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About Doganthropy


Important Doganthropy Announcement

Dear Doganthropists

We wanted to let you - our dedicated Doganthropists - know of a difficult decision we've made here at DogHeirs recently. It is with a heavy hearts that we are announcing that we are discontinuing the Doganthropy program this Septembere.

We have greatly appreciated your participation in our Doganthropy program for the past months. We've had a great group of human/dog teams involved in helping to spread the word and "click" their support. Unfortunately, we did not garner enough membership in the group or get the sponsorship support we were looking for, in order to sustain the program.

Going forward, this means we will be removing the orange clickable hearts from your dog's profiles shortly and the Daily Doganthropist emails will no longer be sent. We will also be closing the Doganthropist group and support pages, although we encourage you to connect individually through our "Add Connections" feature to stay in touch with one another!

In the future, we may revive Doganthropy in a different format, or find an entirely new way to help dogs in need through DogHeirs. In either event, we will let you know first of our plans!

Again, we can't thank you enough for your involvement and your effort to help dogs in need. We hope that even though the program has ended, the philosophy behind Doganthropy will continue to thrive in your canine communities!

The DogHeirs Team

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Newest Articles

What Happens to Your Senior Dog After You Abandon Them

Muki is senior Shiba Inu that was surrendered to rescue weeks before her 11th birthday. She had grown up with one family since she was just a small puppy. Her owners recently had a child and Muki developed IBD with episodes of diahrrea and vomiting. They indicated they no longer had time for her. Thankfully, she was surrendered to a breed specific rescue with an excellent wellness program. Muki is being weaned of her steroids...
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“World’s Biggest Puppy” Looking For a Forever Home

At 10 months old, Tzar weighs an extraordinary 140 pounds. The Caucasian Ovcharka has been monikered the “World’s Biggest Puppy” by the British rescue charity trying to find the rare breed of dog a home. Tzar arrived at the West Yorkshire Dog Rescue after he was handed over by a man who had bought the dog from Russia. Even at his young age, Tzar is an enormous dog. The rescue says he will need “special...
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Searching for a new family to love, Meet Chunk

Re-posted from the For Your K9 Chronicles a WordPress blog.Each Monday throughout the year we will be featuring a “special needs” dog from one of the many Chicago, Chicagoland & surrounding area rescues we support in their efforts to find quality forever homes for rescued canines.  Please share and help them find their forever homes; together we make a difference. Normally we post a dog from a local rescue who is need of a little extra...
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Dog who has lived 11 years at shelter looking for a home

Olive has been waiting her whole life for a special someone to give her a home. For 11 years she has waited at a Yonker's Animal Shelter. There was a glimmer of hope many years ago when a volunteer was supposed to adopt her, but he died suddenly and Olive was again without someone. Soon after another volunteer took her out of the shelter and put her in a boarding facility. That person "worked her...
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Animal Shelter Closes Doors For One Awesome Reason

There is a nationwide campaign called Clear the Shelters that is gaining in popularity and finding thousands of shelter pets homes every year. Now in it's second year, the campaign waives shelter fees in an effort to encourage people to come and adopt a homeless pet. Hundreds of shelters participate in the event (#ClearTheShelters) and there are many dogs who go home happy because of it! Held on August 15, the event was a great...
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Recently Asked Questions

Why dogs are peeing in home.

I have 2 male Rotties that are fixed. They are 5 years of age. Recently they have started to pee in the house again. I feel that they are trying to mark their spot. Am I wrong. What can I do to stop it help.
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Is there a color that has a calming effect on dogs.

I know dogs see colors differently than humans. Dogs see blue and yellow the best. In humans pink seems to have a calming effect. I was wondering if there has been any research to see if there is a color that has a calming effect on dogs? 
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Dog Parks

What are your thoughts on dog parks? I adopted a 2 year old, very energetic, very social and sweet little pit bull mix. I live in Chicago and there are many off leash places we can go, but I am very cautious about going there. I have already ruled out the small concrete parks because there is just not enough room and I feel nervous about the confined space, it never seems to be a...
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6 Year old bichon Shitzu cross

Hi there. I have a good friend refer me to this site. I have 2 dogs and a 16 month old son. I have a bichon cross named yuki. She is a loving dog. But in the past 6 months has gotten ver vicious with my son. Snapping and growling. Now recently she has turned on me when I get upset at her growling at Ben (my son). Winnie our 7 year old cockapoo is...
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Companion Dog for PTSD

I am an active duty Soldier stationed in Germany at the Warrior Transition Unit.  I have been diagnosed with severe PTSD, and my behavioral health team believes I could benefit from a "companion dog".  I had to look it up to even know what that was.  I understand you recently ended a program for Soldiers that provided them with companion dogs.  I would like to adopt a dog, but most of the programs I've seen...
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Group comments

Jack is all for helping out others and spreading awareness!
My boy is called Sam
Hi my dog is Deuce a Great Dane/Pit Bull mix and he would love to become a Doganthropist. We joined the group.
Hi, everyone! Asti would love to be a doganthropist to help the local animal shelter/nonprofit.
imma dog lover and owner of two service dogs, reggie and oliver. we'd love to help!
my dogs max and elvis
Thompson and Bailey would love to become doganthropists and help out some doggy friends!
I would love to help too!! Mollie (my profile picture) was a huge comfort to me when my sister was killed in a tragic car wreck in 07. When my best friend died suddenly of a heart attack in 09, it was Bella who comforted me the most. And this last September, my mother died unexpectedly and my foster dog Cooper was there for me. So, Mollie, Bella and Cooper would all like to help by becoming Doganthropists if possible! =)
Hello! Athena, Dutchess and Diamond would like to join the Doganthropist group!
Would love to help!! My dogs are Bandit and Pepper Ann.
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