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Valley Mastiff Rescue

Phone: 819-661-4726
E-mail: valleyrescue@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.valleymastiffrescue.com/
Address: 67 ch. Legros La Pêche Qc Canada J0X 2W0
Description: Nestled in the heart of the forest, this is a place of healing and love. Dogs are welcomed here to be a part of a family. Our sanctuary welcomes the homeless, neglected, unwanted, the sick or abused. Many dogs are rescued from shelters or high kill pounds. We have also rehabilitated many dogs from puppy mills and breeding facilities over the years.We personnaly treat & rehabilitate if needed in the hopes of finding a caring and responsible new forever family.
Type: charity
Registration Number: 840502934RR0001
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Valley Mastiff Rescue's comments

A good rescue group that exists to help dogs that need help receive help. I like dogs and like to see them well cared for.
Part 2... After all, creating an environment that forced the people who stood up to help dogs in one of the worst puppy mill busts in Quebec's history isn't exactly what I would call conducive to the animal welfare laws Quebec is trying to enact. I'm sorry France for bring up what was sure to have been a painful time in your life. I'm glad that you never gave up on rescue and I applaud your level-headed strength in the face of such adversity. It was nice to see Sydney running free in the video. I'm glad she's doing well. Give her a hug for me take care.
Part 1.... I'm saddened to hear that you had to leave your home because of such ugly and vicious behavior. I have been commenting on DogHeirs for close to three years now. After a time one starts to recognize the psychology and vernacular of the abuser or bully. After reading some of the news articles surrounding the reasons why you left, I can't help but think that the vast majority of people that read the words of your accuser were sickened by them. As hard as it must have been for you to leave the home you loved so much, I think you made the right decision. The lives of love ones and family are far to precious to risk on those who would rationalize grievous harm and terror tactics. Breed Specific Legislation has a nasty habit of hurting those the spirit of the law was never intended to touch. Look at the young disabled girls plight in Tamara's article on this site called- Dog lovers rally behind family to overturn proposed vicious dog ban in Louisiana town, on November 25, 2014. Or Jaimie Kraczkowski's case in Tamara's article on March 14, 2015 called- Pit Bull who helped protect owner from domestic violence has to leave town because of BSL. In both these cases Breed Specific Legislation was abandoned. In today's changing climate of animal welfare laws in Quebec, ( agricultural minister Pierre Paradis's proposed bill 54 changing the legal designation of domestic and farm animals from property to sentient ) one can imagine how history will paint those events in La Pêche.
Hello Darrin , yes indeed my municipality revoked my permit because they decided to ban Mastiffs. So we put the house up for sale, packed our dog buiscuits and moved to Ontario to keep the dogs safe. We are waiting on the house to sell so we can buy our future farm for the dogs. Sydney is here with me and she is just absolutely healthy, free of pain and running top speed. See her run here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CdpSHXYiKw
Hi France. I found myself wondering how Sydney was doing these days. I remember when her story was first published on DogHeirs. I looked around on the Internet to see if I could see how she was doing. I'm a huge dog lover. I came across some information that shocked me a little bit. I certainly hope that I'm wrong here, but did you lose the sanctuary because of breed specific legislation? Please tell me I'm wrong? Again, I hope all is well with Sydney and the rescue. Take care.
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France Turcotte
France Turcotte
- Founder of Valley Mastiff Rescue – Private sanctuary & Rehabilitation Center...
Guardian of: 1 dog
Owns: 1 organization

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