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My Details

Name: Deborah Stephenson
About Me: I am mom to 10 rescue dogs. I was mom to 11 until July 2012 when my beloved German shepherd, Littlebear passed away. (I miss her terribly!) I love all animals and am an ex-zookeeper, but dogs hold a very special place in my heart!

My Dogs

Remus_thumb Cricket_aug_16_2008_4care2_thumb Julius2_copy4care2_thumb Brutus_what_a_sweetheart_copy4care2_thumb
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Newest articles

Champ's Story

My Story by Champ Donate to Champ My name is Champ and I am 2-1/2 years old. I don't remember many things about when I was a puppy because I was so scared of the mean man who used to beat me on my head all the time that I didn't pay much attention to anything else. It hurt and it made me feel bad. And I didn't get to play a lot because there...
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UPDATE! Legion is on His Way to Best Friends!

Many of you may remember my December plea for help concerning a pit bull named Legion – sentenced to death for protecting the woman who abused him? (If not, please go here for that story...http://www.dogheirs.com/deborah7/posts/2444-legion-a-good-dog-s-sad-story )   This is an update about Legion – the current, HAPPY chapter in the inspiring story of his journey from abuse victim to healthy, contented dog, living the good life through the love and dedication of the many folks...
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My Comments

Deborah, I don't know hot to do this, but after reading Legion's update again and where you mentioned the training by Longmont Humane Society, I wanted to comment that there was just something on the news that they may lose their facility to foreclosure. They have tried to renegotiate, but Wells Fargo just ignored them. If you have a way to notify people outside this area, they need some help raising funds.
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Deborah Stephenson


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