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Alaskan Husky stolen by "rescuers" back home with family

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | August 07, 2012 | Comments (8)

Aspen was returned to his family after being stolen

In June, we asked a Heiry Question based the a case where a family was left a note by thieves who stole their dog from his pen in the family's yard. The thieves accused the family of neglect, saying that the dog was taken for his own good and that he needed to be around people and other dogs. At that time, the question: Do you believe the thieves were justified in taking Aspen from his family? was posed.

In a shocking turn of events, Aspen was reunited with his family this week. Although the family is unsure what occured in the past few months, it turns out Aspen was not really rescued. Instead, a woman found Aspen in a pound where he was facing euthanasia. 

To read more background about Aspen's story and the letter that was left for the family, visit our Heiry Question: Dog theft vs Dog Rescue.

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Comments on this Article

Maybe now they won't leave their dog ALONE outside for extended periods of time. What, because Huskies are bred to be able to live in the cold, that makes it ok to leave them outside??? People are so stupid. Unfortunately, not everyone is a responsible pet owner.
Bonnie, you don't know that Aspen didn't have interaction. Sounds like his humans loved him very much. If they didn't, they wouldn't have looked for him. Huskies need to be outside; they do much better outside than they do cooped up inside.
I think that people need to mind their own business unless the dog looks like it was abused, and if they think the dog is abused, call the authorities instead of taking them away. First, it's theft. Second, these days, you could get shot for going on someone's property and taking anything that doesn't belong to you. Aspen was much better off with the family that originally had him. If they hadn't have found him, he would have been dead. Would that have been better? I don't think so.
Umm kris is that ur name, I know huskies belong outside but not in heat and in a pen, with no interaction.!!
I think they should let someone adopt him that truly wants to spend the proper time with him. It appears that the dog sit's in that pen day in and day out. do they even walk him?? I doubt much if at at. The Husky's love cold not hot. If I was Aspen I would be hating life!!!! If someone els want's to give him a better home with more of what he need's I hope the family would do what's best for the dog not for themselves!!! Dogs need A TON of exercise. That is a high energy breed!
It is wrong to take someone's dog. Be smart in your comments. Huskies, by their nature, are bred for endurance, sled pulling, running, cold weather, activity. "Don't belong outside"???? Really? That is what they live for! They need a ton of interaction and a lot of activity with their "family".
Umm, something don't smell right with this, honestly I think they should let three person in ohio adopt aspen, huskeys don't belong out side.
something really needs to look into this that the oddest story i ever heard of.
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