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Heiry Question: Dog theft vs dog rescue

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | June 21, 2012 | Answers (73)

dog stolen by viligante rescuers

Adriana Perez's Alaskan Husky named Aspen was recently stolen from his pen in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The thieves who took Aspen left a note explaining why he was taken. Adriana told news media that the letter is a 'slap in the face' and her family miss him and want him back.

The note accused the family of neglect and said the dog was taken for his own good and stated that dogs need to be around other dogs or humans and Aspen should not have been in a pen, because a dog in a pen is 'incredibly lonely'. (Read the letter in full below.)

A local newscast confirmed Berrien County Animal Control conducted welfare checks on Aspen three times in two years. However, on all occasions agents found no signs of neglect or abuse. Animal Control Director Val Grimes said that Aspen was in good condition and had food and lots of water.

Perez insists her family was taking care of him and they all miss him terribly. They are hoping and praying to get their dog back.

Do you believe the thieves were justified in taking Aspen from his family?



Leaving a dog outside in the yard is a hotly debated topic. In the case of Aspen, he was untethered in his pen with food and water.

The letter left by the thieves displays reasoning similar to that expressed by Janet Olson, one of six women in a rescue group who now face criminal charges of theft. Members of A Better Life Dog Rescue allegedly posed as animal welfare officers and had allegedly been stealing dogs from homes and rehoming them for several years, believing the animals they were taking were being abused, and therefore, should be saved. The women were recently charged and arrested.

Several famlies who were victims of these alleged dog-nappings claim their dogs were not neglected, and never tethered. One family, who had their 17-year-old dog stolen, were eventually able to find and get their dog back, but she died soon after and the family believe the trauma of her ordeal contributed to her death. In yet another case a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was stolen from his apartment only to be reunited with his original owner nearly a year later, after the family that purchased the dog saw the story on the news. In many cases, families have spent years trying to track down their dogs, but were never reunited with them. 


Here is the letter the Perez family received:

Dear Dog Guardian,

I wanted to write to you and explain why we took your dog.

Dogs are pack animals and need to be around other dogs or humans. When you think about it, we humans have so much enrichment in our lives. We have family, friends, television, internet, work, vacations, music, sports, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

A dog in a pen or on a chain is incredibly lonely. All they can look forward to is a meal and hope that someone will spend some time with them. They don't get to cuddle on the couch with their best friend or play with a buddy. Dogs are social animals who crave human companionship. That's why they thrive and behave better when living indoors with their pack - their human family members. This is substantiated by the experience of rescue volunteers and shelter workers as well as trainers, canine behaviorists, veterinarians and animal welfare associations nationwide.

Perhaps the biggest and most widely held misconception about dogs is the belief that they will be healthy and happy living only in the backyard. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Current studies in dog psychology show that dogs isolated in yards are highly likely to develop serious behavioral problems that often result in euthanasia for the animal.

Therefore, please know that your dog is going to a place where he will get the love, attention and veterinary care that every dog deserves and will never have to live outside in extreme cold or heat again.


Someone who cares about all dogs


Story Update August 7, 2012: Aspen has been returned to his family after a woman found him in the pound. Read more in our Article: Alaskan Husky Stolen by "rescuers" back home with his family.

Do you believe the thieves were justified in taking Aspen from his family?
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Answers To This Question

