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Animal abuse registry bill in Florida would come into effect in October 2012

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | January 07, 2012 | Comments (8)

Dexter's Law

Callie inspired Dexter's Law


created at: 2012-01-07A bill introduced by Florida Senator Mike Fasano proposed to have all persons convicted of an animal abuse offense register with the state animal abuse registry, which would be available for public inquiry on the Internet. This bill would come into effect October 1, 2012. On a related note, Senator Fasano also introduced the Domestic Violence Against Family Pets bill on the same day.

The bill would ensure that a person convicted of an animal abuse offense would be registered with the animal abuse registry, and that each person would have to update his or her registration information annually. This would mean that each time he or she moves from one residential address to another, the registry would have a record. Each person would also have to pay a fee annually, which would be used to pay for the administrtive costs of maintaining the registry. Anyone who fails to pay the annual administrative fee, fails to register or fails to update critical information would then face a new charge and face new penalties.

Inspired by his rescue dog "Callie" and an abused kitten named "Dexter", Senator Fasano has proposed that the act be cited as "Dexter's Law". Dexter, along with his brother Drake, was brutally beaten in a Brooksville park last year. Dexter appeared to beat the odds and recover while in the care or PetLuv Clinic and his adopter Tiffany Sroka, but debilitating seizures returned after he appeared to have recovered. Ultimately, Dexter had to be euthanized by those who loved and cared for him. The court case against accused killer Wilana Frazier continues on through a series of court hearings.


Read Senator Fasano's SB 618: Animal Abuse Registry bill here: http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2012/0618/BillText/Filed/HTML


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Comments on this Article

@ Pat I understand how you feel and what you mean.I also feel that this should be WORLD WIDE in every state,& country.This way the STATE & Country where the abuser resides at,can keep a closer look on the situation.Therefore,paying an annual fee.How else would they maintain it.Also the Animal Abuser site doesnt do that.So neighbors are aware there are animal abusers listed in the area and can be published via Internet,Newspaper,radio.They have it here .Our radio station lets us know who goes to jail and for what within the county.MY POINT? THE BEST IDEA YET!!!
Wonderful idea. Hope it can be implemented ASAP.
I 129312893712% agree. I've seen and researched on this site before and I think it's a great idea, although it makes me want to drive to people's houses and hurt them. :) I'm also super happy that law makers are starting to take animal abuse seriously. Hopefully this will lead to harsher laws in the future. I can't take many more clearly violent people getting off with a slap on the wrist.
But...this one is already active - does not need to be started from scratch - is not limited to info within one community...(how many people stay in their own community? what is the guarantee that the person will not move out of state - and that they will continue to register after each move? ) I understand that the Florida program also included putting a stamp on the person's driver's license that identifies the person as an animal abuser. GREAT!! That is fantastic. I'd run with that but use the database that is already in place. Use the leftover money for Education to STOP animal abuse - or toward local NO KILL RESCUES. Or give some of the funds to the Pet-Abuse.com so that they can improve the database that is already working - to make it work BETTER.
Amanda - no ...this is volunteer driven - therefore will not be on the cutting block the first time something needs to get dropped from the budget!
Pat, is the registry mandated by the government(s)?
I think this is a wonderful thing, and I think that this should be a WORLD WIDE regestry !
There is already a Pet Abuse registry - it has been active since 2001. It has data from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ and Spain. http://www.pet-abuse.com/ check it out. Let's work together to make it the best it can be - rather than continually re-invent the wheel, using tax dollars to duplicate services.
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