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Name: Kathy D. Schnelle
About Me: I am a dog rescuer! Right now I am limited to short term fosters or helping with transports because there is a 4 dog limit in our town. I have 3 seniors and a 5 yr old. Bruiser is my 11 yr. old collie mix, Pixie and Sugar are my 12 yr. old Dachshunds and Daisy is a Puggle. We deal daily with senior issues like Canine Alzheimers, muscle weakness and delicate spines. Would love to someday have a small rescue in the country that could take in seniors and special needs dogs.

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Back leg muscle weakness

My Border Collie/Collie is 11 and has Alzheimers, but we are dealing with that.  But starting around April this year he has had episodes of his legs just giving out from under him.  It scares him to death and he doesn't even want to try to get up so we help him of course.  The vet prescribed pain meds for him but this doesn't identify or solve the problem.  He is also on Glucosamine, fish...
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Kathy D. Schnelle


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