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Heiry Question: Dog thief demands a ransom after dognapping

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | September 01, 2012 | Answers (27)

dog with gun to head

What would you do if your dog was stolen and a ransom was demanded? Would you work with police to catch the thief or would you pay the dognapper off immediately?

Emily Connors decided not to wait for police. After a thief stole her beloved dog Plato, she received text messages demanding money accompanied by threats. She even received a photo of a gun being held to Plato's head. 

Emily told WXIA-TV Atlanta she was willing to risk her life for Plato, her 7-year old Maltese. She ended up negotiating with the dognapper and met the man who stole her dog, paying him a $1,000 ransom to get Plato back. "I think anybody that has a pet would understand it," Connors said.

Watch the video below:


If your dog was stolen and held for ransom, what would you do?
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Vote Work with police to deal with the thief
Vote Not wait to work with the police and negotiate and pay the thief myself
Vote Other (please explain)
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Answers To This Question

I might work with the police or pay the ransom myself but after I got the dog back I would track the guy down and eliminate the threat
I would give the nappers anything they wanted, after I had my dog back, I would find them.
I would agree to pay the kidnappers, set it up with the police to have them deliver the money with the understanding that the dog and money would be traded at the same time, then let the police arrest the kidnapper and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.
If someone stole mine, there would be heck to pay. First thing I would do is put a microGPS on the ransom money, then pay it. Then I'd go after the gps signal. There are people I know that would be happy to make them disappear.
I would definitely pay immediately, I would find a way to get the money. No way would I be able to function AT ALL knowing my little angel pup was being held ransom somewhere by some cruel person and not knowing if he is being treated well or not.
if someone stole my dogs, death wouldnt be the end of the line for them i would find and torture them to the point they ask for death. than maybe let them go to the police.
I would immediately contact the police, but I would also agree to "pay" the ransom and set up an undercover cop to arrest him before i even give him the ransom money. that way i don't lose the money or my dog. that is....if i didn't have enough money to pay. if i did, i would just straight up pay it.
I would work with the police, because they could easily have set up some plainclothes cops to nab the guy but I understand that she was in so much fear of her dog being hurt that she was paralyzed by it. I think the first reaction most people have is to meet the guy and blow his brains out, but it;s not as easy to shoot someone as you would think. Anyway I am just glad the dog is ok
First of all, I would agree to pay the ransom, in PERSON to the kidnapper ,ONLY if he had my dog WITH him. THEN, an immediate switch of the dog for the money-which the kidnapper would never get a chance to spend. This is only a scenario, mind you, because God help anyone who would even be stupid enough to TRY to kidnap my dogs.
Simply Karma, for any one who would hurt my "babies"....
Yes, I would be like most of the people who answered this question. I'd arrange to pay the ransom, in person to the kidnapper, after which he would meet his end.
first off, good luck to anyone trying to make off with my dog. they'd need some damn good tranq darts cause he will not take food from others unless i tell him it's okay (very useful trick to teach your pup, btw). secondly, i'd get the money all together and arrange to meet them and then i'd blow their frikkin head off.
Agree to pay ransom then break every bone in the idiots body upon meeting.
Work with the police because they would keep stealing the pets for ransum money.
I would handle it myself, but contact the police privately with any information I had. I would spend any amount, and risk my life for my dog, end of story.
I absolutely would do the same exact thing this woman did to save her dog. My dog Kassydi is as I like to say my first born daughter and I would give my last dime for her just as I would for my human daughter. However I probably would shoot the kidnapper in the leg or foot so it would be non lethal, that way he would always have a constant reminder of what a worthless piece of garbage he is for kidnapping a poor helpless dog. Hopefully then he would then think twice about kidnapping another person's dog.
I would work with the police but I don't pay ransom for anyone or anything. It's a fool's gamble.
I would do anything to get my dogs back, luckily cattle dogs are not stolen often as they tend to bite people who are burgulars. Once I got my dog back, then revenge would be sweet....what a scumbag, I hope they get him.. The poor lady did the right thing.
I would work with the police and set the robber up, acting like I would pay them. I'd probably end up in jail myself though because the least I would do to them (if my dog wasn't harmed) is shoot them in the knee caps. If they hurt my dog, I would rip them apart, limb by limb
It scares me to think of anyone kidnapping my little dog. I know for a fact, I would not hesitate to shoot to kill, anyone threatening harm to any member of my family.
i agree with Suzzie!!!'
No police I'd deal with it myself .. The thief would be leaving in pieces.
Hi Patty, You sound like a fab furmom. Don't worry, your babes needs will be met. I don't have a nickle in the bank myself right now but somehow we all have food this week. Hang in there. S.
I would get the cash and try to have police there is catch him when the exchange was done. But if police took to long would go and do it myself. Right now I would be in tears because I would have no $ to do this. When I was single I paid $1900. to have the disk fixed in a 15 year old dog, my baby Kona. Now I struggle with vet bills and feed. One has allergies to dig food so they are all on expensive food. But would try to do anything to get them back.
Exactly Laura! She really should give all the evidence over and find him. and at that point i'd buy a gun.
I would probably deal with the thief myself, but I would not have cash for him. Anyone who intentionally harms my dog is going to have harm come to them! Also, is she working with the police now to try and catch the guy? If not, then he is going to come back because she is a sucker in his eyes.
This is one of my nightmares. I would do anything it took. Most likely contact the police privately and negotiate with the thief. that is if i had any money that month. I would risk MY life but not both of ours. If the situation got bad we'd both die. Then i'd press charges to the full extend of the law and hope Karma would intervene.
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