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Name: DC Shiba Inu Rescue
Website: http://www.dcsir.org
About Me: DC Shiba Inu Rescue (DCSIR) is a group of dedicated volunteers whose mission is to rescue, foster, vet and train neglected, homeless, abandoned and stray Shiba Inus. It also works with owner surrenders to help keep Shibas in their current home or to foster and rehome via its extensive adoption process. DCSIR is committed to prioritizing the intake and placement of Shiba Inus in the immediate DC metropolitan area and may assist in the rescue effort for Shiba Inus and mixed breeds across the east coast as circumstances allow. DCSIR is a community-oriented rescue which strives to educate pet owners about positive behavior training, healthy nutrition and alternative health care, primitive breed temperament and the importance of spaying/neutering.

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Puppy Mill Shiba Comes Out of Shell Thanks to Rescue, Foster Family

Nikko is a 10-year-old female Shiba Inu. She is a puppy mill survivor and likely lived her entire life in a cage being bred for her puppies. When she was first brought to DC Shiba Inu Rescue (DC SIR), she was too shy to take treats. She soon arrived at her foster home, where she would live with another mill survivor, Riza. In fact, both girls were rescued from the same mill: Riza lived just a few cages...
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Deaf Shiba Inu Pulled from Muddy Ditch Gets Second Chance in Rescue (DC SIR)

Tomomi is a senior female Shiba Inu who was found bald, sick, and stuck in a muddy ditch. A nearby family heard her desperate cries and arranged for her to get out and taken to an animal shelter. The shelter cared for her as best they could, even dressing her in a pink sweater to cover her bald and infected skin. DC SIR soon heard about Tomomi's story from a fan of the rescue, and...
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My Comments

At least I am one dog owner that will not abandon the dog I have had since a puppy no matter how old he gets. For the loyalty and sincers friendship he has given me, I will give him care for his lifetime.
Such sad, sad stories. It's so terrible when people get the cute, cuddly puppies and abandon them when they get older or just old. We sure wouldn't want our families to do that to us so why do we do it to our pets? I pray you find homes for these senior furbabies and God bless you for your caring and hard work.
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