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About Max

Name: Max
Breed: English Bulldog
Color: Brindle and white
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 2007-11-23
Description: Hi! I love my dog Max! He's 4 years old and I swear he thinks he's a 10 pound lap dog. He loves to sleep in his mommy and daddy's bed when we're at work and although he can look really tough, he is the best cuddler and loves nothing more than chewing on his bone and snuggling up with his favorite stuffed animal.
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Comments About Max

Max, you are a CULT!! Happytail and waggingbum from Sydney, Australia!! ^__^
LOL! Brilliant!
Thank you! I told Max and he was very excited to be doganthropist of the day! His butt was very wiggly and he was doing his bunny hop!
Hello Max! You are GORGEOUS! Congrats on being doganthropist of the day. Big snuggles. Karel & Mugwai
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