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Three puppies rescued after mother falls victim to hit-and-run

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | August 07, 2012 | Comments (7)

Eldad rescues three puppies
Photo credit: Eldad Hagar / Youtube/eldad75

In November of 2011, Ally Schlabaugh shared the story of how her foster dog, Cora, was rescued (see "Cora's MUST-SEE Rescue!" here). Unknowing to her rescuer or to Ally, Cora was pregnant when she was rescued. She gave birth to three adorable puppies, who, along with Cora, have all been adopted out to loving forever families. At the time, Ally called Cora's rescuer, Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws the 'Patron Saint of Abandoned Street Dogs'. From the many rescues that Eldad has performed, Eldad has more than earned this title.

On July 19, Eldad received an email from The Bill Foundation regarding a dog named Gaia, who was suffering with a broken leg. She had been abandoned "in the middle of nowhere" three months ago, and had given birth to three puppies. During those three months, two women had been feeding and providing fresh water to Gaia and her puppies daily, but they were unable to capture Gaia.

After receiving the email plea, Eldad jumped into action without hesitation. The following video is Eldad's story. Please share to help these puppies find loving forever homes. They are currently in a great foster home in Los Angeles and if you would like to adopt a puppy, please contact The Bill Foundation.


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Comments on this Article

This is so beautiful yet heartbreaking. Sad fact is that situations like this happen very often and too often the end results are not good for the puppies left behind. They are Beautiful puppies. May their lives always be happy.
Ik ben enorm blij dat de puppys gered zijn......dank je wel redders......maar ik ben emotioneel omdat de moeder het niet gered heeft.......Dank aan alle redders.......
Wow! That's so amazing that they were saved. It's too bad their mother couldn't be as well, but it's still really great these pups will have a chance at a better life.
So cute! Glad someone save them!
Such beautiful little puppies - so happy they were saved! Kudos to Eldad Hagar - he's a hero! Sorry Gaia never lived to be cared for, too, but I'm sure she's frolicking at the Rainbow Bridge, happy that her babies have been rescued.
and *such* beautiful puppies - i mean seriously: those dogs are going to be *stunners* when they grow up (i'm pretty good at seeing which ones will be lookers, even if they're in the ugly duckling stage).
great video - much more real than the ones you see where the pups hesitate, then just trot out like nothing. from watching such shows, i was flummoxed when my first rescue (a cat and her kittens trapped under a house in bitter cold northern ontario winter) went completely sideways as she fought to STAY trapped! just one thing: i would've covered the crate with a blanket to create a denlike effect and i would've given them a similar tight little box to hide in while in the kennel. to pups accustomed to living in a well and in pipes, just wide-open containment must've been terrifying.
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