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Injured puppy in urgent need of help after thrown against wall in alleged domestic violence dispute

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | February 28, 2013 | Comments (41)

Circles has spinal damage and is looking for a foster home

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Circles was only 4 months old when he lost the use of his back legs after allegedly being thrown against a wall during a domestic dispute. Now 10 months old, Circles is in urgent need of help and a foster home.

Circles was taken in by Second Chance Boxer Rescue (SCBR) on Monday after they received an urgent call on Friday. Although they specialize in Boxers, SCBR knew that someone had to step up to help Circles, and couldn't refuse helping the mixed breed puppy.

Bill Gray, founder of SCBR, spoke with DogHeirs from Florida and said "Circles is more than we’ve ever taken on", but they couldn't turn him away. Their goal now is to do everything they can to help Circles get a second chance and a better quality of life. 

Circles has a spinal injury that prevents the use of his back legs

According to Bill, when Circles was hurt in June, Polk County Animal Control (which is part of the county's sheriff's department) took him to a veterinarian for emergency care. At the time, the vet offered to take the dog, but the woman, who was Circles' owner at that time, refused to let Circles go.

According to Bill, due to legal complications in the case, animal cruelty charges could not be filed.

Bill says that the vet did not hear anything further about the dog until just recently, when the woman called to say she was leaving her husband and asked if the vet could take Circles. The vet wasn't able to take him, but said they would try to figure something out.

That's when Bill got the call about Circles. On Saturday, the vet and SCBR were surprised to see that Circles could not use his hind legs, as Bill said the woman had told the vet that Circles could walk.  

Circles has been getting medical tests to determine the damage to his spineCircles is now visiting veterinarians and specialists to assess the damage to his spine. The medical tests will give a clearer picture of Circles' condition and what can be done to improve his mobility. 

He's had X-Rays that reveal trauma and damage to three of his vertebrae. He also has a problem with his right hip joint and has lost most of his muscle in his hind end. A visit to a neurologist is planned and an MRI may be taken to help determine the extent of his spinal chord damage and whether surgery will help him.

The "sweetheart" puppy is well-adjusted considering his traumatic early months. Bill said that Circles may have a fear issue with men, as the puppy barked at him when they first met. However, soon after, Circles was giving him kisses and happily taking treats out of his hand. Bill added that Circles attaches to people really quickly once he trusts you.

Despite his disability, Bill said Circles is your "typical 10-month old pup. He wants to 'go go go' but he can’t…yet."  


If you would like to help Circles, here is what you can do:

  • Share Circles' story
  • Circles urgently needs a foster family in Florida. SCBR is looking for a caregiver between Tampa and Orlando. Circles is a relatively big dog (50 pounds). SCBR will pay for all medical costs. If you would like to volunteer to foster Circles, please email SCBR at: info@saveaboxer.org
  • SCBR is raising funds for Circles' medical tests, treatment and physiotherapy. If you'd like to make a donation to help Circles, SCBR is accepting donations via PayPal. You can also mail a check to:

Second Chance Boxer Rescue, Inc
P.O. Box 1233
Thonotosassa, Fl 33592-1233


Update: March 7, 2013

Circles now has his own Facebook page for his supporters! 

Bill posted on DogHeirs that Circles has had his MRI. Results show that surgery will not improve his condition. The MRI revealed that Circles' spinal cord is damaged in two places but still intact. Bill writes, "While not the best news, because the cord is intact there is a possibility with intense physical therapy Circles may learn to walk again."

To that end, Circles will be going to a rehabilitation facility in New Orleans. But first he has to find a way to get there. 

As Circles cannot fly in cargo, Second Chance has put out an urgent request for a pilot to help fly Circles and his handler from Tampa, Florida to New Orleans Tuesday March 12th. If you know of a pilot who can help fly them please email info@saveaboxer.org.


