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Deadly fungal infection in my Golden Retriever?

9d1506ff0181a332cc85a5097a3b597f_thumb By bebe | October 09, 2013 | Answers (1)

Does anyone know about how much it would cost to thoroughly test a Golden retriever for blastomycosis fungal infection in Renton, Washington and what is involved?   My Golden Retriever, in my opinion, has the symptoms of this infection including:  eye infection that looks simsilar to pink eye but has gottten worse after a week antibiotic treatment (now the lower lid is drooping).  My dog is lethagic.  His ears are badly infected.  He has these lesions with bumps like pox all over the back of his neck, top of his head, face and now its moved down his back.  They seem painful - he never tries to scratch or lick them. He has a history of skin problems from allergies but nothing like these bumps. He went swimming (with his head underwater) in the river about a month ago.

I think it is more than, conjunctivitis on top of an ear infection on top of skin allergies.

Any response is welcome.  THank you.

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Hello Bebe, Our article on Blasto lists the kind of tests a vet would do to try and diagnose the presence of fungus that may be of help to you. As the infection can progress quickly with harmful side effects, earlier the diagnosis the better. You can read our article here.
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