Just because Animal Control decided that the dog wasn't being abused or neglected, doesn't mean that the dog was okay. Animal control is only interested in making sure that a dog has adequate food, clean water, and shelter against the weather. As long as the basic needs are taken care of that is all they care about. There have been too many cases to count (all over the country) where neighbours have tried to get help for a dog that lived alone outside with very little contact with its owners, and nothing was ever done. They don't consider a dog being lonely or sad a reason for concern. I think that the emotional well-being of a dog is of little concern to most Animal Control facilities.
If you keep the dog in the house. You wouldnt run into this problem.
I understand what they are saying. We had dogs growing up but because of the farm animals my dad wouldn't let us take them out of the pen. It was big and they had toys and shelter, but they became very hyper and big time jumpers. That's why my dogs are inside with me! However, if the family was spending time with the dog and taking it out to play he is good. He has a lot more than dogs living on the streets. Maybe they should rescue them. Then for them to take the dog to the pound!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? What if Aspen had been euthanized? They are causing trauma to the dogs and the family and they need to rethink their priorities!
It's a tricky question. If the dog lived in a pen outside all the time and never came inside and the people didn't walk her or spend time with her, then yes, it's good that someone took it. BUT if the dog was outside when the people were at work or something and inside when they were home or they walked it a lot and spend a lot of time outside with it, then no, no one should take it. It all depends on the people. My brother and his girlfriend have 7 dogs, and some of them doesn't come inside a lot, mostly because one is a newfoundland, and it's waaaaay to hot for to be inside, she doesn't enjoy it, and my brother and his girlfriend are "outside people", they are almost only inside at night before bed or at meals. The rest of the time is spend outside WITH all the dogs, they play with them and walk them and cuddle them a lot, and they almost always sit outside chillin' with the dogs. The dogs are only alone when they are at work. Their dogs are happy and healthy.
Charmaine- it sounds like the people reported it a number of times, but the authorities were unable to do anything, because the dog was fed and watered.
This question can get tricky, but if the dog was truly outside always, he deserved better. Keeping a dog outside for a few days while you have guests in one thing, but a dog deserves better than spending his/her life alone. I've met dogs who love being outside, sure, especially big hyper dogs, but they do like to come in sometimes, and spend time with the family. If someone has a dog, and keep them alone outside always, they DO NOT actually need the dog at all, and the dog should go somewhere better. Outdoor dogs are one thing, but being outside, alone, always? Wrong.
"The son she never had." - Really? Dogs are companion animals. If you don't want a companion, don't get a dog. If you don't want a dog in your home, don't get a dog. These are not difficult concepts. I don't doubt that these people loved their dog, nor that they were not "abusing" him (which in reality just means that he had a doghouse, food and water - that's all abuse is defined as), but past that, love doesn't provide an animal with a good life - actual care and action does, which they were not providing.
I would not hesitate to free a dog from prison. There is no reason for a dog to be kept in a pen or chained. If you are not going to make your pet part of your family, don't own one. Dogs should be part of the family/pack, not a lawn ornament!!!
If he really cared about his dog, he wouldn't left the dog outside. He shouldn't be left outdoor day and night, hot and cold. Period!
We have 2 dogs.. 1 is very large and rambunctious...no amount of training has calmed him down when strangers come over. My 3 year old grandson is a "stranger" to him so, when my grandson is here (he lives 4 hours away) my dogs go outback. They are in a fenced in area with 3 buildings they can shelter in. They have plenty of food and water during their time outside. For the people that think this is cruel... I dont care what you think and if you DARE to try to steal them because you "think" you could do better by them, come on over...MOLON LABE!!!!
Seriously, who keeps a dog in a pen? Why wasn't the dog indoors if the family loved the dog. I agree Huskies love cold weather but what about the heat in the Summer? I don't condone the behaviour of the dognappers either. They had no right to take the dog. If they thought the dog was not being treated the way it should be, they should have reported it to the authorities and had the dog taken from the family, legally. I think both people are wrong here.
