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And just think -- you'll never have to wash your face again. Thanks for a positive story. I hope you do get to keep the dog.
Thats so cool:)
officer Waskiewics..... you rock! you serve and protect more than just humans. whats his/her name going to be
i hope u get to keep the dog its so cute and you will have a partner for life
MARRY ME Dan!!! Come to Australia and marry me!!! That gorgeous dog can come too of course... :-)
God bless you Officer Waskiewicz, and may He protect you for the goodness you have in your heart!
What a positive story, we need more of these. You have to think what were the kids doing to the dog to make him chase them? I am glad that you have an understanding of dogs, Office Waskiewicz. More training in dog behavior needs to be available to all in law enforcement.
Thank you for sharing this very positive story! Good to read good news for a change!
Good looking dog too!
He was more like trying to play with the kids but they did not know that so they got scared of the big baby lol
What a great ending for this big soft lad. Have you decided on a name yet?
You are awesome Officer!!!
Thank You SO MUCH Officer Waskiewicz!!! A true Hero and a dog who is sure to have a Great future..... Great positive story, we need more and we need to educate "humans" that there are NO BAD BREEDS ~ ONLY BAD OWNERS!!!
Fantastic save, sir, thank you. I hope this story gets greater attention than this site, even. Sounds to me like those kids were taunting the dog so what did they expect? You taunt and tease a person enough, treat them like crap - they're going to get mad, right? Why would it be any different for a dog?
There should be more people like you. Made my day :)
It's Police like you that we need more of. You are truly a caring man and I am proud that you are protecting our city streets. Thank you, Sir.
Thank You Officer Waskiewicz! I read so many stories about police officers just shooting a dog that is reported for being aggressive without even taking the time to determine if he is. You are a great example as an officer of the law and a kick-ass human being. I am a firm believer in dogs choosing their new owner and he obviously has chosen you! I hope you get to adopt him. Thank you for what you do for all creatures and I will pray for your safety everyday.
Great story. There should be more people, not just policeman, like Officer Waskiewicz.
You Sir are a prime example of why they call you Baltimore's FINEST! Best Wishes to Bo and all your family.

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