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Deaf Shiba Inu Pulled from Muddy Ditch Gets Second Chance in Rescue (DC SIR)

Dc_sir_logo_side_icon_thumb By DC Shiba Inu Rescue | August 25, 2017 | Comments (0)

Tomomi is a senior female Shiba Inu who was found bald, sick, and stuck in a muddy ditch. A nearby family heard her desperate cries and arranged for her to get out and taken to an animal shelter. The shelter cared for her as best they could, even dressing her in a pink sweater to cover her bald and infected skin. DC SIR soon heard about Tomomi's story from a fan of the rescue, and more than 50 people helped raise $2,000 to bring her into the rescue. She is now living in a foster home and beginning DC SIR's allergy program, which has helped dogs like Matoshi recover a healthy, full coat of fur.

Tomomi will be in the rescue for at least six months as she recovers. You can help her heal by making a donation to her care fund. Visit http://bit.ly/VzmJ7D or www.paypal.com and ask to make donations to dcshibainurescue@gmail.com. You can note "Tomomi" in the notes/description field.

Click here to follow Tomomi's journey with DC SIR.

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created on: 2017-08-26

When travelers found Tomomi in a ditch, they weren't even sure she was a dog!

created on: 2017-08-26

Tomomi is thriving in her foster home and is always the first to the kitchen when she sees anyone walking there. She loves her food and is thriving!

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