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Man's dying wish to find loving home for his dog still unanswered

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | May 04, 2013 | Comments (22)

Jake is looking for a forever home

When Jake's owner passed away last October from cancer, his dying wish was to find a forever home for his best friend. Jake is a 7-year-old Labrador Springer Spaniel mix and was rescued by Bob and Pat Neill when he was just 2 years old. Sadly, Bob passed away before he could see Jake with a new family. Since then, Jake has been living in a kennel half a year now and he deserves a loving home and family.

Sandra, Bob's power of attorney, and Cindy Bright, who runs a dog sitting service, took responsibility for Jake after Bob died. A month later, Jake had not yet been adopted as the Sandra had restricted potential adopters to the Myrtle Beach area. Cindy says Sandra was going to euthanize Jake, but she refused to let that happen and took legal guardianship of Jake. Having five dogs of her own already, Cindy could not adopt Jake and take him home herself. 

Jake is looking for a forever home

Instead, Cindy has been kenneling Jake at her own expense and giving him much needed socialization and training. She says she can no longer afford the $450 a month to kennel him and the rescues and no-kill shelters in South Carolina and North Carolina are full and cannot take him.

Jake may have been abused prior to his rescue and he did not receive a lot of socialization with his previous owner. He was said to have been aggressive around other dogs. But Cindy says that Jake just needed to be given a chance and has not shown any signs of shyness or aggression with her.

Jake is looking for a forever home

Cindy told us the following:

Jake has come a long way since November, when I became his legal guardian. He has lost 25 pounds, is now 7 years old (DOB March 1), and is a very social boy! Jake has a lot of energy to run and people at the dog parks think he is about 2 years old. Jake loves all adults, is great with children, and plays well with dogs at the parks. He does not like cats. Jake goes up to people for attention and his tail is constantly wagging! Jake and I go to the dog parks, the beach, Broadway at the Beach, and Market Common on our walks several times each week. People say he is very handsome and friendly.

We make, what I have thought, are good contacts for his adoption, but no one has followed through. Jake would make a great addition or completion to someone's home and family. I cannot keep Jake myself because I have 5 dogs and due to the number, size, and personalities, this would not work, unfortunately. I want Jake to be loved and cared for as he so deserves.

PLEASE help in any way you can to find Jake a real home. If you can adopt, foster, Facebook, e-mail, word-of-mouth - anything will be appreciated. I will be happy to bring Jake to meet anyone and can transport him to a new home.

Initially, the Power-of-Attorney wanted to keep Jake in the Myrtle Beach area. I do not have this restriction.

Note: Cindy says that although she would love him to be adopted close to her in Myrtle Beach so she could visit, what is most important is that Jake get a loving home and family.

If you are interested in possibly fostering or adopting Jake please contact Cindy in Myrtle Beach, SC at 843-457-0893 or email cjbsam4@sc.rr.com.

Update May 6, 2013:

We just spoke with Cindy today and she has been flooded with calls and emails. She says that she is overwhelmed and grateful for everyone's support and interest. She is slowly working her way though the inquiries, starting first with potential families closest to her location and she will be interviewing some families this week. If you have tried to contact Cindy, please be patient - she says she is working as quickly as she can to return your phone calls and emails.

Update May 14, 2013:

Cindy and Jake have met with several prospective adopters over the past few days, but so far no one has followed through or been suitable.

In the meantime, Cindy has taken Jake home with her yesterday, to see how he would do with her 5 dogs, as she can no longer afford to keep him at the boarding kennel. She said that 6 dogs would be a lot to handle and feels a bit apprehensive about it. "They did okay, but it was not at mealtime. Gracie [one of her dogs] is very food aggressive. I would have to keep Jake in a crate when I am gone and possibly when sleeping to keep him safe."

Cindy said she has a few more poteintial adopters to meet with, but is asking everyone to please continue sharing Jake's story in the hopes to find him a home. Ideally she would like to find him a family in NC, SC or GA as she would like to transport Jake herself.

