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Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers dog treats recalled

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | January 09, 2013 | Comments (14)

Milo's Kitchen has recalled two brands of chicken treats due to antibiotic contamination

Milo's Kitchen is voluntarily recalling Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers in the United States because the products may contain trace amounts of a poultry antibiotic that isn't approved in the U.S. Nestle Purina also announced a recall of Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brand dog treats

The chicken jerky products, which are made in China, may contain trace amounts of antibiotic residue, (in the parts per-billion range) but do not pose a health or pet safety risk, Milo's Kitchen and Purina said on Wednesday, January 9, 2013. No other Milo's Kitchen treats or pet food products are affected by this withdrawl. 

The New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets (NYSDAM) found trace amounts of antibiotic residue in samples of the chicken jerky products. These antibiotics are approved for use in poultry in China and the European Union, but are not approved in the U.S. NYSDAM informed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the company that trace amounts of residual antibiotics had been found in several lots of Milo's Kitchen® Chicken Jerky.

Milo's Kitchen is recalling the products nationwide until further notice. 

There is no indication that the antibiotic residue is linked to the FDA's ongoing investigation of chicken jerky products. Several thousand consumers have reported to the FDA that their dogs have gotten sick and gotten kidney problems as result of eating jerky treats made in China.

The FDA agency said in September 2012 that it had been notified of 360 dogs that died after eating the suspected treats over the last 18 months and is conducting a broad investigation. No definitive cause for the dogs' sicknesses has yet been identified. Irradiation, among other possible causes, is being researched.

Consumers who discard the treats will receive a full refund. Consumers with questions about Milo's Kitchen products can get further information at 1-877-228-6493.

Read about Waggin Train and Canyon Creek Ranch dog treats recall

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Comments on this Article

Truely if people knew half the shit that was in pet & people foods, you'd never eat again.
It's really Funny how the FDA and the USA want these banded because they might contain trace amounts of antibiotic residue banned in the USA. But they will continue to allow companies like Monsanto who makes and use's Ethoxyquin which is a Rubber Stabilizer as a Preservative in People food and Pet foods.. hope their Paying our Government Official and FDA fat cats enough money to cover this up.
I would print up the article showing they've been recalled and should have been off the shelves way bfore you even purchased them and if they still give you issues, remind them how lucky they are you brought it to their attention. They shoud have taken deadly treats off the shelves months ago.
I bought a bunch of these for the some shelter dogs. Luckily I haven't handed any out yet! If I don't have the receipt, do you all know how I can return them?
I was in Target the other day and happened to see a few cases of Wagon Train on a shelf in the back of the store so I brought it to the attention of the manager and attempted to explain. Although he said he would take care of it, I did get the vibe he would so I went to the actual pet food aisle and more of the wagon train jerky as well as cases of Milo's including a bag in the hand of a customer. So, again, I alerted a store associate and again, began explaining the recall and what it had done to my dog (with the customer listening in). By this time I had tears in my eyes. The store associate proceeded to get on the walkie talkie and and told the person on the other end (and everyone else in the store with a walkie talkie) she had a "customer in the pet isle getting all emotional over some dog treats she says were supposed to be recalled). I was livid.
ils empoisonnent nos chien avec cette merde
I live in Michigan and we have stores called Meijer it's like Walmart, yesterday I was checking to make sure all the treats had been pulled and was shocked to see the Meijer brand chicken jerky was still on the shelf and the package clearly said made in China!! So before I left I made it a point to talk with the top store Manager to let them know they were still selling the same chicken that was recalled. She said she would take care of it and follow up. So I'm asking EVERYONE if you see them in a store under any other brand and it says made in China, please,please, bring it to the Managers attention it's ALL of our responsiblity as pet owners to take control of this situation, Thanks!
Darkened, I'm so sorry for your troubles. If there's anything I can do please don't hesitate. I'm also on Facebook if you, or anyone else, would like to connect there. When my dog first got sick, he was at the vet for 5 long days. He wouldn't eat for them so I went there twice a day and fed him boiled chicken. They were very good about it and let me stay as long as I wanted. They bill was so much though, so when he got sick again, she allowed me to take him home and give him fluid challenges myself until his system just said enough. He was also on a special diet of food made by Science diet. Let me know what they are doing for you. Maybe if we compare treatments, something might work to save them.
My dog is at the vets right now in kidney failure. He may not make it because his kidneys are so bad. I had just started giving him the Wagon train chicken tenders about a week before he started getting sick. I am so upset and mad right now over all of this. I will be pursuing whatever action that can be taken against the company. If my dog makes it, I will have one heck of a vet bill, and I will be on that company until they pay it. Just pray my dog makes it. Thank you.
<----- this is Tawanda she got milos chicken grillers for christmas, On Friday january 4th she was rushed to the vets and had to be put to sleep... we really miss her .......................... Mad is NOT the word here......
please read my comment on the wagan train site below, we did give our dog the Milo's brand but I was reading a comment on the other sight and posted my story there. Our dog had to be put to sleep because of Milo's treats. A bitter sweet story for us but Im glad they are off the shelf!
Pat, I wish we could. Problem is anuimals are only considered property so the payout wouldn't be worth it to a lawyer. I would be extremely happy educating the public enough to put these companies and any company that gets their animal food from China, where there is no regulations, out of business or severly damage their reputation. My dog first got sick in Sept 2011 and I repeatedly told the vet that Milo's had to be the issue but she disreguarded it. I posted my suspicians all over Facebook anyway but could never get it more public than that. I'm so sorry your dog is sick....I wish you all the best
My daughter just sent me this recall. I'm so upset for the past three months the vet has been trying to figure out why my dog has protein in her urine and now I know why. Her kidneys have been screwed up because of this crap. Anyone know who I can call? I sell a class action suit!!! My dog better be okay I swear reading about the deaths from kidney disease scares me. I will be taking this article to the vet tomorrow!!
Looks like I'll be calling the company again, and of course, have already gave the chicken jerky to my Dog, only 1-2 treats a day...But I do have the empty bag....
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