray, but I didn't have the cash on hand to bail him out, I was 2 days away from pay day so I couldn't even get him back.
I myself have been through what Emily experienced. I was living in Hawaii and had to go to California from January to April for schooling. At the time Hawaii had very strict quarantine regulations for all animals entering the state. If I had brought Kaileigh with me to California, I would of had to quarantine her from anywhere of two to four months when I returned. The cost of quarantining my dog would of cost me more money than I earned monthly. So I had some friends offer to foster Kaileigh for the four months I would be gone. I paid them $500 dollars to pay for food her food (which was expensive since she had bad food allergies) and to pay them for fostering her. I kept in contact with them weekly over those four months. Then week before I returned home they hestitatly told me they gave my dog away to a co-worker of the husband's. They said it was because she had peed in the apartment several times and they could handle it. When I finally returned to Hawaii, I was constantly calling them to find out who they gave my dog to, so I could have her returned to me. Everytime their stories changed of who they gave her to, I finally found out they had taken her to the animal shelter at the end of Febraury, and they waited until the beginning of April to tell me, and they even refused to refund any of my money.
That is soooo wrong! I would def press charges!!! The fact that it was a family member makes it even worse. What a scumbag
Disgusting, Emily I am sorry for your loss...as we say down under, you can pick your friends, not your family. I would have to 'remove' the cousin.......
first of all , the b**ch lied about the dog to the dep of animal services after just a few weeks and admittedly did not get along w the dog hmmm wonder y lazy? im bettin you didnt like actually taking the dog out then wen it did its business in the apt you got pissed n hit the dog ,thats how you got bit. common sense tells this story and the dog tried to run off cuz it was lookin for its momma who did take care of him they r smart ,that dog said "i'm outta here". shame on her
As an active duty military member myself I feel for her. I know how it is to spend miserable nights on deployment with console coming from thoughts of your happy healthy dog running through your head. My favorite way to wake up in Afghanistan was with the photos of my dogs I had stuffed next to my rack. If something was to happen to my dogs, I would not be able to restrain myself from causing physical harm to those who hurt my boys. My husband knew his responsibility during my deployment above all else was the welfare of our dogs. For those asking "what about her husband" when you are married and stationed separately, both members don't always have living conditions for a pet. Our first 3 yrs were separate and while my husband had a house and a cat, I was stuck in the barracks so he may not have been able to take her dog. At the same time my dogs would NEVER EVER be left with anyone who wasn’t as big a dog lover as me (is that possible?) I cannot believe her own cousin would live there rent free, and guilt free knowing what she did. "Oh I’ll help her find another one.." really? dogs aren’t purses you can’t just get her another one. What a waste of life.
I could never do that...No matter how bad things got. To some dogs are their children and you could not turn a child in and say, "it wondered up". I would take her to court. As for cousin, she could forget her ever new my name, because I would never speak with her again. I am currently keeping a Pit bull for a soldier who is in boot camp, I could never even think of turning her in.
It sounds like abuse if the dog was turned in and wouldn't allow a human to touch it. My red flags go off there big time.
I would be sitting in prison after dragging my cousin into the woods, killing her in the same way the shelter killed my dog and leaving her body for the scavengers.
This Christa was using Emily. She took the free ride but didn't like the baggage. I don't know why God allow people like this to even exist. I worked abroad for two years and the only thing that kept me going was knowing that my family was taking care of my dog and she'd be there to greet me when I came home. I can only pray that Emily gets thru this. If there ever was a justification for homicide, this is it....
Disgusting. Does this family member have a heart at all?? She lost the e-mail address? She couldn't get in touch with her??" You twit, she's doing her job defending her country!! The least this person could have done was inquire to see if someone could help out. Thank you for your service, Emily, I'm so sorry you had to come home to this mess. May you find peace ...my heart goes out to you.
Seriously Mary L-I agree, what about the husband? The cousin could have contacted him or even relatives of Christa and Emily...Geez. I second the "Nice catch". Any updates on Christa? I hope Emily is recovering.
Mon July 16 `12 Nice catch!!! I did see that, on the 7th, but never thought more about it... Vancouver BC Canada
? soooo, in all of this mess, where did the "east coast based husband" fit in? Did someone bother to contact him about issues with the dog?
Hmmm... since this problem is in the USA and the police are unwilling to get involved, Id take this 'cuz' to court - civil court or perhaps Judge Judy... it sounds as though this cousin is something of a lazy deadbeat - has no job, cant pay rent, unwilling to work at finding out the dogs' needs, not enough brains to consider asking for help, and disregard for the emotional well being of her own country's service woman. Poor little Bert... what a sad end. That aside, it goes to show how that perhaps the US govt should make their employees in military more secure and offer kennel services or money for civilian kennels..
This is NOT the whole truth!!! Obviously Christa is lying to protect her, well, you know. Frankly Christa needs to be euthanized and put out by the dumpster like so much trash. The link for the story above is: which was taken from the San Diego UT, http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2012/jul/06/roommate-ships-out-sailors-dog/

http://www.10news.com/news/31251043/detail.html The above link has a short written story, video, and comments from Emily herself, Emily also replies to comments of readers below. Please check it out and you will know the rest of the story.

