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My Details

Name: Cheryl Hunt
E-mail: friendshelpingbear@yahoo.ca
About Me: A possible professional in training! My name is Cheryl Hunt and after years of rescuing dogs on my own and paying for their care and eventual fostering or adoption, I have come to the conclusion that my passions lie in animal care. Having been a hard-working professional in retail business management, I now find myself on a disability pension struggling hard to raise funds for a much needed surgery for my dog. During this time, I realized that maybe helping animals and those in need is where my real destiny is. I am now in the process of researching a niche where my love for animals can be put to use - namely helping those with pets where money is the only issue between life and death of their beloved pet! As I fund-raise for my Bear I have learned a lot of things about myself and the insensitivity of vets who will only treat animals if they have the money up front. In a country like Canada, this is a poor attitude for any vet to take. As a pet-lover, I would love to create a webpage and network of pet-lovers who believe that no pet should die because of money or lack of it, and find ways to help those in need.

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Help Lennox

I have been following this story for awhile now, and it sickens me that there are still Breed Specific laws out there. It is sad when we, who are suppose to be the intelligent ones, allow our politicans to drive animals to extinction. Where do we stop next? I truly believe that evil will continue to prosper if good people sit back and do nothing. I urge everyone to read the following article and make...
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Hip Dysplasia

  Another good reason to ban Puppy Mills   My Bear’s daddy was a purebred Keeshond whom I rescued from certain death. He was tied up to a tree next to an old barn that had fallen down. In the distance was a farm house in which lived a couple who claimed to be dog groomers, and also claimed that Keesh – as he came to be known – had been dumped on them and...
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My Comments

Good to hear Bear is recovering well!
:-{ worrying. hope you get to the bottom of it.
Not sure Miss T! Bear's regular vet did not want the suture taken out for another week but Bear was getting bound up because of the suture being there. I'm really worried now that he will have another rectal prolapse. The vet who Bear saw yesterday never fails to mention the word "money" when Bear sees him. That strikes a bad chord with me. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed!! Passed on your hugs to Bear!! He just can't refuse them! lol Bear loves his hugs!!
It seems like a good sign that now the suture is gone the swelling has gone down. So nerveracking :( Super big hugs to Bear.
Thank you for keeping us posted on Bear's progress. I'm glad the dr's happy with his progress!
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