Circles has a spinal injury that prevents the use of his back legs

Circles has a spinal injury that prevents the use of his back legs

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Comments on this Article

I forgot about his page ...sorry. I'm glad to hear he is doing great. I harte to hear about his knee but am glad you found that so you can help his walking. I'm going to make a donation for him. Go circles!! Thanks for helping him and for all you do. God Bless all of you!!
It has been a while since I have been able to check in on circles. To answer your question NO. I was not there when it happened. No one was there when it happened hense the reason no charges could ever be filed because no one seen who did what. However, I was there when Circles was being taken to the vet 3 times a week and etc. So like I stated, if you were not there either how can you speculate?? So exactly what would the authorities like to speak to me about other then the questions they have asked repeadily trying to make the arrest already?? Again, not there. But the point being is that he was getting the care and surgery was being considered through gainsville however some substantial circumstances that the owner could not take control of kept that from happening. Otherwise circles would of been in Gainsville getting the surgery he needed being paid for by the owner that you are doing now. I am glad that he is doing better and is getting the surgery and the continued rehab he was receiving. The 3 little boys that loved him and played with him would be happy to know that he is doing great in his new home. We continue to pray for his recovery and that he will walk again.
Circles is doing great! We are feeling more confident that he will walk on his own again with the proper physical therapy. We found out yesterday about additional trauma we were not aware of. Circles left rear knee is a mess and may be the most significant reason he can not walk. We are fundraising now so we can pay for surgery for his knee. Thank you for your support. Please continue to follow him on his FaceBook page.
How is circles doing?
Any update on Circles? Been wondering about him.
I have a large dog "wheelchair cart" that I can donate. Do you think Circles can use one? http://www.handicappedpets.com/images/dogwheelchair Copy and paste this site and view. It costed us over $200 and it was used four or five times for our German Shepherd, but he passed away after that...I have been trying to fine a good use for it! Email me and we will ship it for him!
Where were these students developing a walking device for a lame cat. They could build something like that for Circles as well.....;-)
Circles looks like a sibling of my pup. He came from the south somewhere.. his right rear leg has problems (both back legs, the right is just worse). Has anybody that knows Circles, seen the others when they were pups?
Here is Circles' FaceBook page link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SCBRs-Circles/423803724373675
I saw it on the Dogheirs FB page but don't know if he has his own page. That would be great. I've shared his story from Dogheirs several times and asked others to share and donate. We can all do that and hopefully they will get some money for his care. if he has his own page please let us know.
is Circle's story on facebook? If not, can someone post her story and needs there please? Thx.
Thank you for the update. Please let us know how things go. We are pulling for him and praying the rehab will work. He deserves it and I hope the peson that did this pays in a big way.
Circles has had his MRI. The results show that surgery will not improve his condition. His spinal cord is damaged in two places but still intact. While not the best news, because the cord is intact there is a possibility with intense physical therapy Circles may learn to walk again. We are desperately looking for a pilot to fly Circles and his handler from Tampa to New Orleans Tuesday March 12th to a rehab facility. If anyone knows a pilot willing to fly them please email us at info@saveaboxer.org.
Yes I would like to know also please.
Can someone give us an update on that precious boy? How are the tests going?
All I can say, who hurt that poor little baby and the owner said no to the vet first time needs to be crippled.Thats all that needs to be said.sorry so called humans.
What did the MRI show today? Is there any hope for this beautiful boy to walk again? I have shared him and will donate. Looks like a few people on here said they would like to have him. I sure hope surgery can help. He looks like he wants to get up and play so much. Please update on how his test are going. Bless you for trying to help him. Praying for you circles.
This story is so heartbreaking. I look at the pictures of his innocent little face and want to take him into my arms and tell him that no one will ever hurt him like he has been hurt again. I am so sorry for the pain you have suffered, precious Circle! Thank you Bill and the others at the rescue organization for taking him in and doing what you can to improve his quality of life. Although I do not know his complete story, there obviously seems to be some details missing. I can only hope and pray that God brings the right person into his life and that he can experience love, caring and devotion as he should have right from the start.
Brooke should we assume you were there? If so the authorities would like to speak with you. You are correct, I was not there. I so wish I had been there. I can tell you what I do know Brooke. In our care is a sweet little innocent 10 month old boy who has a broken back, a broken tail and a hip that will probably never be a hip again. He has open sores on much of his tail and his legs from dragging himself across a rough surface. When I took him he still had fleas and ticks dying on him. Maybe the vet would make no guarantees (I have never met one who would) but I can guarantee you this. Circles will get the best care available and will live the fullest life we can provide him. I can also guarantee you and anyone else that this little guy will never be hurt again.
Maybe I didn't make myself clear. At the time that Circles was kept, after his initial injury, he was cared for by one of the best vets in Lakeland. He was seen 3 times a week for care. Surgery was an option but the vet said it was not a guarantee and decided to keep with the chiropractic services. Thousands of dollars was spent on Circles by HIS owner in vet bills to get him better. He was not just left outside and left to fend for his self and not given any care. If you do not know the situation and do not know what took place you should really not speculate because YOU DONT KNOW YOU WERE NOT THERE!!
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