Sweet Corgi Holds Toy in Her Mouth During Nail Trimming

Smidge’s stuffed animal helps calm her nerves.

dog holds toy during nail trim

Smidge the Corgi loves stuffed toys and refuses to let go of this one while her nails are getting done. Not many dogs like getting their nails cut. It’s often a stressful, scary process for them. But Smidge has found something to calm her nerves and give her comfort when at the groomer.

You can tell that Smidge really finds comfort in her toy as she refuses to let go of it while her nails are getting trimmed. That doesn’t mean she is all that pleased at how long it’s taking and at one point gives her groomer the side-eye as if to say “hurry up!”.

But it’s a stroke of genius on the part of Smidge’s human to give her dog something to comfort her for this unpleasant, but necessary task!

Learn how to trim your dog’s nails, but clicking on our article here.

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