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Heiry Question: At home vs in clinic euthanasia

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | June 20, 2012 | Answers (9)

A growing number of veterinarians are offering at-home euthanasia for beloved dogs so they can be surrounded by their loved ones in their final moments. Although the service can cost anywhere between $200 and $500 more than bringing a dog in to a clinic, it provides loved ones with an option that they may wish consider.

Would you have your dog euthanized at home if you had the option? 


Bob was euthanized at homeIt made sense for Heather Van Pelt in Edmonton, Alberta. She said goodbye to her two-and-a half year old miniature schnauzer, Bob. Bob got lymphoma very young and towards the end of his life started to associate trips to the clinic with pain.

"He was so sick at the end,” van Pelt told the Edmonton Journal. “His trips to the vet weren't fun, and I didn’t want his last trip to be like that. And he was so close to Kuma [her 8 year old Husky mix]; I wanted her to be there because I'd heard second dogs always keep looking for their buddies if they don't know what's happened to them. I mean, who knows what goes on in their minds? I just wanted her to be there." 

So the vet came over, and administered the injection as Bob lay on the comfortably on the couch. "It was very, very quick and very peaceful," said van Pelt. He died peacefully at home with Pelt's family and Kuma by his side.

After Bob drew his last breath, Kuma picked up one of her favorite squeaky toys in her mouth, walked over to the couch and placed it next to her friend on the couch. 

Would you have your dog euthanized at home if you had the option?
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Answers To This Question

What other ways are there to go about having an old dog euthanized or where can it be done? My Lab/Akita mix is 16yrs old and his health is poor. Legs can't hold up his weight,breathing and eating issues. Afraid one morning he may not wake up. HELP
Yes...My Yellow Lab Benny had liver problems (from prednisone). He had to take so he could walk. I had a traveling vet who took care of him for two years. When the time came to peacefully put him to sleep, he was so happy that Dr. Maynard and Rebecca were here to see him that his final day was full of happiness and treats...love and miss you Benny:)
i am glad it is here.my boy got lots to give .and i love him very much.but i dont want to see him suffer .his lungs are bad. his hips hurt now when he gets up.but he still has so much love in him.and i want to be with him when he goes and i want it to be peaceful and with out pain .
I cannot think about this doing this at this time. I have lost too many loved pets and it hurts to much to think about it at this time.
Thurs June 21 '12 Of my 5 cats in 29 yrs, twice 3 @ the same time. l Have 2 now, a 16 yr old in fairly good health.!!! A 12 yr old with a recently Clean billl of health have !!! A 3rd one a WONDERFUL LADY, she taught me alot about PATIENCE!!! had diabetes, had a decline, I made the appt. I had 3 days between when the appt, was made & the appt. I got to say good bye. It was decided/suggested @ the appt to euthanize her, she had lost a few pounds. I was in the exam room, (I COULD NOT HAVE IMAGINED ANYTHING DIFFERENT) the vet, the receptionist & she quietly drifted away. Some people do not have the $$$ to have the vet come to the house. This was like 7 years ago, I never even thought that a Vet could would come to the house. i DREAD when one of my current babies time comes. Hopefully in their sleep... Vancouver BC Canada
I would not be able to do have our dog euthanized at home, I could not bear to see our precious german shepherd put to sleep at the vets office, much less having it done at home.... we had our dog, Trixie taken to a vet, put to sleep just two months ago, had her cremated, and I have her ashes, I still have pictures of her everywhere because by looking at her picture it makes me feel closer to her....But, having said that if you are able to stay with your pet or do it at home then thats okay....A lot of people have said once they seen their pet put to sleep they have a hard time dealing with it...those final moments...whereas, if they don't see it, then it is easier to heal faster over the loss...
Had our familys Great Dane peacefully fall asleep at home...he was no longer able to walk and it would have taken three of us to even attempt to get him in the car. His Vet offered to come to the house. At first I left the room but quickly returned to hold his paw.
I had my peibaby euthanized at home and I much prefer it that way. He wasn't stressed the way he would have been at the vets. All the association he had at the vets was check ups, vaccinations and teeth cleaning and he did not enter the office without putting up a fight. Being euthanized at home,his final moments were calm, peaceful and surrounded by those who loved him.
why is this even a question?
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