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Heiry Question: Lying to protect an aggressive dog

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | June 16, 2012 | Answers (18)

Beware of dogThat's what happened in Shorewood, Wisconsin on Thursday, June 14, 2012. A 31-year-old woman, who works as a professional dog walker, claimed she was mauled by a stray dog to explain lacerations and puncture wounds to her face. Staff at Aurora Advanced Healthcare then contacted Shorewood police. 

Milwaukee police were then contacted on Friday by authorities in Shorewood, who reported that the woman later admitted to being bitten by a dog she was walking and lied to protect the animal from being put down. This matter is currently being reviewed by the Milwaukee Health Department. 

If this was your dog or a dog you know, what would you do?

Would you lie to authorities to protect an aggressive dog?
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Answers To This Question

I totally agree with threenorns but I's be around that persons house and try and get the dog off of them and train it. I'd even pay to buy the dog off of them. Bloody people shouldn't have a dog if they can't be bothered. xoxox
I feel our society is too quick to condemn an "aggressive" dog and put it to death so things like this need to be handled very carefully. My one dog is a rescue and extremely protective of me, to the point if my husband and I play-fight, my heeler is in between us growling for him to back off. He bit once and it was NOT his fault as we were hosting a party and a buddy was running at me very fast and yelling and my dog thought I was in danger. I was lucky my friend understood and didn’t report the dog and I was able to grab him moments after he latched onto his ankle. It was a failure on MY part for having him in that situation and not his own. Now if it is a habitually aggressive dog that needs training and an owner in denial that is a different story and puts others and their dogs safety at risk.
as most people have said it would depend on the circumstances.my neighbors dog bit me ,but it was totally my own fault.i never made a huge deal out of it--I had to get stitches ,but, like i said it was my own fault.the dog was just being a dog and he misunderstood my intention.it all depends on the situation at the time.
I have to add that if my dog had bit me I would have to SERIOUSLY evaluate the causes of that situation and even afterwards, I don't think I could ever turn him in to a kill shelter. i would send him to the ASPCA, where I volunteer. They do not kill for space, but if he turned out to be too aggressive for professional help, they might put him down. I would NEVER have him TAKEN from me though. It would be by my own will.
If it was my dog and it was not aggressive towards me, but did have an aggression problem towards others, I would lie. I would also take the proper precautions to make sure that my dog did not get into any situations that would cause trouble also. If it were a friend's dog, depending on the circumstances and on my knowledge of the dog's behavior, it could go either way. For instance, if I knew the dog well and I knew that (s)he was not entirely out of control, but had some problems that could be contained, I would lie. If I did not know the dog well enough, I would try to stay out of it, but if I couldn't, I would lie. If I knew the dog well and I knew that (s)he has serious issue that could not be dealt with by my friend, the owner, than I would first talk to the owner and help her try to get professional training, preferably for at least 6 months. If the dog could not be helped even after all that, I would tell the owner exactly what I was going to do if I were to be approached about the situation - and that would be that the dog has a problem and cannot be helped. It should be put out of it's misery.
My dog is my friend. I would die before I betray him.
it would depend on what I know of canine behavior. If I knew I was viewed as a lower pack member by the dog and had not taken corrective steps to assume authority and had then done something that would cause the dominant dog to feel I was challenging or threatening it then, no, I would not report it to authority but I would be sure that the dog got immediate, outside professional training and evaluation.
You have to consider WHY dogs bite. Usually its fear, anxiety, panic and if suddenly scared. Occasionally we just never know why - only the dog knows! If one of my dogs bit I would be horrified but Im sorry I love my dogs and would look for every reasoning to justify the behaviour. If it bit me I wouldnt say anything.
I think that if a dog bites someone, they shouldn't automatically be put down, they should get rehabilitated, or trained, or something among those lines. Chances are, it's not totally the dog's fault. The owner is responsible for the animal, and should be charged if someone is seriously hurt, and be forced to take training courses for the dog.
All of you seem to really love and care and have some knowledge about dogs and their behavior. We need to help other people -somehow-see the signs. Like I said, I got a BAD bite and I couldn't even go to the doctor because Callum would have been put down immediately. It isn't fair to judge some dogs by one bite. You have to look at all the circumstances. And at the shelter they only get one chance.
It would depend on the situation, most dog bites can be avoided if we pay attention to what the dog is saying with his body or eyes. If it was my dog, definately, but I would do what I needed to correct his/her aggression
I have lied and I would do it again,but if I witnessed a dog hurt someone else,depending on how bad it was or if dog was provoked.depends really.
It really depends very much on the situational factors that could stress up the dog,it may not be his fault..
I have been seriously bitten by a foster dog we had at camp. He came to us from the shelter, and if I had reported this he would have been immediately put down. I think he was just overwhelmed and had separation anxiety. I was leaving the play area when he bit my knee. I couldn't bear to think of him being killed because he bit me.
Like the previous three comments it all depends on the situation. A normally calm non aggressive dog will not bite unless really provoked or startled. The way this issue was written up with-out any more details leads me to think that the person in question either did something wrong and was trying to cover up or new the dog was aggressive and did not want to loose a client.
Like others have suggested, it totally depends on the situation. I believe myself to be a good judge of character when it comes to dogs and usually can access a given incident fairly well. If I know the animal in question and can ascertain that it was just an incident that got out of hand and it isn’t something that is likely to happen again or on a regular basis... If it isn’t necessarily an aggressiveness issue but rather just a dog being a dog, the issue has pretty much resolved itself. I’m old and I’ve been around dogs for a lot of years, so this isn’t something I would necessarily recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a great deal of experience with dogs. In other words, “Please, don’t try this at home.”
First the use of the word aggressive is questionable, Aggressiveness is characterized by or tending toward unprovoked offensives... ...the full set of circumstances is not revealed in this article. I have 5 dogs and there has been an occasion or two where two of them have gone at each other for whatever reason, being a lonely treat sitting on the floor or just wanting to be the one closest to "mommy" at that moment. I have been nipped three times by one of them (yep enough to draw blood)...did my dog mean to bite me...no, I just got in the way of them being dogs...
it all depends on the circumstances. the dog i have now, if he were to bite or even snap at someone, that would be a totally freaky occurrence and i would really have to know wtf happened to make him do that - i wouldn't report it because it's an anomalous behaviour. i know another dog who has snapped but only when someone pulls or even touches her tail - that is an issue that the owner has been very diligent about addressing; i wouldn't report bec the owner is being proactive about correcting the problem and bringing the authorities in serves no purpose. i know another dog who has bitten several ppl, including children. talking to the owners is useless - the wife throws up her hands and says it's her husband's dog, the husband just shrugs and says "whaddaya want me to do? i wasn't there." he refuses to believe that his dog will go after anybody, esp fast-moving ppl like kids on skateboards and bikes - i'm just waiting the chance to report his sorry a$$.
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