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Dog with Arthritis Gets His Very Own Elevator to Go Outside

He can’t wait to try it.

When Midas the Golden Retriever began to have a hard time getting up and down stairs because of his arthritis, his family decided he needed his very own elevator in the backyard. At the unveiling, the family is there to cheer him on as he uses it for the very first time!

It’s so touching seeing Midas’ family put in the extra effort to make sure Midas is well looked after and has a good quality of life.

Midas isn’t the only senior Golden to get his very own elevator in the backyard. When Kati the senior Golden Retriever developed arthritis in her old age and needed help getting up and down the stairs, her handyman dad built her a personal, motorized elevator to make life easier. Way to go, dad!

If you enjoyed watching what these caring families did for their dogs, you’ll want to see what this Dachshund’s dad did for him to help him get on the bed.

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