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About Shadow

Name: Shadow
Breed: Standard Poodle
Color: Black speckled grey
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 2012-06-10
Description: Shadow is a very friendly 10 year old standard poodle. He does not have the normal poodle cut- more like a portugese water dog. He acts an looks very young as he has alot of energy. He loves to play with puppies as he loves to run and wrestle. He is obsessed with tennis balls and will play fetch for hours! He had a toe removed due to cancer in March 2011. However, this has not slowed him down at all. He is very very very friendly and loves everyone! He is adored by everyone in my family and is like a child to me as I've raised him since a puppy. It breaks my heart he is often so far away but at this point in time I know it is better for him as my parents have more time for him and more space. I hope once graduating university that I will be able to have him live with me.
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Type Item Reaction Treatment
Food Wheat diarrhea special diet
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Type Item Brand Notes
When run out of wet food or upset stomach Rice and plane chicken Another thing we will give him for breakfast if we run out of kibble or he has an upset stomach we will make him some rice and plane chicken. We shred up the chicken and mix it with the rice.
When run out of wet food Eggs If we run out of his wet food for his morning breakfast we will make him 2 eggs
staple vension and sweet potato Natural Balance If just left to eat his dry kibble he will not eat enough as he does not like to eat alone. As a result, we feed him half a can of wet food (in the same line as his kibble) for breakfast. He will gobble up his wet food.
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Test Type Date Of Examination Symptoms Diagnosis/Condition
biospy, xray, asperation 2011-03-01 Large bump that was slightly bleeding just above nail bed on front right paw 3 digit diagnosed with Digital Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Dogs. Toe was removed. Cancer does not appear to have spread to lymphoid. Receives special slots once every 6 months to help his body learn to fight the cancer in case it ever comes back or any cells where left behind. Over a year since operation Shadow is doing very well and has not missed a step!
Blood work 2005-07-08 Lathargic, sever weight loss Ehrlichia, treated and full recovery
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