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Heiry Question: If your partner sold your dog without your knowledge

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | May 15, 2012 | Answers (76)

man, woman and dogThat's what happened to a 39-year-old woman in Athens, Georgia on May 5, 2012. She called police after her husband sold the family dog without her permission. The husband would not tell her who he sold the dog to or why, police said.

Officers did not press any charges because the couple's children told them that even though the man and woman argued, there was no violence and no yelling.

If this was your dog, what would you do?

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Answers To This Question

Have to leave him...This surely wouldn't be the first indication he was a selfish...etc...but it would be the last.
Minimally, we would separate, until he divulged where my dog was. If he didn't, the trust would be gone, and so would the marriage. I'm not kidding - what a betrayal!
I would get the information out of him and then solve the problem of him permanently
Justifiable Homicide
In the early 70's my husband gave away my Saint Bernard while I was out-of state due to family illness. I divorced him. Never was able to locate my dog. Now I am proud mom of 3 great dog buddies.
First my partner would never do this as my dog and I come as a package. But if for some reason they did, they would help me find him and get him back, then they go missing. If the authorities found the pieces well ... lets just say it would be a huge search.
The man would be totally GONE from my life!... hopefully through me remaining sane enough to merely end the relationship! AND, I would sue him for as much as I could get for the pain and suffering of him selling my dog and not telling me to whom -- if he told me to whom before we got to court and I was able to get the dog back, I would drop the suit, but only then. There had to be warning signs of this sort of thing. But, we never want to believe that someone would be that terrible. Well, he wouldn't get another chance to hurt me or anything I loved.
My story is worse than this. A few days after leaving the martial home with a pending divorce, my daughter told me that her father had taken the family dog and was going to put her to sleep. She was distraught as he left her a note telling about it and took my youngest son with him. I called every shelter to see if she was there and the circumstances if they were to arrive there, but never found them.
he would be kicked out and then would need to sleep with one eye open for the rest of his life or until i got my dog back
No brainer for me! Split! This isn't the first abusive act of this man....
Go after my partner civilly. Leave the partner. Post flyers, seek media attention and try to find my dog(s).
This breaks my heart. What a terrible example of a father to these kids. They will never forget the day their father sold their dog. Can you imagine a memory like that from your childhood? He really should be removed for child abuse. The whole situation is just sad. I just hope that the dog went to a better home. New father that realized that a dog is not just a pet, but really part of the family.
I clicked on this hoping to find an answer because my ex did this exact thing to my son & I. Shadow was micro chipped 2 weeks before my ex "gave him away." In order to be found he must be scanned for a micro chip. It's been just over a year. It still makes me cry whenever I see pics. I think of Shadow almost daily, check shelters & micro chip data base. I still believe one day he will be returned. Shadow is a sweet blue nose pit bull who has never shown anything but affection. We miss him & his smile.
They definitely would NOT be my partner anymore!
the 'husband' or 'boy friend' would suddenly have the status of becoming former. would kick him out. or .. I would leave. this would be the end of anything for me! no brainer.
MISSING: One useless piece of s**t. If found please shoot.
My ex did that to me and our children. I was at work and one day i come home and no dog. he had given it away so some stranger! to this day i often wonder what ever happen to the dog. we had only had him for a few weeks but to do what he did was inexcusable!
He would soon be my ex.... It falls under the same thing as selling my kids. He might end up being on a missing flier.
I'd never be w/someone who doesn't love animals 1st, & 2nd, MY furbabies specifically. I would def. end the relationship. My dogs would never screw me over. A human 120% would. I pick my dogs!
slightly dead husband on curb, Free! Dog back in bed warm and cuddly. just unimaginable that anyone would even consider doing something to a spouse pet!
First, I would try to find my little fur child and God knows if I dont, I'd probably tear his eyes out before I got the divorce... I can be judged by our heavenly father later.....right now, find your dog/child...
First, I would try to find my little fur child and God knows if I dont, I'd probably tear his eyes out before I got the divorce... I can be judged by our heavenly father later.....right now, find your dog/child...
get the dog back and divorce the wanker
