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Heartbroken woman puts life on hold and asks for public help to find beloved lost dog

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | March 21, 2013 | Comments (16)

Heartbroken woman puts life on hold and asks for public help to find beloved lost dog

When Tracy Myerson received the news that her beloved dog Levi had gone missing from his dog sitter, she was in Boston, more than 4,000 km (2,500 miles) away, but she took the first flight back to her home in Vancouver, BC, to search for Levi.

Levi went missing when his dog sitter forgot to close the front door and the gate to their home on the first night that they spent together. That was on December 18, 2012 and since that day, Tracy has dedicated all of her time and energy trying to find her best friend and bring him back home.

Heartbroken woman puts life on hold and asks for public help to find beloved lost dog"I have put my life on hold to search for Levi. To be honest, I could care less about my job when I can be doing productive things to try to find him. Plus I am quite severely depressed as a result of his loss, so I'm not fully capable of working", Tracy said. Tracy's business, Jett Grrl Bike Studio, is up for sale and Tracy says that since Levi went missing, she has lost 3 months of income.

Tracy has spent every single day and night for 13 weeks looking for Levi. She has also spent $10,000 to date, hiring multiple dog trackers, employing animal communicators, taking out advertisements and, with the help of volunteers, distributing over 15,000 flyers and posters. Tracy has staked out areas, left scent trails, gone door to door, called local vets and shelters repeatedly and followed up on every lead from members of the community who have reported potential sightings.

Tracy is also offering a $2,000 reward for his safe return, either by contacting Tracy directly or by dropping Levi off at the SPCA.

"Levi means everything to me ... he is a gentle innocent soul", Tracy explains, "My life without him feels really empty. I have barely eaten or slept for 3 months. I am completely exhausted on so many levels." She adds, "I am sad to the very depth of my soul. I have never experienced a pain this deep in all my life. I love Levi to bits, he is the most unique and special little guy you'll ever meet, and his loss has left me devastated. I try to stay positive, but some days all I can do is cry."

Tracy and her partner Anita adopted Levi after he was rescued from a hoarder. "When we got him he was terrified of everyone and everything, including us. By hour 3 I was totally in love with him, and I knew by day 3 I was his mom and he loved me."

Tracy is hoping that the public will help her find Levi by keeping an eye out for her distinctive Mini Australian Shepherd mix and contacting her if he is seen. Levi went missing from his dog sitter's home at Clark and 13th in Vancouver, BC on December 18, 2012, but he could be anywhere now.


What you can do to help reunite Levi with his family:


Heartbroken woman puts life on hold and asks for public help to find beloved lost dogAbout Levi:

  • Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd / Spitz (e.g. Pomeranian) cross
  • Markings: Mostly black and white, with tan only in his face and his hind legs. Called a Blue Merle
  • Face: Levi's markings are very unique; speckled as opposed to a center stripe
  • Eyes: Levi has 2 Brown Eyes
  • Tail: Levi has a Full Curly White-ish Tail
  • Height: Body is 12-14 inches high, head may reach 18 inches high
  • Weight: 17 lbs


What to do if you think you have spotted Levi:

  • Call Tracy at +1 778-847-7045
  • Take a photo and send it by text to Tracy at +1 778-847-7045, or email her at jett_grrl@hotmail.com


Heartbroken woman puts life on hold and asks for public help to find beloved lost dog

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Comments on this Article

Oh Tracy I am so sorry to hear this terrible story about your gorgeous, precious Levi. He is just beautiful. I can't imagine what you are going through, my heart goes out to you. I would be devastated too, I wouldn't be able to do anything either, except to look for my baby. I have even told my husband when he is in charge of my kids, "If anything happens to them, the same damn thing better happen to you." Awful, but that's how I feel. They mean more to me than just about anything. I just adore them. I wish I was closer to help you try to locate little Levi. God Bless.
Make sure you check parks/dogparks and post adds in places like the groc stores, laundry mats, libraries, places that people might go that possibly don't have internet.
also, have you been back to the sitters home and make sure she did indeed lose him and didnt keep him . sorry maybe you know them better than that
What part of Vancouver did he go missing in; have you filed a police report at all even if he was lost ; to say he may have been stolen
I felt so sad reading this and I feel so bad for what you're going through. Animals are the most beautiful creatures on this planet and I wish there were more people like you who love and care for their pet as much as you do! I wish you the best luck finding your beautiful Levi. My prayers are with you both. Please keep us informed. :) God Bless
God,help Levi and Tracy to find each other,please!!!!!
thanks for your support everyone. i miss him like crazy and hope and pray i see him again. but i do realize i might not. i'm trying my best to go on knowing this. it's just really hard. as for the dog sitter, they were friends, not professionals. i thought they were more responsible than they were... just keep sending out positive energy to my levi. hopefully it will all be felt and do it's job. wishing all of you and yours peace and joy :O) from levi's mom, tracy
I live in Southern Ontario, I have shared your story through facebook. Levi is very beautiful and unique looking. I hope he is found and brought back to you. My heart goes out to you.
I pray Levi is not out there alone... praying somebody is taking care of him... but most especially praying Levi will be reunited with Tracy soon!
Tracy will comeback and u both will be together for longyears.I will pray for both of u. Dont get tired and keep searcing for ur loveable creature.
I really hope and pray that you'll find him real soon. God Bless!
geez, i could think of a few things i could do to that dogsitter. Anyway, i hope you'll find your pup. Worse comes to worst, lets hope he's happy and well loved somewhere...
It's like loosing a child. I remembered when my Chrissy went missing. Not a day goes by i don't think about her and remember the love we shared. I loved her so much, and always will. I have came to the realization i might never see her again, i always just wanted to know she was okay so that i could just have some kind of closeure because the idea that she could be in a bad situation just makes me sick. Every single time i see a dog like her i wonder if it's her, or i remember her even more. Some people just don't understand how heart wrenching it is when you loose a pet that is closer to you than most family. I feel sad for this woman. But at a certain point she may have to face a certain reality. And making yourself sick and loosing everything you own isn't going to fix the situation it's only going to make it worse. I really hope she finds him from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully wherever he is, the last person to see him or whomever he is with decides to do what's best out of the goodness in their heart. Even if it could be terribly hard for them. Many blessings and luck to her from someone who understands more than anyone could know.
For some reason i keep seeing a elderly woman and woods or forest in this equation. I don't know where or why. But maybe it could be a idea where to look also. Some elderly people do not have access to media especially if they live way out in the woods or rural areas. Just an idea.
How sad ... What a beautiful boy. I pray you find him and soon.
Dog sitter forgot to close the front door AND the gate?!! WTH?!! How many dog clienteles does this dog sitter have? How many dogs have gone missing in her/his care? With his distinguished markings, Tracy will be found soon to return to you. Good luck!
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