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Heiry Question: Groomer caught on video allegedly abusing dogs

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | June 13, 2013 | Answers (29)

A groomer allegedly abusing a dogA groomer allegedly abusing a dog

A dog daycare and grooming salon in Canada is under investigation after a former employee video taped a groomer allegedly abusing dogs.

The video was filmed by Trina Riel, a former employee of Fur Kids, according to Global News. She filmed three videos with her cell phone of the alleged incidents. One video appears to show a groomer repeatedly hitting a dog with a brush, another shows the groomer trying to chase a dog out of a crate using a vacuum cleaner.

Trina had been working as an apprentice to the groomer at the establishment since December, but said she quit earlier this week when she could no longer tolerate the way she said she saw animals being mistreated. "It’s absolutely disgusting," Trina told GlobalTV news reporters. "These are people’s kids, for some of them."

She went to authorities with her video footage and the Calgary Humane Society has opened an investigation.

Fur Kids told Global News that the groomer being investigated is not currently at work and that they will follow whatever guidance the Humane Society recommends.

Watch a video of the news broadcast below.

Here is extended footage of Trina Riel's videos. Warning: video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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Answers To This Question

There was absolutely no reason for that "woman" to treat the dog that way. I don't care what the dog did. She's lucky the dog didn't fight back. I totally get that some dogs can be frustrating. I have 3 of my own and 3 fosters at the moment (also many cats). I have had several fosters with issues that needed some work. I am by no means perfect. I sometimes yell at my dogs and don't say the kindest things, but I would never resort to hitting an animal with my hands or any object. Seems that the groomer is the real animal here.
If it's my dog you slapped i'm gonna do the same to you 1 million times!!! You don't like your job so you better quit! You're lucky because those dogs are so kind and harmless! They should've bitten your face for what you did! Grrrrr!!!
The groomer was canned!!! YAY!!
Just so you all know!! Check out this video! http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?playlistId=1.1327170
I ran into a lady couple days ago walking her beautiful german shepard. So beautiful and timid and getting up in age. She showed a huge patch on her dogs back where a groomer had cut way too close a couple years back. She said the hair never really grew back. It looked like a big square patch of fuzz on his back. Poor thing. She never took him back. Neither would I.
geez, I almost got a heart attack! and I only saw 25 seconds of this! I'm just in tears!!! how can anyone do this, the poor pup, the first one he didn't do anything, not a thing to make her react as stupidly as she did! hope the sue her, and then give her a good wippin'!!! agggg can't make my heart stop running as fast as it is. Can't watch anymore hope she gets what she deserves.
There is a petition to close down fur kids.....Please sign!!!! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/116/182/139/close-down-fur-kids-groomers-in-calgary-for-animal-abuse/?cid=FB_TAF
I just watched the video... how in Heavens name can they say that they didn't know if it was "doctored"? It's quite obvious what that woman is doing to the dog! I hope she gets fired AND is charged with animal abuse!! The nerve!!
Errrrr Some nerve, the stupid evil bitch Totally agree with Lisa Radwill. She should be charged with abuse and banned from working, not only with animals, but children and the elderly. Heartless!!!
If I saw this nasty woman doing this to my dogs, there would be a nasty, I mean NASTY, cat fight. I would win of course.
I cant even write what I'm thinking as its probably unprintable. I am absolutely disgusted horrible bitch. Speaking as a groomer I would never even think of treating a dog like that under any circumstances. Being a dog groomer isn't just a job its a vocation & you have no business doing it unless you truly love dogs as a lot of the time they aren't happy to be getting groomed/bathed/clipped so you try to make it as pleasant an experience as possible so they don't hate coming back. It doesn't matter to me how long it takes as long as the dog is comfortable & happy. I would be heartbroken to think of 1 of my dogs being treated like that by somebody I had entrusted them to to provide a service like grooming or at the vets & after being upset I would probably hunt them down & kick the shit out of them. I have two kids but my dogs are also like my children & are treated as so
Grooming IS regulated in Iowa. I can't believe it isn't regulated in all states and provinces. Boarding is also regulated in Iowa as it should be in all states and provinces. Trina should have shown this video to the grooming shop owner instead of immediately going to the authorities. The owner should have been given the opportunity to fire the groomer based on the evidence presented without this going public and ruining her shop's image based on one bad groomer. I feel that Trina was likely an undercover operative, planted by some humane organization against pet ownership and grooming like PETA, just waiting for an opportunity to catch someone abusing a dog so they can stir up trouble and pass more laws against pet breeding and ownership. This undercover activity is all too common and they go directly to humane organizations who make trouble instead of giving the owner of the business a fair opportunity to deal with the problem. If the owner of this business was unresponsive to prior reports of abuse, then Trina was right to go to a humane organization and she likely was not an undercover plant. There is not enough information in this article to make that determination. I'm in no way excusing the groomer for her behavior. I'm just saying that I don't think it's right to ruin the shop's reputation if the owner was unaware of the abuse.