Huskies do love the cold weather and would probably be uncomfortable with the heat in the house. The dog may need more interaction with people, but at the same time, guard dogs and other working dogs need to be housed (weather inside or outside) to facilitate their breed. Working dogs love to work. People should know more about a situation before interfering in them. The dog did not show any signs of being neglected!
If the letter is true and that dog is really being kept outside in a pen all the time with little no human interaction and without the companionship of another dog then I would not hesitate to take him. I don't condone stealing but no dog deserves to live his life like this. The owners should be ashamed for their thinking a dog was a cute lawn ornament only to be interacted with when it was time to provide nourishment.
While I don't condone stealing, I have often seen dogs I wish I could take. I've even talked to owners and they said the emancipated dog was fine. Just got fed this morning. No water, no shelter. The temps where I live are extreme(above 120sometimes) I've seen dogs chained with absolutely no shade or water. Yes I felt like taking the dog. I called animal control instead. I have also been on the other end of that leash. My sister gave me a dog that she said her stepson wasn't taking proper care of. I walked in the backyard and started laughing. The dog was a Labrador mix. It was mixed with greyhound! She wanted me to take the dog anyway. I fed the dog EXTREMELY well. It was always skinny. It looked mostly like a lab, a skinny one. She was very fast too. People always gave me dirty looks anytime I walked the dog. I wanted to hang a sign around her neck informing people of the truth. She usually stayed in the house with me but during the day while I was at work my roommate would put her outside on a chain to go potty, then right back in. I walked the dog and let her run. Once while I was at work my roommate put her out to go potty, when she went to bring her back in she was gone. I can only hope that whoever took her was a kindhearted person who thought they were rescuing her.
Stealing the dog with the intent to give it a better life.... in the POUND? What were these people thinking!
I agree with Cindy. Dogs should not be inside all day either and I personally believe it is a form of abuse. Dogs want to get outside and exercise, explore and just enjoy the fresh air. You wouldn't keep your children locked inside all day would you?
If the animal is truly neglected I wouldnt hesitate for a second to take the animal. However, I would not take an animal that is not showing outwardly signs of neglect with out first contacting the local animal cruelty officers or the police themselves. Each case is different, but I would only take an animal if i feel it is in danger or in severe neglect. Approaching an owner of an animal you feel is neglected is always a good spot to start.. you might learn they are trying but just cant and work out a deal or an amicable way to get the animal a new home/care. Tact is what a lot of people lack with these situations.
No, they were not justified. The dog was not abused. The thieves should be forced to return the dog, and arrested!
We need to get proactive. Calling the police is useless most of the time. I have and will again if the situation calls for it. Being "nice" and "politically correct" leaves an animal in a situation that it did not ask for and is not being protected from. You don't want your pet stolen then friggin treat them like family. Love them, include them, protect them, feed them..... or don't have them.. OR LOSE THEM !!! Seriously.. !!!
I adopted a dog from a local recue agency and they had literally stolen her from someone's yard. She was so shy and must have been abused at some point but slowly she is adjusting now that she is in a loving home.
Underground rescue groups do what must be done for the dogs. I wouldn't hesitate to steal a neglected dog. Yes, its illegal, but I'd willingly face those consequences.
There isn't enough detail here to be able to say whether this was justified. Was the dog in his pen 24/7 regardless of the weather? Yes, there was a doghouse in his pen, but that's not enough at a certain point. However, justified or not, Aspen was better off with this family than in the pound!
My dog is out in his shaded pen right now, where he wants to be. He'll stay indoors a while during the day, but eventually he asks to go out and then trots into his pen. After his evening walk, he'll sleep on his bed in the living room until he wakes me up for his morning walk, or ride if it's a dog park day. In other words, just because you see a dog in a pen doesn't mean that he's unhappy or neglected! I would treat some dog-napping lunatic like any other thief.
While I do not agree with any dog being chained or caged 24/7, I have to ask: What kind of "rescue" places the dog in the pound? I don't know who these people are, since they were too cowardly to sign their names, but they are NOT animal rescuers. They might think they are, but they have failed in the biggest way possible. If there were signs of neglect, I could possibly back them up on their actions, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I'm glad the family got their dog back, and can only hope that Aspen is being treated the way he should be - with lots of love and attention, and time outside of a pen to be with his people.
