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Name: Deborah Hemstock
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Have now actually referred my case to a private investigator friend. The emotional turmoil this has put me through is actually making me physically sick. I'm turning over all the info I've dug up to a professional. I'm still waiting for a reply to see if he will take this on for me (and what it will cost), but I really REALLY need to get Lima back.
I can't believe what that man is putting you through. I really hope you and the police can find him ASAP and get Lima back home! Don't give up!!!
Oops...I meant *69, not #69 in my comment.
Well, unfortunately, Lima is still missing. But I have friends helping me try to track him down. The Sheriff has even become involved and said that this is now a "theft" since he's basically stealing my dog by knowing he's got her and not returning her. I did find out that there are two guys with the same name, and it's NOT the one who's an insurance agent near here. My friend is trying to track down possible relatives of the guy. She's come up with some good info. I am NOT going to give up. I want my little Lima back home where she belongs! And I figure if she's ever going to get home, I have to MAKE IT HAPPEN! #69 doesn't work for his blocked #, but the police have given me a code to use in case he calls again that will help them find his #. After I found a possible address for him, the Sheriff went out there, but it turned out to be old info, so the Sheriff tried to find other info on him and went to another address, but the guy had moved from there, too! And the Sheriff told me the guy hasn't updated his address with the DMV either! Arrgghhh, this is frustrating. But I WILL get her back. She needs to be home, and I need her to be here with me.
Any updates on Lima? I'm hoping that guy got his act together by now...
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