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This blind Pug has a special gift. What he does with it moved me to tears.

Icon_missing_thumb By Dave | January 20, 2014 | Comments (7)

Xander is a blind pug with a very special gift, which he uses to help the people who need it most - abused children. He lives in Oregon and lost his eyes in an accident. He was adopted from the Klamath Animal Shelter last January by Rodney Beedy, who right away knew he had a special dog.

Meet Xander a charming and composed blind therapy dog
Photo: Facebook/Meet Xander

Xander has a wonderful temperment and people at the shelter told Rodney that Xander would make an excellent therapy dog.

Meet Xander a charming and composed blind therapy dog

Rodney and his wife Marcie have seven other pugs and weren't sure if they could handle another dog.  But the pair fell in love with him.

Meet Xander a charming and composed blind therapy dog

Not long after, he became a certified therapy dog. Here he is visiting his mom in hospital.

Meet Xander a charming and composed blind therapy dog

Xander has a very special job. He works with children who have suffered abuse. He regularly visits Klamath Lake Cares and Klamath Chapter Hands & Words are Not for Hurting Project and comforts the children.

Meet Xander a charming and composed blind therapy dog

When he is not helping children, Xander also visits with the elderly.

Xander visits the elderly

It really doesn't matter what age a person is, Xander loves everyone.

Meet Xander a charming and composed blind therapy dog

Rodney says he's been in a crowd of up to 20 to 30 kids at a time and it doesn't affect him at all.

Xander helping out

He's a calm, collected and handsome fellow.

Xander in a suit

Rodney told his local newspaper, "If I was blind and in a crowd of people on top of me I would be freaking out. He has no qualms whatsoever. He has a good stable temperament."

Xander helping out

At home and when visiting his doggie friends, he is just like any other dog.

Xander is like a regular dog in lots of respects

It would be great if Xander didn't need to go to work. But as long as there continues to be children who are hurting and need comfort, Xander will be there to help.

Xander loves to relax and enjoy people's company
Photos: Facebook/Meet Xander

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Comments on this Article

I love you, you handsome boy <3
A little fur angel. x
My heart just melted a whole bunch!!!
What a wonderful little dog. Blessings to you Xander and to all the souls you comfort!
Xander.....I love you :)
I love his up turned face, just like the sighted people who are waiting for their picture to be taken :0)
What an absolutely wonderful story. That little dog is full of compassion. He most certainly feels empathy and his other senses must kick in because he doesn't seem to be lacking in any way, even without his eyesight. He's never known the difference so he's OK with it. God bless you for taking him in, what a blessing for both you and him.
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