Its quite ironic, because if the dog was inside all day, they wouldn't have noticed or done or said nothing. But him/her being inside all day doesn't make it any better then him/her being outside all day. I always say 2 dogs is better than one because they keep each other company, entertained and exercised. And honestly man kind ruined the species. Many breeds weren't bred to be companions but to be herders, military officers, sled dogs ect. I do believe they all need proper shelter and care but not all breeds are inside dogs or toy dogs. Now I do thing dogs that come from the cold should not live in hot places or at least make a facility where its cool. Like huskies they love the cold hello they are from alaska, sled dogs lol :p
Wake Up People. Animal Control Employees are the biggest dog thieves around. They make minimum wage , so yes, if they can steal a dog to sell to a breeder or pet store, they are going to do. They have ALL your information if your pet is licensed in that municipality. They know who has an expensive English Bulldog, or a Briard,etc, where you live, so all they have to do is troll around until the right moment, let your dog out of its yard and voila, to the pound it goes, where it is hidden until secreted out to be sold. I've seen it happen a gazillion times in our county shelter, having been a volunteer there for a year. There is nothing you can do to stop it as they always have someone running interference. The employees that work here have been around for 20 years and they have a tremendous network of buyers, which include research labs. If your area has a lot of dog thefts listed on Craigslist, you can be sure its your local pound employees. They have the motive, the vehicle to use to not look suspicious, the time, the excuse if they are caught (uh, your dog got out) and the network of buyers.
Why do some people have pets if they only want them around "a few moments" out of the day? Our dogs live in our home, they can go in another room to be away from us if they want, or they can sit in the same room with us if they want. They are pets, part of our family. Simple. We have friends who keep their dogs locked in crates in another room more than they don't - THAT I will never, ever understand.
It's good for people and dogs to be outside. With a shelter in the pen, there was nothing wrong with Aspen being there. Some people are just so obtuse. Dogs that get locked indoors all day, you could say that is being abusive. Obviously, the family spent time with the dog.
paul: after **thirty thousand years** of domestication, i think it's safe to say that canis lupus familiaris no longer has a place in the wild. dogs are descendants of wolves who were smart enough to figure out that humans are the apex predator and that life would be easier if they hung around the campfire. to the original issue: huskies are NOT house dogs. i used to run a pet rescue and i can't tell you how many times i had to explain that to someone - their husky or malamute was bred for cold, harsh conditions and the majority of them find life inside, with its dry conditions and nothing to do, see, or smell when humans aren't home, extremely intolerable. as a result, they become bolters or they will simply chew the door or window right out of the frame.
Dogs aren't originally meant to live among humans but in the wild. People need to get that. No matter how trained and domesticated your animal is, its still an animal and can never become a human. Animals should be taken care of as animals sometimes and that includes chaining and keeping in a Pen but of course that doesn't mean its not cared for. My GSD lives in my house but has her own apartment but every morning and evening she comes into my living room to share moments with my family and thats ok. Dogs need there time just as we humans need ours. THEY AREN'T HUMANS
I am emphatically saying "No!" Did anyone miss the update? "Story Update August 7, 2012: Aspen has been returned to his family after a woman found him in the pound." Note the last word in that update and ask how these so-called "rescuers" managed to have the "saved" Aspen end up in the POUND! Just because someone calls his or herself a "rescuer" doesn't mean they are or have any clue what they're doing! I have friends who adore their dogs but will not leave them in their house when they're not home because they're worried that, should the unthinkable happen, such as a house fire, their "babies" would be trapped inside. Get all the facts before deciding; it's knee-jerk reactions like these "rescuers" made that more often cause harm than genuinely help anyone.
"A local newscast confirmed Berrien County Animal Control conducted welfare checks on Aspen three times in two years." Why???
i not for stealing but if the dog is always looked in a cage then it should be not with a family like hers a dog , is not a member of the family that lives in the house then dont have a dog at all.
