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Sheris_pics_689_thumb By chris | December 28, 2012 | Answers (4)

Why do dogs howl?

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I have a 10yr old mini pin/chihuahua who barks at everything. From a child playing across the canal to the squirrels that play in the yard. Not only does he do this outside but even when he's inside! If hear hears a knock or doorbell on TV he goes crazy and runs to our front door!! I do have to give him a kudo though, he has what we refer to as an "inside voice" that he uses to let us know when he wants to go to be let out to relieve himself or eat dinner:) We had a female mini pin who was 4 when we brought Mickey into our family, she hardly ever barked. Unfortunately she got very sick and we had to do what was best for her, bless her heart. I'm sorry, I've gone off topic. About 2months ago we brought a Maltese/Shi Tzu and he's not a big barker, so far. We're hoping Stewie will not learn to bark a lot from Mickey. My feeling's are dogs are all different, some bark more, kinda like humans, some people like to talk more too:). Good luck with your pup and have a Happy NewYear!
Thanks Darrin for a really interesting perspective. I certainly understand the effectiveness of growling back, pack behaviour, and yes I've seen Mama dog really tell off her pups as I am a breeder (every other bichon kiddie I have here is a total angel; silent & intelligent), and then there is Vivienne!!! I have been getting out the plastic rack, and Vivienne KNOWS without a doubt that this is associated with her barking. She immediately runs up to the house, pretending not to look up, but has got one eye on me nevertheless! Body language is always 'I sure know I did wrong'. The frustrating thing is that she does the very same thing time and time again. I've thought it may be a doggy way of 'protecting the property from intruders' as there are many people on foot either walking/jogging who go past the house everyday.
Dogs howl to communicate with their pack. Whether its sadness or joy it's also how they communicate emotion. It can also indicate a dog that is in pain or sick. It may sound funny but I howl with my dogs all the time when I come home after being away. If a dog is lost I will suggest to people sometimes if they have more than one dog to make their other dog howl in that area. Sometimes the missing dog will howl in the distance. If a dog has a barking problem and will not listen to you, sometimes you should try speaking to them in there own language. Growl at them to assert dominance, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I know it sounds funny and many a little cruel but that's what mother dogs do. When a dog howls it can also be a personal experience for them. So don't touch them when they do it.
I have a four year old bichon frise bitch who constantly barks at everything that moves. We have tried long walks everyday, playing ball, games right up to K9 collar but nothing whatsoever makes any difference. Should explain that we live right beside a golf course so there is alot of people on foot passing by our home all the time. We were told by her breeders one day prior to her being shipped to us that she was a barker and that her doggy Mum had taught her to chase the parrots in the breeders' avairy and bark. I am at my wits end to know what to do next. I keep her in the house as much as I can if there are alot of people passing by. I am concerned for her health if she is made to live in the house all day every day.
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