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Animal abuse registry proposed to protect pets from abusive owners in New York

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | September 13, 2012 | Comments (7)

Dog was beaten in elevator by man in New York
Hazel is the dog beaten in an elevator by Brian Freeman, who is facing animal cruelty charges

After Brian Freeman, an East Harlem man, was arrested for brutally beating his dog in an elevator last week, New York City Councilman Peter Vallone was prompted to take action and is proposing a bill that would place anybody convicted of animal abuse into a public registry, similar to the sex offender registry.

The animal abuse registry would help prevent convicted animal abusers from getting new pets and thereby help prevent repeat offenses. Said Vallone, "We had a punk..who threw his dog out the window. There is nothing preventing him from going out tomorrow and getting a free animal out of a shelter. We need to prevent that."

The proposed registry would record individuals convicted of animal abuse and cruelty (such as beating, neglecting or otherwise criminaly mistreating an animal) and their names would kept for up to five years. Suffolk, Rockland and Albany counties have already implemented similar registries. Several state lawmakers are also proposing a state-wide version, which would be more far-reaching.

"The list would be provided to animal shelters and pet stores and you would be banned from owning an animal. If you did it would be a misdemeanor punishable up to a year in jail," Vallone said.

Should Vallone's proposal pass, the city Health Department would take charge of compiling and distributing the database. Lisa Franzetta of the Animal Legal Defense Fund pointed out a well known fact for animal welfare activists, but one not so well known by the general public. She said, "In story after heartbreaking story, abusers repeat their violent crimes against helpless animals — and often go on to victimize people as well. Most serial killers begin by victimizing animals." Lisa added, "Abuser registries are a common-sense idea whose time has come."

Via CBS News


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Comments on this Article

Excellent concept, needs 2 B put in pla e ASAP. Please save these helpless, defenseless babies from the suffering delivered by a sick, sorry piece of human being. It can't happen fast enough. Thank U.
Excellent idea!
It is about time, the whole nation needs to do this. And no limits, once an abuser, always an abuser. They lose their right forever. You don't just wake up one day and say "hmmm, I think I love animals now". Either you are born with the love or your not. And cops should be put on the list to, if they are found to kill an animal without reason.
Good idea for the registry!!!!!!! Well should at least try to keep our animals safe
Where is Hazel now???? Please tell me that he/she is in a safe enviroment??? I would love to adopt this angel.:)
WTG New Yorkers, I don't know if this came from me talking about this or not it doesn't matter, it looks like it's on the way to getting started at least. This is great. Now if we can get some other ares to follow the example and then a few more after that, when they see it works, maybe it will spread across the whole Country and we can get a National Database like we need to have and maybe stop animal abusers from getting animals they can abuse. CONGRATULATIONS NEW YORK, Don't let it fail, you have to stay behind it now that it is started.
This is LONG overdue. This should be made a national law. I would eliminate the five year limit though. People who abuse animals don't change, once on the list a name should remain there for life, just like sexual child abusers. It sure would be helpful to all dog breeders when placing puppies and would save animals from an uncertain future....and who could object, only abusers......win/win situation!
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