I don't think that Bert was just traumatized by Emily's deployment, my guess is that Christa probably was abusing him if he turned violent. You can tell especially in the last paragraph of this story here, that she is lying through her teeth about everything. I hope karma bites her in the a... I hope her name goes everywhere before her and she NEVER EVER has any chance at life like her cousin tried to give her. Now that Christa has given us her last name, I going to spread her name far and wide and give her a better shot at ruination.
Thank you Joyce! I will re-post on f/b! http://www.dogsondeployment.org
For military members with pet sitting problems check out http://www.dogsondeployment.org I'm watching two girls starting today for a month! :)
First, Emily above all else, thank you for your service to our country and my condolences for the loss of your friend and companion, Bert. As hard as it is to understand, not everyone shares our enthusiasm and love for dogs. I’m dumbfounded when someone tells me they don’t like animals, because I’m thinking, what’s not to like, when they are spouting off all of these “negative” aspects from their point of view, I’m thinking that they are simply part of loving an animal, and all things they would encounter in raising a child, with maybe a little less hair and slobber, but made up for by not having to loan them your car. Emily, I’m sorry, but you have little recourse. Bert is lost to you from an unconscionable act of selfishness. The only good to come from this is now you know the true color of your cousin, and you know she is untrustworthy. I hope you have secured your keys and changed the locks to your domicile and taken inventory of your belongings. With her past actions, you never know what she is capable of. You wouldn’t think she’d do that to your dog either. A couple of the other bloggers have spoken of retribution and that must be going through your mind as well, I agree with the ones who think it best be left to karma. There’s no sense jamming yourself up over this. That would accomplish nothing except possibly screwing up your Navy career. There is no point in letting your cousin have that much control of your life. You are smarter than that. Bert was smarter than that, so ... do whatever you have to do to keep your life on track and good luck.
I would flip the eff out. I don't believe in euthanizing animals for no reason to begin with. Her cousin, Christa, is a disgusting human being.
Nothing you could do would ever bring Bert back, that`s the terrible truth here. My cousin would certainly be dead to me forever and i`d only trust my dog to professional caretakers in the future. There`s a lesson in here for all of us..........R.I.P Bert.
Sat July 7 '12 1st Emily must be beside herself!! If Emily didn't have P T S D before? she probably does NOW!! Such a great comfort believing Bert was waiting @ home for her!! The cousin, Christa is a p. o. s. !!!! - she loved having the conditional rent!!!! All the excuses!!! that are listed in the article ??? (some people swear "i like exclamation marks") Second !!! Bert can not possibly !!! be replaced!!!! Third !! the p.o. s. !!! should have to - be held financially responsible for the expense, however much Bert cost in the first place - the cost of a new dog... substitiute for Bert - to be present (though I would personally never ever want anything to do with this p. o. s. ) with Emily while she searches for the substitiute.... Fourth -- TO NEVER EVER EVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT P. O. S. EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vancouver BC Canada
She would be my dead cousin!
I am like Jessica szydlik, euthanize the cousin, she should never never have done that , if she could not handle the dog she should have put it in a place that could have taken care of the dog. She was serving our country and have this happen is so Bad. I personally would have killed her!
Sad, Sad, Sad. My sympahties to Emily for Bert and the betrayal of her cousin. I'm satisfied that Christa will reap what she deserves, and I do not have sympahty.
Sad, Sad, Sad. My sympahties to Emily for Bert and the betrayal of her cousin. I'm satisfied that Christa will reap what she deserves, and I do not have sympahty.
Uh Christa, it's pretty much unanimous-it REALLY sux to be you. I can't believe that anyone that doesn't like dogs would even think about agreeing to exchange room and board for dog sitting. I agree with the lot of people that say Christa should be euthanized. And, I am really sorry for Emily that you have such a sub human cousin. But, I'm REALLY sorry for your inexcusable loss!
well, christa, that's a FINE way to show gratitude to the cousin who is overseas fighting for your right to be a stone cold bitch. you're whining and complaining about a dog - last i checked, dogs don't explode when you step on them or coming raining out of the sky to blast you into a million pieces. next time, i vote we ship christa to the front line. THEN she can learn about having it tough (and i *know* from tough, i worked in pet rescue).
I would want to euthanize the cousin ! Disgusting cruel behaviour
I thought about it after I posted and that nasty piece of work, with the rent she wasn't paying, could have easily put him into boarding instead of putting him in a shelter to be adopted! I've had to hide this story from my FB as it's upset me so much!
She Wouldn't Of Had A Face Left When I Had Finished With Her!!!, That Has To Be One Of The Most Despicable Acts I Have Heard Of, It Really Upset Me, How Dare She??, She Must Of Hated That Dog, Poor Poor Bert Bless Him!, The Owner Must Be Heart Broken Bless Her, Sue The F**king B**ch!!!. , What Goes Around Comes Around And I'm A Firm Believer In Karma, She Will Get Her's!!!.
that cousin should be euthanized! that poor dog and poor owner
That's horrifying! How would the woman who had entrusted a family member and who was away at sea be able to constantly keep in contact. I would never be able to speak to her again. She obviously was happy enough living there rent free, but didn't want to accept the responsibility of doing her family member a favour. Shocking!
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