If the dog was in that pen 24/7 then yes, I think that it should go to a better home. Stealing the dog is extreme though (unless it was starving, sick or injured. Which in this case it wasn't). Anyone who keeps a dog in a pen 24/7 should not have the dog. But if it is just out in the pen for the day when the owners are away then I think that is not so bad.
Wow, these people are overboard! Short some marbles. That's kidnapping a family member and trespassing. Do they not have a number they can call so any concern over neglected/abused dogs can be reported and checked on. These people sound like looney tunes....
I am involved in animal rescue, having said that, NO LEGIT RESCUE steals a dog from someone's yard. How do you know that dog wasn't outside for exercise time, If you have a complaint about a dog in a yard call your local ACC. The people who took this dog sound like fanatics not real rescuers, If anyone wants to rescue a dog, find a real 501c3 certified rescue and foster, There is always a need for fosters. If you really want to help the animals, Do it the right way.
Withount knowing all the facts it is hard to say whether or not a person would be justified in taking the dog... I have 3 german shepherds - all of which are rescued. my oldest dog was technically stolen (not by me) but was taken at 6months old from a concrete yard with no food, water or shelter. She was in a terrible condition (emaciated and had cigarette burns on her face and snout and 2 broken ribs) and it took months to get her into good condition and is now a very happy and healthy 13yr old. I was not the person that took the dog but was asked to take her by the person that did.... I feel that in her situation that this was justified but the situation is a lot different on the face of it.
FANATICS, whether they be religious or animal supporters often do more harm then good and are so blinded by their own agenda that often the welfare of the dog takes SECOND PLACE
who r these people 2 judge? I m concerned that animal control was there checking on Aspen's welfare, sounds like Animal control inside job if ya ask me. But stealing is stealing, if ur gonna steal ull lie and cheat 2!! Bring Aspen back!
Regardless of the justification, this was wrong and for one simple reason; the dog was found at a shelter! If these do-gooders wanted to take this dog from a bad situation why wasn't it re-homed properlly? They got nervous when it hit the media and thoguht they may get caught? So they dropped it at a shelter instead of returning it knowing now that they owners did care seeing them on TV? I see dogs where I live, huskies, outside and we like in the FL Keys, waaay to hott in my opinion. But they look healthy and well cared for so who am I to judge? If they have water and arent passed out then maybe what I think is too hot really isnt. There was other was to comunicate with these owners then stealing the dog.
I don't think they should have taken the dog but educated to owners on the pack mentality of dogs and how they need companionship. I absolutely HATE people who leave a dog chained and the only interaction is food/water. I live near someone who does that and it makes me so angry. I also work with Rescues...you can tell when they have not been socialized. I have a pit now who was chained her whole life, she had no clue how to play with other dogs. Luckily for her I have two very stable dogs who have taught her the correct way. She also LOVES the air conditioning. She went from outside on a chain to living with a pack of 6 indoors and is adjusting GREAT.
I've seen one appropriate "dog napping" and that was when Tamira Thayne of "Dogs Deserve Better" rescued an older dog who had been left to die, chained up with no food or water (this was the outrageous and awful way his owners were putting him down) and I believe Tammi was right to do what she did. However in this case when the dog was healthy and well fed, the thieves were absolutely wrong. If they want to rescue a dog, the shelters have no shortages!
This group of so called rescuers are just THIEVES plain and simple. When you take someone's property (that's how the law views animals) it is called stealing. Unless we personally know this dog and his personality we really can't say how his owners should care for him. It isn't up to us to say that dogs should not be left outside. If they like it there why not isnt it sort of cruel to make them come in when all they want to do is be outside. As for AC showing up 3x they were called and had to respond and deemed this dog and his home fit for him to live there. Sometimes people are just mean and vindictive and maybe that is how this group was behaving--we've all read or heard of stories of people calling DSS for spite so if people can do that to someone's children is it really to far of a stretch to think that people wouldn't do the same with regards to our pets. As I read the letter left by the thieves all I could think was "how arrogant of these thieves to believe that we should follow their guidelines on how to raise OUR OWN animals." I think I will continue to follow my own guidelines on how to raise my loving, friendly, smart and amazing dog who by the way loves soaking up the sun outside.