First, get my dog back, even if I had to make my husband help do it at the end of my 9mm Glock (and that is not a joke). Then I would contact my attorney to draw up divorce papers and immediately get restraining order to get him out of the house and at a distance. I would have my accountant start cancelling joint credit cards and transferring funds from bank accounts. And while they did that I would be filing a police report agai nst him for theft. And have a locksmith and the security company changing the locks and codes so it couldn't happen again. Don't mess with my dogs.
Sell my partner and buy my dog back after I beat the info out of him. Probably have to offer him at a discount.
Anyone who knows me would not try this.
can we spell ambien and wood chipper spewing out over the lake?
I wouldn't be with someone who could even conceive of doing something like this in the first place!
My other Half loves our Woofie as much as I do so I can't imagine this happening in our home. If it did and a brain scan proved no tumour causing his callous behaviour. He'd be dead and I'd be serving life. You don't sell my Kids and you don't sell my dog. Simple.
If my husband ever thought he could get rid of our dogs, I'd sincerely hope he loved church and read the bible, because he'd for sure be meeting Jesus that day ! I honestly would go completely the hell crazy on him, and go straight to the courthouse for a divorce.
My husband would be my husband just as long as it took me to walk to the kitchen,find a knife and slit his throat,No one would take my baby away from me and live to talk about it. Luckily he cares about her almost as much as i do,so he is safe .... for now .
I don't understand... Someone said 'husband, free to good home'... Why would you care if it was a GOOD home?? ;) Seriously, I know someone who did one worse than this... They owned two pedigreed St. Bernards, a Male and a Female. Then they had kids. The Male dog kept jumping on the kids when they were toddlers, and knocking them over (just playing, not mean, but you can imagine the size difference). The wife asked the hubby to 'get rid of it', but he adored the dog. Anyway, without further discussion or warning, she took a perfectly healthy, 4yo dog to the vet and had him put down. I gotta tell you, I would have walked. He didn't (well, not at the time, I haven't had contact with them for about 20 years). And, I was utterly aghast at the vet for putting the dog down. I felt she should have discussed it further and, if it was really that big an issue, maybe they should have thought about rehoming him. I'm sure someone in the St. Bernard club would have taken him!
Slightly used husband: free to good home
He should do something less offensive....... Like have an affair or go out for milk and disappear.... If he wants to stay healthy. My divorce lawyer would love that case!!!!
Neutering with a .357 should do the trick to teach him a lesson.
a shovel and a bag of lime will fix the so called husband. It is a CRUEL and unforgivable act.
Bryan you made me laugh! My husband would be out the door and he knows it. We have joked before that if we ever got divorced he could have everything but the dogs but he knows better. Personally I think their marriage isn't a healthy one because there shouldn't be secrets and every big decision in our household is a mutual one.
If my husband sold my dog, I would have a husband for as long as it took me to get a divorce!! I rescue animals and he knew that when he said I do. He is free to go but best leave my animals ALONE!!! Every animal should have a chip today.
I love these answers...Mine better leave the country FAST. Also, my police reports would read as all of the above.
There are no words big enough to express my rage. I would be beyond reasoning with, so I can't say for certian what would happen to him, but I imagine the thousands and thousands of acres of surrounding corn fields would figure heavily into it.
My partner would come home to all of their possessions in the trash can. There is no reason for selling my pets behind my back. If you don't like my animals then you do not like me, we are a package deal.
if my partner sold my dog without my knowledge and/or consent she better keep watch her back i will be ready
We would be over. But, before this person was completely out of my life (they would have to be otherwise I would end up going to prison for murder, torture, and some things not even covered under the law), I would force them to tell me who they sold my best friend to and where they are located. From there (after I brutally assault my ex-partner and take every penny that he has), I would go and get back my buddy. I would pay double or triple or whatever it might take to get him back - so long as the money is available.
The police report would read multiple gunshot wounds, cigarette burns and obvious signs of torture.
This is unforgivable. I would divorce the SOB immediately. If you love someone, her feelings are paramount and her friends are your friends. If you don't feel that way, then get out of the relationship but don't ever do anything as nasty as giving away her pet.
I would be furious and threaten him with bodily injury and divorce unless he got my dog back. Then once she was with me again, I'd dump his ass
1) Get rid of the partner! 2) Put ad in local newspaper offering TWICE the amt paid for the dog to get it back 3) Neuter the ex-partner
I don't see that happening, but if it did, it would be the end!! That is just unforgivable!
