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A dog saved the life of an abandoned baby

P_thumb By Celia | July 23, 2013 | Comments (6)


A mixed breed dog who just had a litter of puppies saved the life of a one month old baby who was abandoned by his mother in the locality of Virrey del Pino, in the district of La Matanza (Argentina).

The dog, named "Puti", kept the baby warm, placing him next to her puppies and prevented Santino (baptized and named by the neighbors) from freezing to death.

As reported in the portal Precinto 56, the incident occurred on 12 July, 2013, but only became known on Monday in Lord Byron Street,  at the kilometer 46 of the National Road 3.

Neighbors reported that a 33-year-old woman named Paula arrived at that location with her baby to greet old friends. At some point during her visit, Paula asked a lady to take care of her baby while visiting the rest of the inhabitants of that neighborhood. However, the woman refused to care for the baby because he was very young and also because the sudden appearance of the young mother seemed strange.

According to the findings by the researchers, Paula left the town, but at night, she returned to abandon the baby in front of a house. Paula placed the baby in an old stroller that was used for sleeping by a dog and her puppies.

So, Santino spent the night sleeping between the dog and her offspring and is estimated that he survived late Friday and early Saturday. With temperatures dipping to 3 degrees below zero, Santino only survived the night by staying warm with the heat from Puti and her puppies.

The baby's hungry cry in the morning alerted a neighbor and the people of the house, which, surprised, quickly called Police Detachment of Virrey del Pino.

Immediately, police showed up at the scene and transported the child to the Equiza hospital of Gonzalez Catan, where doctors found that the baby was in good health and proper body temperature, and they said the heat gave by the dog in the cold temperatures saved his life.

Later, Santino was in the police station of Virrey del Pino, where he was bath, fed and changed of clothing by the police officers, but then the judge ordered to take the baby to a special care home.

Meanwhile, the woman who abandoned Santino was found and detained by order of the intervening Judge, and she is detained in a Criminal Unit of Florencio Varela.


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Comments on this Article

What happened to the dog and her pups? They shouldn't have been out there in the cold either. The dog looks like a stray . . . is anybody helping her and her babies? Que paso con la perra y sus cachorros? No deberian estar afuera con ese frio. La perra parece que vive en la calle . . . la van a ayudar a ella y sus cachorritos?
Puti...you are indeed a hero! Too bad the humans of this world don't get it like dogs do
Great, but what happend with the dog and her puppys ??
And people kill dogs. What is wrong with the human race? A dog knows better, but humans don't? Really, the animal you abuse may have saved your life, but you blew it. I would put my life on the line for an animal, but maybe a human, depending.
I'm very glad that the baby is ok and the mother is in custody. If it wasn't for this dog, this story could have had a tragic ending. I hope Puti is being recognized for her part in saving a human child and is getting all the help she needs to help hers.
Good job all around.
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