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Heiry Question: Is dog nail art cute or crazy?

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | May 25, 2012 | Answers (12)

Introducing dog nail art, a new fashion style where dogs can get a pedicure (or "pawdicure" as the company that makes dog nail polish calls them) and then have fashionable nail polish applied. The polish is especially made for dogs. As you can see from the photos below, some designs are simple, while others are nail art.

Would you polish your dog's nails?

dog with dog nail art

Dog nail art

created on: 2012-05-25


Bulldog with green nails

Dog with rainbow nail polish


Would you polish your dog's nails?
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Answers To This Question

Yes, and I have before. My bulldog enjoys the attention and will whine if I paint my nails and not his. Yes, hes a boy. Yes, I've painted his nails pink before. He doesn't care, and you'd be stupid to.
I don't see the problem with it really. If your dog will let you do it and you use SAFE polish (like kids polish or those made specifically for dogs), why not? It can be calm bonding time with your pooch.
NO!!! It's stupid and ridiculous. Your dog is NOT a human, nor is he/she an extension of you. Your dog is a dog. When I see people paint their dog's nails, dye their fur, put bows in their hair, put clothing on them other than a warm jacket or sweater; I automatically think less of them. I know that they need a life. I'm with the other posters above, PUT THE MONEY TO GOOD USE, SEND IT TO A SHELTER!
I had a shihtzu that loved hers done she would prance around after we got them dry and wait for her bow in her top knot.
same thing, me - i wouldn't do it myself (i don't even do my own nails unless my 5yr old insists) but i don't care if others do it and sure as heck the dog doesn't care.
I personally dont agree with putting nail polish on dogs- but thats just my opinion
Mon June 4 '12 IS PUTTING POLISH ON YOUR DOGS CLAWS, from the good ole USA? Should a dogs claws get that long? Like a dog would sit still that long!! How SUPERFICIAL!!!! I like Avis Holt's May 26, 2012 contribution... How about spending those $$$$ on something useful like giving to animal shelters, etc. Vancouver BC Canada
Dear D, Of course I'm not sure why you made that point. But we are all different, dogs maybe JUST a dog to you...but aside from the obvious body they pocess they are saviors...family...and more to others including myself.
Bottom line, a dog is a dog. Let's keep it that way. We can adopt them, care for them, keep them in good health - but the reality is they are still dogs.
I've been personally polishing my dogs nails for years. We love the attention we get. She has a French Mani now. Very pretty!
I don't actually have too much of a problem with this. As long as the dog itself is fine, then go ahead. I wouldn't let their nails grow out that long though. People put clothes on dogs, why not polish? I wouldn't do it to my dogs though. I've got boys, and while I'm sure one of them would enjoy it, I don't have the money to do it :P
How about spending those $$$$ on something useful like giving to animal shelters, etc.
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