That would be the end of us, for me.
he would never do that but anyone who knows me well enough to be called a partner would probably enjoy living so that would not be an option!
dogzRus has a good one. Prior to getting into a relationship, I would stress that you have to love dogs as much as I do or better. If the better does outweigh then we proceed. if you have a problem with my dogs, then let me know instead of having to figure it out later. Then the consequences for the hubby would have been a but kicking from hell and divorce papers.
I would totally be threw with the husband, my boyfriend and I say exactly what Rachelle said: NO ONE, I mean NO ONE takes my dog from me! We both say this and fight vehemently for this! And we got plenty of friend and police back up to enforce it, people have tried and cops and humane animal authorities laughed at the thought of one trying to take our dogs! Divorce and taking him for all he has and demanding the dog back sounds like great advice to me! and yes this is one example of why you should get your dog chipped and all paperwork on dog in your name!
Well, first of all, I am happy to say that my husband loves our dogs as much as I do. But, I will admit that he has mentioned more than once that when he dies he wants to come back as one of my dogs. That said, I think the guy in this article is a relic from the days when women were thought of as property rather than a spouse with equal rights. I have NO tolerance for this type of pig (I apologize to all 4 legged pigs as I know they are actually smarter than this guy). I would never have been attracted to this neanderthal in the first place. I hope this women tells him where he will now be living and it ain't at the same address. She also needs to tell him he will soon be receiving papers to sign from her lawyers office and the bill from the detective she hired to find her dog!
Everyone has already said it all......i'd never gotten myself involved with a man who has tendencies that run along those lines in the first place. Pet's are more important than any man.
My husband will tell you if it came down to him or the dog, he knows where his suitcase is! Let's just say, if he sold the dog, you would have to look really hard to find the body!!
my husband is an asshole, but not that much of an asshole. good thing for him, eh? i've already left him, so i would divorce him and leave him without health insurance, then i would move far away and leave him without any transportation or a way to buy groceries. he would have no one to buy his groceries or take him to the doctor. right now i ignore 50% of his phone calls, i would ignore 100% of his calls. yep, his life would be a living hell.
my hubby loves our dogs like I do so would never happen but my advice to the person that it did happen to,get a great lawyer, move mountains to find your dog and take the husband for everything he has
Justifiable homicide would be in order!
Slow and painful death for the husband, no one would ever find the body.
I would divorce the man immediately and then I would demand the dog be returned in the divorce decree! Then I would move on to my next life. No excuse for the husbands behavior, especailly knowing what the dog obviously means to his ex-wife! HeHe
I would sell the most precious thing my partner owned, and use the money to put an ad in news paper with his photo, and tell what he did.
Murder. No one takes away my dogs. NO ONE.
Divorce is all i can say, my ex did not sell my dog, but he caused the death of one dog, my Captain Jack. He sold my brothers Blue and Gold McCaw, Bogart, which i was taking care of, while i was out of the country. He allowed our pit bull Abby to be left with our other dogs, and she was killed by them.............. needless to say we are divorced now, and i still feel great animosity towards my ex for all the pain he has caused me and my babies, 2 parrots, 4 cats, 2 dogs.........
I would no doubt resort to violence...torture, maybe a choke collar on his____in the middle of the night. I should not go on, could get ugly.
Anyone who sells one of my animals is done as far as I'm concerned whether husband, friend or whatever. That would be like selling one of my kids! And, yes, each one of my animals is chipped! Yet another reason to get your furbaby chipped!
My dogs are chipped. I WILL find them. Anyone who gets in my way will be dealt with, without mercy, without care.
divorce. no questions, no reprieves.
well, i'm not married, but if i was, i would very soon become a widow. no one messes with my dogs!
My husband would NEVER do such a thing - he loves our dogs as much as I do. He once had that done to him by his ex-wife; it really does leave a scar and he never forgave her.
Martina Mcbride, Independence Day Lyrics, would pretty much sum it up. :x
Divorce. That's an absolute dealbreaker.
Neuter my husband.
Since my husband loves our dog, possibly even more than I do, if this happened to us, we would be over. I could never, ever forgive such an act from someone who supposedly loves me, and our dog. I can envision myself angry and heartbroken forever, if this happened to me. And since my dog is MINE, (my name on the register papers, the receipt from the breeder, the owner of record at the vet etc.) I would sue the pants off my soon-to-be-ex-husband!
Sell the husband!!
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