I don't really think I agree with the rescuers. Yes, it's sad that they don't bring their dog in, but if he was being well taken care of, they should have just left him alone. I would never leave my dog's outside because you just never know what could happen. When I was a kid, there was someone going around throwing bones covered in poison into people's yards. Of course that is not saying that it wouldn't happen if the family was home with the dog and he went outside for 5 minutes and found it. But I would rather be home if something did go wrong outside.
I'd have to have more proof than seeing the dog outside in a pen. Some dogs actually prefer being outside most of the time, even when given the option of being in the house - I think Husky dogs are particularly fond of being outside, especially if there's snow. Some dogs are also less sociable than others; my dog lives in my house, but chooses to spend much of his time away from his humans. In this case, as stated, I think the thieves were absolutely wrong. If there were clear signs of neglect or abuse, and other solutions had been sought first, I might believe the thieves were thinking of the dog's welfare; as it is, I expect the dog has been sold for profit.
While I am not that keen on outside kennels, I don't agree that the supposed "do gooders" were on the side of angels. I personally agree that dogs are pack animals, and should be allowed to have the company of their humans, or at least another dog or two, if the owner insists on housing them outside of the family home. I can't imagine having a dog and not wanting it in the house with us, what's the point? If you have a pack, like foxhounds, then fine, they are housed together, and go out on training walks regularly, or you won't have good, healthy hounds. I feel that the "would be rescuers" did not act in a forthright manner. If they were so concerned, why didn't they attempt to open a dialog with the owners, or speak with local animal control about the situation? Unless there is overt harm being done, you don't just remove someone's animal.
If they are so intent on rescuing dogs, why not help re-home the thousands of dogs already in animal shelters? They are facing certain death. These "rescuers" have their own agenda and probably get a thrill out of controlling someone else's life using their standards.
I agree dogs shouldn 't be left outside alone, if it wasn't it wouldn't have been stolen, and yes they can get lonely and yes some want to be left alone, but I think it's wrong. It does get hot sometimes and cold sometimes, would you want to be left out there with no way to get shelter? Think about it? would a dog house and covered pen be enough for you when it's 30 below or in the 100's as it gets in Texas? I had to leave my birth state because of the heat, at least I could get away and avoid heatstroke and tell some one about it, the dog can't BUT, that don't make kidnapping ok, that is highly wrong to take the law into your own hands! And they should be punished! Like others said it only hurts the cause and makes others look bad and is better handled by having laws changed to prevent it like the new chicken coop law! It's not their place to play god and impose their views on this family and dog! I have seen my mom's Italian Greyhound nearly kill herself for being seperated from my mom and traumatized our friends who were watching her, not sure what to do for her. So they could be only causing more danger and harm to the dog than helping! Watch Hachi, the movie with Richard Grere and you will see the extent of a dogs loyalty and the harm it could cause to take that dog from its family!
The thieves are just that, THIEVES. not rescuers, not do-gooders. they have done more DAMAGE than good. they (the so-called rescuers called the authorities 3 times - the authorites are required to investigate each call & EACH TIME found no problem!) and as for all the bleeding hearts who Insist all dogs are pack animals & must have company all day.. get real. you are imposing YOUR humanistic view on an animal YOU DONT KNOW. i have had dogs for 40 plus years and a number of them HATED being with other dogs. there was nothing wrong with my dogs. they just didnt like any OTHER dogs so that excuse is JUST an excuse. I have also had dogs in the deserts i have lived in. they had their outside enclosures with access to inside & many times i would come home & they were outside BY THEIR CHOICE. so these people that took this dog were IMPOSING their OWN beliefs on this family & dog. NOT RESCUING it. they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for STEALING this animal.
You cannot take the law into your own hands and here is the problem with vigilante animals activists. Not only are there lega channels to persue action but you kind of make all genuine animal lovers and protectors look bad.It does not help the cause to go grabbing peoples pets. Always better to get evidence and go to the correct authorities