Well said Darrin Henry. I agree.
I think the answer to this kind of animal abuse lies in another question. In this day and age, what parent of a human child, would let that child go into a back room with a stranger, to get a haircut with the door closed? If you agree and wouldn't do this, why would you do this to the canine member of your family that can't speak for themselves? I choose a groomer that has an open view policy, and let my dollars and cents speak for themselves. If everyone chose an open view groomer, this type of animal abuse would no longer have a place to hide.
What a BITCH! Such a badass, hurting an animal with a lead on it! I hope she gets canned, and I would be looking for her my self, if it were my dog
All businesses that handle animals should be regulated. They should be made to have CCTV cameras in all rooms, and if they say that the camera broke down or the video ended and was not replaced immediately, then they should receive heavy penalties, It's too easy to switch the videos off while abusing animals.
@ Darlena, You should have reported the vet and the groomers at the time. It is not too late to expose them now. The groomer that killed two dogs should not be allowed to own animals or go anywhere near other peoples dogs. He is obviously an abuser and could be abusing animals right now off the vet's premises. By keeping quiet you have given him a free run to carry on abusing. Please go to the police and tell them and if they do nothing about it, go to the newspapers. The other groomer is not licenced to breed animals on the premises, and as he doesn't socialize them or walk them, he is breaking the law too.
This happens in the USA as well. I left my dog at a recommended groomers and when I picked her up her face was cut so close to her skin that she had multiple cuts and abrasions. She was in serious pain and had to be taken to the Vet and put on oral and topical antibiotics. I don't like the fact that even places like PetSmart do most of the grooming in a back room without windows to observe.
If I ever, ever saw one of my dogs being mistreated and abused this way? Not only would I stand outside after hours with a baseball bat waiting for this woman, but I'd sue the groomer immediately if she wasn't fired and charges brought against her.
that bitch better be glad none of those were my dog. I would hunt her down and beat that s**t out of her. I hope the owners sue the shop and then they will check out who they hire better
I am starting to think that I will stay at the groomer's while my 12 year old dog is getting groomed. He is scared and tends to lay down while someone is brushing him or cutting his nails. It is frustrating for me when I try to do it, I am sure it frustrates others as well. It scares me to think that someone would get so frustrated and angry with him that they would do something like this. Why in the hell would someone want to be a groomer if they hated animals so much that they felt the need to abuse the poor defenseless creatures?? Karma is a bitch lady.....and apparently so are you.
She has no business grooming dogs if she hates them so much! Send her to the zoo and groom lions and polar bears and gorillas. Let's see how she will treat them!
I agree with the other comments I've seen...who could not approve that something needs to be done about this, it is sadistic!! As if beating the poor frightened dog is going to help anything!!!! Makes me think the owners better be present in the room. It is very sad when you can't trust someone to act properly!!!
I worked in a vets office that had 2 groomers downstairs, and I personally know that one of his groomers has killed two dogs, the vet paid the owners off, what is worse the other groomer breeds dogs and they are keep in the basement also, 2 in a closet in a crate and the other 2 were kept in a tiny wire crate in the floor, these dogs were never let outside and were unsocialized. When I said something about it and had concerns, I was let go. If your animal starts acting funny after it has been taken to the groomer, Start looking for another groomer.
What a putrid pathetic excuse for a human being! She would be sorry If I or anyone I know saw that happening!
I'd string the evil cow up by her toes and kick the s**t out of her then I'd collect piles of human poop and rub it over her vile face then make her eat it!!!!!
if I see someone doing this, esp at a grooming salon where dog owners would leave their dogs thinking they are safe and far from harm, i would personally confront the person doing it. If I have the video, I will also turn it over to the proper authorities. Someone who did this should be fined and if appropriate and proven guilty, should be punish to the full extent of the law. The owners of business like this one should be aware of the wrong doings of their employees. The dogs cannot speak up, and someone has to protect them or at least, speak up for them.
If I was a witness to this activity, I would beat this bitch senseless.
Nasty, nasty woman! Let me whack her with a brush! If I saw this and that was my dog I would be suing! Awful woman should not be allowed to own a business where she is able to inflict such pain and fear on animals!
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