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Name: christopher
About Me: I am 25 year old male have three dogs of my own in the picture profile. the middle one is the only girl her name is "Libby" the white lab is Boomer (oldest) and Harley is the yellow lab (my dad got him for me good boy) I also umpire youth softball and baseball more softball under babe ruth. I love the red sox and want to become animal officer. (cops have no clue how to handle animals or dogs for that matter)

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How to have fun with your dog or dogs

I hope this works. Dudley is a New puppy we got sometime last year. He is very active and likes to get into trouble. But also very smart. He loves to play with Soccer ball, Baseball, Basketball, Frizebee etc... Sometimes he likes to play "come get me"   I have taught this dog the following. Lay down, Speak, Roll over, Paw, Other Paw, Shake, High five,  He knew sit and i been trying to work...
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With so much dog shooting i was thinking the public area could be a small group of people invesgate dog "dangerous" I don't mean people who have no expreince with dogs but people who love any type of dogs.   I don't trust police or anyone else at this point anymore. Well most if not all I am not trying to bash the police but it seem these poor dogs die for a bad judgement...
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Don't mind them Beverly treat people the way you be treated so in theory you should of treated him the same. its sad that people need to nippick things.
thanks so much for your comments regarding my service dog situation. i find it interesting that i am getting negative comments about my "small mindedness" because i mentioned that the manager acted like a gang banger.... people miss the point. (he DID act like a gangsta, btw lol) anyway, thanks.
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i am a person with disability PWD and own 2...

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