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Tali's vet just told me about the website balanceit.com  produced by a veterinary nutritionist which will give you custom food recipes for your dog which addresses your dog's breed, age, sex and health issues. If your dog has any health issues the recipes can only be accessed by a vet.  If your dog doesn't have health issues there is a Balance It Pet lovers Demo on Youtube which tells you how to use the recipe site. This company also produces a high quality dietary supplement.  I started cooking Tali's food for him a couple of months ago and he LOVES it but I was concerned whether it was nutritionally balanced so am delighted with the recipes my vet gave me. One of the Techs at the vet's office has been using the recipes and supplements for her Labrador and that dog is now 14 yrs old (quite a milestone for a Lab) with only minor health issues. If you have a fussy eater, like, Tali, you will be delighted to see your dog gobble down his meal and no more throwing out half full bags of kibble!  Tali will lick his bowl so hard after finishing his meal that he moves it across the kitchen floor! It takes me a couple of hours to prepare enough food for 2 weeks and I just put it in the freezer in meal size portions in freezer bags which thaw overnight for use the next day. Definitely worth a try.

Interesting Jane! Thanks for sharing!

My dog Snickers profile posted multiple times... how do I remove the duplicates?
We just deleted the duplicates, Kimberly! :-)
Awesome, thank you for the recognition! I am really beginning to LOVE this site!! I've shared it on FB a few times and will continue to! ♥
Thanks Ally!! We love meeting gorgeous dogs and truly wonderful dog lovers here!
Thanks for the add. Nice to meet you.
Please read my latest comment on my profile, Im not sure whether I should have posted there or here. We recently lost our JRT during an episode of Hypertonicity and episodic falling down syndrome. We want input from that community and would like to possibly help others through our loss. Any input would be appreciated. thank you.
thank you for all that you do to help keep the dogs safe
Thank you so much for your note, Zena! We really appreciate it! We're trying our best to help dogs and dog lovers, and love what we're doing. One of the best things about DogHeirs is meeting so many wonderful people who care so much about their dogs and their communities. :-)
Thanks for the tip about posting an article! I've now moved the Guide Dog Etiquette information into an article. Cheers!
I can view most videos but some don't come up. How can I correct that?
Hello SeniorLass, With some of the articles our members post, they include videos that may require different types of plug-ins for your computer's browser in order to play properly.

For example, YouTube videos require a Flash plugin and MP4 videos require a Quicktime or Windows compatible plugin. Oftentimes, your browser will prompt you as to what plugin could be installed or how to temporarily play the video.

There isn't a standard solution for all cases, but we hope this helps.
I don't know how it would be done or even if it's feasible, but would it be possible to send out an alert to all the people from a certain location on your site,if somebody posts a dog lost in that location. If somebody posts that their dog is lost say in my location Toronto, all the people tagged Toronto Canada would get an alert with a link. It could save dogs lives in the future, particularly when time can be a critical factor.
Please tell me about the white pit that looks so sad and beat up and tired. He is leaning against a wall with his eyes closed on your site. Is he well now? Is he adoptable? how old is he? other stats you may have. Thank you. J Meyer
Hello Darrin, that a great idea, and one we've been working on developing further. Hopefully we can get that implemented in the future. Thanks so much for the suggestion (and sorry for taking so long to respond).

J. Meyer, the white dog is Nico, and he has a loving home now, after his photo went viral. You can read his wonderful story here: http://www.dogheirs.com/thelazypitbull/posts/1877-the-power-of-social-networking-for-shelter-dogs
I was a little shocked by the email you sent me last night. You said that you were honored by my presence on this site, but it is I that am grateful to be able to participate. It has been such an honor for me to be able to talk so many great people who do so much for dogs and animals. From vets that give their time and expertise for free to save a dog, to rescue organizations who selflessly and tirelessly do whatever it takes to rescue a dog. From the enormous problems of animal abuse, to the huge amount of animals that are euthanized every year, these problems can be overwhelming to the individual. If in some small way, I in concert with many others can help to find the simple undeniable truths, spoken with a skilled tongue, into the ears of our politicians and law makers, perhaps in time positive change will be made. I will indeed continue to participate on DogHeirs and enjoy conversations with other dog and animal lovers. I will endeavor to do so with the greatest respect and hopefully not to many mistakes. I humbly accept your kind gift with a heartfelt thank you. How do you want me to give you my information privately.
Thanks Darrin, please send us an email @ Team@DogHeirs.com
HELP! I just saw this post under the article : 'The Love of My Life' : Comments on this Article Nicholas Macias Feb 17, 2013 I feel EVERYONE'S Pain I can't talk about it, but I'll tell a bit for now I Loved and Still Love my Baby Boy than Life it self... AS it feels like there is no life without him and feel ashamed that I am surviving without him... haven't eaten in over 10 days no water for the last 5 days was only drinking 4 oz. a day before then... I think I'm trying to get my body to shut down... My heart was ripped out and is so much more than broken it has been crushed and has been turned to dust and there is nothing there anymore... can't talk anymore... This is pretty bad and he sounds suicidal! I reached out to him on his profile but, is there any way to actually call the guy or something? Thanks... Debbie Ferry
Has any action been taken about Debbie Ferry's concern.

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