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Finding a Responsible Breeder

If you are thinking about adding a new puppy to your home by buying a puppy, rather than adopting or rescuing, you can find a puppy to buy from a reputable breeder, a backyard breeder, someone who has obtained a puppy through an unknown source, an online ad, or a retail store. However, we can only recommend buying from someone who was directly responsible for breeding and raising your puppy, often referred to as a...
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Newest Articles

Amazing footage of dog fetus inside mother's womb (VIDEO)

Have you ever seen a dog fetus? Thanks to National Geographic you can witness the evolution of a dog fetus inside its mother’s womb. While watching the miracle of life, the narrator shares some astounding facts about how the fetus grows and about the dog’s tiny limbs and ears as it grows in-utero.
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Nuns raising pups: Adorable residents of the Khareba Convent

Nuns raising pups: Adorable residents of the Khareba Convent  13 March, 2015  Khareba nunnery, which is located in the town of Kareli, Shida Kartli region, is famous for its amazing Caucasian Shepherd puppies.So, in order to see and photograph the adorable creatures, we took a little journey. Georgian Journal’s reporters were warmly received and hosted by the nuns who reside there. Thanks to them we discovered plenty of interesting things about the famous dog breed."The...
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Thinking About Breeding Your Dog?

Below is some information and food for thought. Don't breed your dog before reading the following!Don't Be A BYB!"Backyard breeding" sounds benign enough, almost like something that one would want to propagate as opposed to other sorts of breeding. But in the dog breeding world, the term is considered very negative.The definition of "backyard breeder" (BYB) will vary slightly depending upon who you ask, but generally speaking the term is used to describe a person...
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My baby girl is dying

We purchased an English bulldog named Posey about a year ago, she has fast became the little slice of heaven in such a hard world. We've had an especially difficult year, so Posey has been the easy part of all that's happened. She is so sweet and so smart. Learned new tricks before she was 4 mos old.  Back in Oct I noticed she started drinking more water than usual, in fact she preferred water...
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The lethal white

As the breeding section is the closest i have found to a genetic board that isn't linked to a specific disorder i am posting here. Hello again from Warren Hound, today i thought i would write an article in regards to what we call "Lethal White." First we must understand what this means, in normal terms "Lethal" would define something that caused or eventually lead to the death of the organism and this is usually...
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What to Ask and why won't they ask the quandary of breeder and buyer

(shown above my dog, from a reputable breeder with a GPS beeper, single tracking through the brush. Sighthound) . Recently on one of the hog dog groups i was on a siberian breeder lammented the priorities of todays puppy and dog buyers.   "Why is the first question always money?"   while it may seem like a rational thing to do to ask the price, people often go about it the wrong way!    ...
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What is a reputable breeder?

   <"my families rescue chihuahua" People seem to assume so many things in regards to breeders the most common misconceptions i see are in no particular order.   breeders are out to make money thats why they charge so much more than in the newspapers Breeders breed deformed dogs because they inbreed them and the gene pool is to limited a registration paper with a breed club or recognized registry is  "just a paper" and...
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Piper battled liver shunt

Our 5-month-old Yorkie battled Liver Shunt since she was born. The doctor said, had she been taken by the breeder and got checked up, they would have found out about it then. But it was too late. Piper was with us for three months until she had her first seizure. We rushed her to the hospital and that's where we found out about this hereditary illness. We took her to UC Davis Small Animal Hospital,...
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No breeding required

Hi,I just want to sound off on puppy mills.There are so many wonderful pets available for adoption at your local shelter it's just wrong to go to a breeder,who is in it for the money only.So many pups are inter bread they have medical issues and get tossed aside because they won't fetch a good price.Imagin being born with a medical problem and no one loves you or wants you because of it and it...
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Ireland bans unsavory puppy mills

A victory of sorts for animal welfare in Ireland to start 2012. Ireland has finally outlawed puppy farming...to a certain extent. Two laws - the Welfare of Greyhounds Act and the Dogs Breeding Establishments Act - have been introduced to control dog breeding and force breeders to look after their animals properly. People will still be allowed to keep large numbers of breeding dogs, and they will still be able to mass-produce puppies. The difference...
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