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Name: Dee
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Thanks for the compliments re my doggies. I only have the one left and he's 10 years old .... sniff, sniff! :'( Max is a Bichon, he was found on the streets of Las Vegas so we call him our little Vegas street walker ... LOL! I guess I don't know how to use this site properly 'cause I just now saw your comment and it's dated July!! Yes, you pup & Max look a lot alike in the face. Have a wonder Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. :0)
Poor little guy to be abused before you found him. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel to helpless animals. If you can't be sweet to them, then don't have a pet. So great of you and your husband to be so patient and understanding with him... he was a lucky dog to have you both as doggy parents. What kind of dog is Max? He's adorable too... is he a Poo or Poo mix? Our Sammy is a Cockapoo, and he and Max look a lot alike, I think.
He was precious but we rescued him from the shelter when he was five yrs. old and he'd been badly abused so his mind was really messed up. We had him for another seven yrs. He could get quite vicious and bit me sixteen times but I just couldn't put him down knowing it wasn't his fault. His mind started going, vet said they get dementia just like humans. He got so agressive even my hubby, whom he LOVED, couldn't go near him. Vet suggested we put him down about a year before we actually did but I couldn't do it until I knew he just wasn't in his right mind. Very sad situation but he had seven wonderful, loved filled years with us and my other "boy" Max.
So sorry to hear your Poo had passed. I know you must miss him. He looked so sweet and precious.
Yours are adorable too. Unfortunately, my Poodle has been gone for over 1 1/2 yrs. but we still miss him...
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