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My Details

Name: Charmaine deSouza Fernandes
About Me: I love animals. I always have. I try to help them whenever I see they are in distress. I have a rescue dog with me. I am passionate about being kind to animals and I make it a point to stop people from being cruel to their pets if I see them ill treating their animals. I try to do my bit for our furry friends.

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I rescued her.

I was new in the neighbourhood. I had just shifted to a temporary place which happened to be opposite my then-boyfriend's house. It was March 15th 2008 and we had an unexpected deluge. The family dog had just had a litter and the pups were about a month. She had decided to have her litter in the storm drain. My man and I decided to stand out in the balcony and watch the rain.  Above...
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Charmaine deSouza Fernandes


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