@dogzrus That don't exactly work that way. There doesn't have to be a previous problem for them to go back. If someone calls and reports neglect, they have to go. The people who stole the dog called three times. Sometimes too, people have to keep the dog outside while they work or something, and it's mostly for the dog's sake. I doubt he was out there 24/7, but Husky's are very hyper dogs. You can't always trust them not to tear up your house when you're not looking. The dog wasn't chained up, he had a doghouse to go in, it's fine for a few hours. They probably let him in when the kids came home from school or something. And to be honest, he probably liked it in there. Yes, dogs are pack animals, but they sometimes like to be alone, and in their own little space. There was nothing wrong with what they were doing.
to Rachelle.... hmmm... I heard the lady say she got confirmation that they found no problem with the dogs health etc but they would not go back 2x more unless there had been a previous prob. Aside from that, I dont like dogs being left alone... they are pack animals and love company of other dogs or their human companions... being outside is ok for 1 or 2 hours... not as an alternative canine lifestyle. I dont condone the stealing, but perhaps they felt the lack of attention and company was equal to emotional abuse. Why have a dog as pet if you just keep him in (solitary confinment) jail?
@dogzrus They came three times because the people who stole the dog called them to go check.
The first thing that crossed my mind was - why did animal welfare have to go visit 3x anyway? Ive seen the tv shows where welfare have to do repeat visits on homes and it was usually bc there was an issue of some kind. Many dogs are left outside, but maybe this one was too darn lonely... just get another dog - when the kids are old enough, and keep it indoors if its a pet!
It is not stealing it is kidnapping. If a group or an invidual does not like a law get it changed so many dogs benefits. By kidnapping a dog it hurts the cause more than helps. My dogs are inside dogs they do have a fenced yard.Remember follow the law. Good intentions is no reason to break the law.
Unfortunately, there is no law against imprisoning an animal in pen or on a chain. If the dog was in the pen all the time with no real excersise or companionship then yes the people helping the dog did the right thing. Why get a pet if your going to lock them up?? Animals have feelings and needs. They're not PROPERTY.
If the Dog was actually being neglected, which I don't think he was, then they should have called someone first. There's nothing wrong with letting your dog outside in a pen. Maybe the family didn't have a fence, and didn't want the dog to run off after a squirrel or something. Maybe since the woman has a small baby, she didn't feel completely comfortable having a Husky, a breed known to need lots of attention and training, around her. I have three dogs, and when there's no one in the house, we put them in their crates. They do like it in there. They even open them up on their own and nap in there often. It's like the doggy version of a bedroom for them. Maybe the dog liked it in there too? No matter the reason, the thieves are horrible for taking this dog away from a clearly loving family. If it truly was abused or neglected, then by all means, get actual proof, then take the dog away.
It all depends on the condition of the animals. In this case, they had already been checked by AC or HSUS and deemed okay. In many situations, that isn't the case. All too often that isn't the case, the animals are left to fend for themselves, especially in my area of FL where the heat gets unbearable in the summer and there isn't any shade or even if there is, if there isn't water available, an animal can succumb to the heat in a matter of hours. I'm not a radical, but even I won't stand for that and will do or have something done about the situation immediately. Animals can't fend for themselves and autopilot isn't an option. If people choose to have animals, then they had damn well better choose to care for them as well. I for one have grown extremely tired of those who neglect their animals and will do whatever is necessary to relieve them of those responsibilities if necessary. Too many animals have suffered far too long at the hands of irresponsible pet owners to ignore it any longer.
Are they going to Alaska and "rescue" all the sled dog that are chained and sleep in the snow? Their food is thrown on the ground. How about hunting dogs that are not allowed to be pets, never played with or loved on. They are always kept outside in pens all types of weather. Are they going to take them also? When I was a little girl we had a boxer, during cold weather my dad had to go outside and pick her up to bring her in the house. She refused to come in doors. I live in Florida so lets not even talk about the heat that dog went thru. She lived to be 13 years old. These people have no right to impose their beliefs on other people. Let them go after they really abused and negelected animals in this world. The ones that are starved, beaten, and forgotten there are plenty of those to "rescue".
