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Heiry Question: During an emergency who would you rescue first, your partner or your dog?

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | August 09, 2013 | Answers (18)

A man rescued his dog before his wife when their yacht hit a reef and nearly capsized in the ocean.

Rosie was rescued from a sinking shipSouth African couple, Graham and Sheryl Anley were on a three-month sailing trip to Madagascar when they became caught in a storm. They were hit by rough waters in a dangerous stretch of ocean on the Transkei coast and battled waves of up to 23 feet (7 meters) when their yacht was swept onto a reef.

Graham- who volunteers for sea rescue - immediately sent a distress call and activated the EPIRB (Global Positioning Distress beacon) but the family was forced to abandon ship when the boat took on water.

All three were wearing life-jackets and Jack Russell Terrier, Rosie, was wearing a specially-made dog life jacket equipped with an emergency strobe light.

Graham first grabbed 9-year-old Rosie and swam to shore before returning for Sheryl, whose safety line had snagged on the steering gear.

Once all were safely on land, Graham called the National Sea Rescue Institute North London for the help with his mobile phone and they were airlifted to safety.

The Anleys are planning to revisit the reef to see what they can salvage of their 36-foot yacht.






In an emergency event would you rescue your dog first or your partner?
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Answers To This Question

It really does depend, in most situations your partner will be able to either "swim" or "climb".... But your dog will most likely be the one that will need your help! But say if I was asked to choose wether my bf or my baby doggie dies.... I would just give up and surrender myself.... The question is too hard lol... I love them both unconditionally and could never choose between them, sorry!
Husband is a strong swimmer, and it would depend who was in most trouble at the time, I want to say rescue my dog first but it all depends on the situation I suppose.
It would depend who was in the most danger. If the dog wasnt wearing a life jacket then definatly the dog first but if it was my partner who wasnt wearing it then them first. Would be worried that dog would try to swim the wrong way though.
My dogs always come first :)
My dogs always come first in life.My husband doesn't understand that but they are always there for me.
Lock your spouse and your dog in the boot of your car, and when you open it, see who is the most pleased to see you. Hahaha. I'd save the dog first, hubby has done lifesaving at the swimming baths.
Sorry Dh, but the dog has to come first, I believe he can save himself easy enough, but the dog or cat would be scared and may try to hide.
dog first , I know it sounds strange but my husband got along fine before he met me , but the dog has depended on me from the start, just like a child!
I'll do that again! Jamie, you'e absolutely LOVELY! Your post made me so happy - walked round smiling after i read it! I love that you're loving without getting over-sentimental plus you and your husband agrees with your logic.
Our dogs are our children. I can hold on while he gets our babies to safety.. Our puppies don't understand.. hold on to the rope., don't panic... I will be back for you. I on the other hand can manage for a bit longer on my own. I would be mad as hell if my fur babies died because of me or got lost, or suffered.. Truthfully.. my babies first and my husband would say the same thing.
My husband asked me that once, he's my ex husband now, just sayin'. Oh, and I still have the dog.
It would depend on what was going at the time. My husband would always come first but if he was ok I would get our dog.
I'm with Samantha on that one, my husband and we would find him.
If both were in a bad situation I'd rescue my partner, then he would help me rescue our dog. <3
The dog - who is the one most likely to get lost in the proceedings and who will follow instinct rather than directions or training. I would regard the dog in the same way as a child so prioritise similarly.
If both were conscious I would rescue the dog first as it may not be able to understand what needs done.
It all depends on who's in the most trouble at the time
by and large, i'd save my dog first - he can't call for help, he can't understand what is happening, he's the likelier to panic, and he's just not that good a swimmer bec he HATES water. however, if my partner were injured and/or unconscious, he'd be first. it depends who's more in need.
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