If you are interested in possibly fostering or adopting Jake please contact Cindy in Myrtle Beach, SC at 843-457-0893 or email cjbsam4@sc.rr.com.



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Comments on this Article

I don't blame Cindy for being super careful and selective. With dogs being cruelly adopted just to be used as "bait" for dog fighting rings and "training" one has to be extremely careful where dogs up for adoption go! Sometimes dogs are dog-napped for this horrendous purpose - that's why my fur baby stays INSIDE! Fenced in back yards are no longer safe (if there is a way in) because much loved pets have been known to have been stolen from there and a loving, kind home to a torturous painful existence they don't understand. I have a cat myself that is very much loved and a part of the family; he and our Freckles get along great - so sadly we can't help, but surely there is someone with a big kind heart who will come along that this little dogs angel Cindy will find appropriate. Thank you for being super choosey, Cindy, and I'm sure the little dog thanks you to!
If there is actually that MUCH interest, and floods of e-mails ... are they seriously WANTING him to find a home?
Seems a little obnoxious. If there are THAT many inquiries pick a place for Jack to go. I get the part about some people not being a match, but really? If this was the owner's last wish then make it happen OR step up and shift your dynamic and take him. Seems like there is something else going on but that's my opinion.
May 28th! I've been following Jake's journey. How is he doing.now and what is the progress on this deserving doggie
I sure wish this baby liked cats. I have one spoiled rotten cat. If he did he would have found the purfect forever home ! I have a 21 year old min pin ( rescued by me off of a highway 20 years ago), a 21 year old cat (thrown from a car at my farm and hurt), a 5 year old Beagle saved from abuse , and a 5 year old Beagle / Lab saved from death row. They all get along wonderfully and if this baby liked cats he would have had a great place with a large fenced in yard and allot of love. I am pretty sure it would be my cat that hurt him though if he tried to harm him :-)
i will be praying that jake finds a forever home and someone who will cheerish and love him
Just posted to my facebook. Hope poor Jake gets a real home soon.
Did Paw's Place in NC help find any options for this doggy yet?
I agree with Thomas Crawford. The woman needs to let go. The requirement of keeping him in Myrtle Beach has passed away. Time to let go and let him have his forever home. If i can figure a way, i will drive cross country and bring him here. Beaches and dog parks and room to romp here.
It sounds like Jake is already has a home. She wont let go, but would rather have him kenneled to make herself feel better. But then claims a hardship of expense and then again will not let him go. She needs help and the ASPCA can help her find a good home. http://www.aspca.org/adoption/
John, please contact Cindy directly at the email address provided for the most current update.
PS. today is May 16th, 2013... Thursday... What's His Status Please?
...I'd like to take him... I have cats... I've had dogs, in the past, and that I have fostered, that were "bad with cats" that came around to ignoring them after a few days... but also, I live Upstate, NY... although, digging around, googling, calling other shelters, emailing... should be able to produce a transporter of some sort... anyway, there are ways to make things happen... still... it's best to actually meet the dog... I hope he's got a home by now... least I can do is share him... Jake appears to be an Awesome dog...
Myrtle Beach is not far from Brunswick County, NC. There is a great place where Jake would be happy until he finds a forever home. Paws Place in Winnabow, NC (about 40 minutes from Myrtle Beach) is a wonderful rescue. This is a no-kill forever rescue where they socialize the doggies, keep them safe, fed, vetted, and happy until they can find a forever home. They take them to many "meet and greet" events and they are very successful in finding loving families for many of the dogs who live at Paws Place. If a dog never finds his special family, then he/she can stay at Paws Place forever.
Hope Jake finds his forever home soon. Keep us posted <3 Jake!
story was posted prior - the update was just added today.
I'm confused, the update was May 6, 2012, but this story was posted this week. Can anyone classify? Did Jake find a home?
I will adopt this angel, send him to Costa Rica where I live and he will have a very happy home!
I wish that I knew someone, we already have a full house! 3 dogs and 5 indoor cats and one outside!! I am praying that Jake gets adopted.
Poor Jake, i hope someone will find it in his heart to give him a forever home!
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