I think the person who took the dog did rescue the dog as opposed to stealing the dog. Their hearts were in the right place i believe. Dogs are pack animals and should not b isolated. If the dog was part of their family it wouldn't have been outside all the time. I have liberated two "pets" myself so i don't have much room to point fingers but i think they really should have tried to make changes legally first and then if they didnt feel it was being handled then i probably would have done the same thing.
Why have a dog if its not going to be a companion, cant understand why people have dogs and then cage or chain them ouside.
Not only they hurt the family, but also the dog, taking him from them. Now if the dog being used to staying outside will be forced to stay inside I see, problems coming up.
You know, people do the best they can. If the guardians of that dog weren't home, they are within their right to put their dog in a place away from potentially dangerous things inside their home (i.e. breakable objects, ingestable substances, etc.) Just because their method does not align with that of the thieves does not make the thieves method any better. These people were checked previously, the dog had food and water available, and went peacefully with the thieves since no evidence of blood or a fight was found. This doesn't sound like some socially damaged dog. It sounds like someone imposing their beliefs on someone else. I hope those folks get a clue and rescue animals who are already in trouble, like those in high kill shelters or out on the streets. If a dog has a home and looks to be cared for, leave him be. People may not agree with the lifestyle I live with my dogs, but I treat them the way I want to be treated.
Because we have intentionally bred dogs to be highly social companion animals, I personally believe it is our responsibility to always provide companionship for them. Isolation is the highest form of abuse for canine pets and very often causes severe emotional problems. People who leave dogs isolated should not own them. Having said that, I hope the persons who took this dog first looked seriously for other solutions. Stealing this dog is certainly not the best answer.
totally agree with the thieves!
Some people do have to put dogs outside while they are at work, people. They can't leave them inside alone for whatever reason. But they bring them inside as soon as they get home. It happens-these people deserve pets, they have to work for a living! That's why you have the proper agencies check it out to make a determination. And; this particular household had already been checked out. That's all I'm saying.
No one has the right to take someone else's property. Unless the ASPCA or the Humane Society comes to take the animals, nobody else has the right to come onto your property and take what is yours. Period. I don't believe in neglecting or abusing animals either, but it wasn't their call to make. They could have been shot, and then what? They were trespassing!
I'm not voting either way but I've always wondered WHY do people get dogs only to keep them tied or penned up in the back yard??? They say the dog actually likes to be in there but I find that VERY hard to believe. Maybe with a companion but NOT all by itself. Dogs require more than just shelter, food and water. They require companionship and LOVE, lots of LOVE!!
Think of it this way...if the dog wasn't left outside, always unattended, no one would've had the chance to take it.
IF the dog-nappers had observed that the dog was left outside, alone all the time, I would say yes ... But they don't know that. Observing the dog a few times over two years doesn't prove anything.
Yes, that is okay if the dog is being negelected. Too many times people that are not good owners have dogs that lay around in pens or are tied up their whole entire life. Why have a dog? I have seen horrible neglect in my time when doing animal rescue. It is just not fair to the animal, cat or dog.
I have my dog inside with me, but my landlord's dogs are all outside. We spend a lot of time with them, and they are happy, healthy and extremely content. Let one of these "rescuers" take these dogs away! I will hunt them down, and they'll be lucky if I ONLY press charges and have them put in jail. They have no right to decide which dogs are taken, especially since this dog was already determined not to have been neglected or abused. These people cause more trauma than they prevent. They need to back off. One of these days, they're going to go onto the wrong property and somebody's going to get shot. Then they're going to want to press charges, but they won't be able to because they were trespassing.
Theft is just that, and there are too many self rightous people in the world, you stole a member of the this persons family, to me that's kidnapping and your risking alot!
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